Get a Beautiful Beach Body – Tight Butt, Legs and Arms

21 Jul

It’s beautiful, it’s bright and it’s hot. Yes it is summer and it is here!

You too can be hot and beautiful like the most luscious season on earth. The only problem is that there is not much time left to build your fine behind to the point that it is so worth watching as you walk away.

That’s right, you know that you always look as people walk away, and be honest…it’s not because you are lovingly sending them warm wishes, you are checking out to see how much junk is in that trunk. And it that’s not sneaky enough, you know that you compare it to yours. Come on, that’s what we do. We live in a constant state of comparison, it’s not healthy, it’s not even practical, but the fact is, it’s real.

So how do you do you refine your behind in a short time and tighten your upper body so that when you wave at your friends across the beach, the sagginess on the back of your arm doesn’t wave in the breeze and create a giant wave.

Here is a great mini workout regime I put together for one of my music artists who had to shoot an album cover for her new release. She was in the studio putting the final touches on her CD and she got the call from hell. It was her manager telling her they had decided on the shoot location for her cover shot. It was to be on this spectacular island in a tropical paradise that most of us only dream of visiting when we win the lottery.

A few minutes later, I got the SOS (Shoot Only in my Skin) distress call. She had less than ten days to go from snackin’ in the recording studio to sexy on the beach for a CD cover for the world to see!

I went to work and put together an instant toning workout schedule and combined with my Low Glycemic Diet with Catabolic Foods. Hip Hop Cardio was a part of her workouts as well because it burns fat, develops rhythm and confidence. You can do any cardio you like as you do some cardio every day to keep your metabolism up and burn stored body fat. Oh yes, and the instant tanning to give her the authentic Island look. That came later after we made her arms, abs and behind look and feel tighter.

The key word is she felt tighter. You see when you feel good, you feel beautiful and when you feel beautiful you walk with more grace and confidence, which sends out great vibes that you love your beach body. That is the beginning of getting excited and inspired enough to continue on your program after the initial. All great changes happen from the inside out.

The Beautiful Beach Body Program

First of all, I love traditional training and how dance moves shape and tighten your body differently than a lot of other gym moves. Dancers have sleek, long lean muscles and they move with pure grace. I like gym moves too in a long-term fitness program. This program I am taking you back to the beginning of the women’s body training movement. My signature Vertical Training and Power Shaping technique is the base for this workout.

Workout Accessories to Gather for Your Workout

* Beach Towel – I personally have my clients lie on a beach towel because they are soft to touch on the skin which puts you in a wonderful mood.
* Water Bottle – 8-16 ounces of water – Stay hydrated during your workout.
* Music – Get in the zone. Turn on some music that is upbeat, happy and makes you feel good. This will inspire you to stay with the workout for the entire duration.
* Picture – Find some inspiring magazine pictures that inspire you to train. Your mind sees pictures and then it drives you in the direction of your visualized desire.

Beautiful Beach Body Circuit Isometric Training Techniques

1. Plies
2. Side Lying Leg Lifts
3. Triceps Push-ups

Move #1 – Plie’s

Begin with Dancer’s Plie’s or and easier explanation. Wide Leg Stance Knee Bends

A plie’ is a bend of the knees. It is a foundational strength and stretch that ballet dancers practice. It is a specific exercise that tones and strengthens your entire lower body. The hips, butt, thighs, hamstrings and calves are all worked together. It is compounded power move that works wonders.

Learning to plié correctly is fundamental to proper training and getting that beautiful lower body you desire. Yet most people do it incorrectly, in that they sink down with legs, and then quickly return to a standing position.

Begin by standing in front of a mirror so that you can monitor your alignment. Face the mirror in a wide stance, which in dance is known as second position. Be careful that you are aligning your knees with your toes at all times. Pull your abdominals in as to get a sense that your navel is couching your spine. This is called hollowing your abdominal wall so that your are shaping and engaging them as well throughout the move.

Stand up straight so that you can feel a vertical line up and down the center of your body.

Begin to lower your body weight toward the floor slowly with control to the count of four. Use your abdominal muscles, relax your back, and drop your tailbone. Be sure your body is centered over your feet , keep your heels down you lower your body down.

Now, press your feet into the floor making your muscles in your thighs and butt active. Hold for four isometric counts as you take deep breaths.

Then slowly press your feet into the floor and push yourself out of the plie’ as you return to the starting standing position.

If you don’t feel these muscular sensations, you’re doing the plié too fast. Now to the count of four begin pressing upwards and focus on feeling resistance in all of your lower body muscles as you come out of the plié. As you perfect this move you can add various arm moves with light two to five pound hand weights. This is what I did to my artist. As she felt balanced and centered I added bicep curls.

