Is Sweetness YOUR Weakness… Get over it!

30 Jun

Hi Victoria,
I am sixteen years old and I love your Dance… DVD. My mom bought it for me for my birthday and all I got so say is ..YOU ROCK! I have been trying to lose weight for two years now and my mom said that I am a sugar addict and that I have slowed down my metabolism and have become a sugarholic by over dieting. I have this uncontrollable desire for sugar that I can’t seem to kick. I think it’s causing my severe PMS and some days I get so bugged that I become a raving maniac. Could she be right for the first time? I need major help.
– Candee

Candee??? Is that your real name or did you fall in love with sugar and change it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not picking on your name, it’s just that everything on the planet is connected and it seems ironic how you have a name that may be one of your weaknesses… Sugar is like a drug to your system’s sweet tooth and you have to be willing to give it up if you want to permanently lose fat and have a beautiful dancer’s body. All teasing aside, I have to say, I love your name, it’s sweet!

You are not the only one who has this problem either, so don’t feel bad or beat yourself up. I guarantee you half of the people reading this newsletter has some form of chocolate hidden in their desk drawer (Gotcha). As a matter of record, I use to buy a two pound bag of M&M’s (with peanuts of course) when I went to the movies. I would eat the ENTIRE bag before the movie was over! I would take my sweater, lay it across my lap and pour them into my sweater. I loved the red ones… I have no clue why. I would eat all the red ones first, then the yellow ones and then the green ones. I was like a human vacuum. I was almost inhaling those little chocolate devil beads like a crack addict or something.

I swear I went into this crazy carnal zone that was uncontrollable. That’s why when I went to the movies I sat in the darkest part of the theater, in the corner with just enough light to see the color of my little treats. So believe me, I totally understand your problem.

Candee, here’s how you have to think about eating now that you have decided you want to be lean. You have to understand that white sugar is not even a food and has NO nutritional value. If you don’t cut sugar out of your diet, you will never have a great body and be light on your feet for dancing. Dancing is such an awesome way to be creative and engage in an art form of expression that is healthy and fun. I love the freedom of dance. That’s why I made my Body Shoppe Dance Workout Series and use dance as the foundation for all of my DVD’s and videos. To me, dancing frees your soul and sculpts your body.

Candee, you are not alone. The average American consumes more than a pound (16 ounces or 108 teaspoons) of refined sugar a week. It sounds unbelievable until you realize that sugar goes by more than 50 different names and is an ingredient in virtually all processed foods, from your morning doughnut to the ketchup on your burger. Isn’t that crazy? I bet you had no idea there was that much sugar in the world.

Your body’s primary source of fuel is blood sugar (not the same as raw sugar). Your blood sugar plays a vital role in your physical and mental well-being. Raw sugar from candie or processed foods causes your body’s blood sugar levels to skyrocket. When it rises even slightly above normal –thanks to excess body fat, lack of exercise, and/or genetics– your health, your energy levels, and your weight-loss efforts are pretty much a waste of time. You have to get your body’s blood sugar into balance so that you can actually lose weight

That’s why the Glycemic Index is vital to you Candee. It is a measurement tool to help you decide which foods digest and convert to excess sugar in your blood stream. You have to eat foods that help you on your fat loss plan (low glycemic foods) and not hinder your progress (high glycemic foods). You have to become vigilant about watching every morsel of food you consume. You will either burn it or store it. In other words, you will use it or wear it.

Candee, you have to do something today! You can’t play around with this anymore. Every day that you are eating high glycemic foods is a day that you are possibly moving your body towards diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. Right now you are concerned about how you look in tights, but you need to consider how you may look with an insulin pump.

Relax everyone……I know….. that was a tough punch to take. But that’s my job. To get you to understand so that you have to take positive effective action today to become the person you want to be so that you can live an outstanding life.

I know because I did it. I kicked my sugar habit and I have the dancer’s body that I always dreamed was impossible to achieve. With the right fuel (low glycemic food) and the perfect moves, you can too.

This week take note of the sugar in your diet, read every label and begin immediately reducing the amount of raw sugar from candie and processed foods that you consume daily for improved health and vitality. Decide today to kick your sugar habit and live a life of fun and freedom!

God Bless and make it the Best Week Ever!

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