I had her start with hands by her side behind her legs, as she lowered her body to the count of four, she drew her hands toward her upper shoulders and held it for the count of four as she was in the plie’ isometrically and then lowered the weight as she pressed out of the plie. It was a great combination of upper and lower body movements that created a sensational feel and look to the muscles.

Here’s the Plie’ Pattern Breakdown

* 3 sets of 15 Plie’s (with bicep curls as you get stronger)
* Plie’ down to the count of four
* Hold at the bottom for four isometric counts
* Press upward for four
* Repeat for a total of three sets of fifteen.

Move # 2 – Side Leg Lifts (2 versions)

Lie on one side on your beach towel. Side-lying exercises strengthen lateral leg muscles, tighten your outer thighs, narrow your hips and tighten the medial glutes.

Side-lying Leg Lifts:
Lie on your side on the floor. Place your upper body and head in a comfortable position. You lie all the way down, or lie with your hand supporting your head as long as you keep your head in alignment with your neck. Keep your body in an extended position with your top leg straight and your bottom knee slightly bent to help balance your body. Place your top hand on the floor in front of your abdominals and contract your abdominals throughout the move. Begin by squeezing your butt. Now to the count of four, slowly lift your upper leg towards the ceiling with the knees facing forward 45 degrees or to a height where you can feel the muscles tightening without strain to the hip joint and hold in an isometric (static) position for the count of flour and then slowly lower back down. Repeat for fifteen reps per side. Repeat each side for a total of three sets. Per side both inner and outer thigh muscles. As you get stronger, you add one to two pound ankle weights for more resistance.

Side Lying Inner Thigh Leg Lifts:
Lie on your side on the floor. Place your upper body and head in a comfortable position. Keep your body in an extended position with your legs resting on top of each other. Then, move bend your top leg and place the foot on the floor behind the bottom leg. Make sure there is enough room to allow the bottom leg to be lifted off the floor. Contract your abdominals as to include them in your workout and to also help protect your spine and keep your back in a good stable position. Squeeze the inner thigh and slowly to the count of four lift the bottom leg approximately 12 to eighteen inches or as high as is comfortable for you to feel the inner thigh isolate and contract. Hold for four counts and then lower your leg down to the starting position and repeat for a total of fifteen repetitions. One set is completed once both legs have performed the exercise for the prescribed number of reps on the workout! Be sure to breath deeply throughout the entire sequence.

Here’s the Side Lying Leg Breakdown..

Side Leg Lift three sets of 15

* Squeeze the Butt and lift for four
* Hold for four (breathing deep)
* Down for Four

Inner Thigh Leg Lift

* Squeeze the inner thigh and Lift for the count of four
* Hold for the count of four (breathing deep)
* Slowly lower to the floor for the count of four
* Hold at the bottom for four isometric counts
* Repeat for a total of three sets of fifteen.
* Then roll over to the other side and repeat both top and bottom leg moves.
* Once you have completed both sides, you have done a complete set.
* Do three complete sets. That would be three sets of lifts for Outer Thigh and Three sets of Lifts for the Inner Thigh.

Move #3 – Bent Knee Tricep Pushups.

This move works the back of your arms and chest and abs. Begin on your hands and knees with your hands resting under your shoulders. Contract your abdominals and slowly lower your chest to the floor between your hands keeping your head and neck in alignment, lower down until your chest almost touches the floor and do not let your lower back sag, hold for two counts and slowly with control push yourself back up to your starting position. Keep the body locked in a straight position as you return to the starting position. Breathe comfortably throughout the move. Repeat for total set of ten repetitions. Then rest for thirty seconds by sitting on your knees in a child’s pose and then repeat for two more sets. This is a powerful exercise and in the beginning you may only be able to do perform two with accuracy and control. But don’t give up. It will get easier as you get stronger. It is a fantastic exercise for tightening the muscles in back of your arms and your chest muscles. This move will make your stronger and tighter at the same time. That is a great combination of fitness results to have whether you are sunbathing or surfing.

Here’s the Triceps Push up Breakdown…

* Hands and Knees, contract your abdominals then to the count of four
* Slowly lower your upper body down to the floor holding your elbows close to your side
* Hold for a count of two (isometric contraction) and then push yourself back up to the starting position.
* Repeat for a total of eight repetitions.

There you have it, a wonderful plan for your Beautiful Beach Body. You will feel long, lean and confident as you stroll along the beach. Beauty starts from the inside out. Don’t wait start today feeling great about yourself and build the best body ever.

Go to my website and sign up for my weekly newsletter, there are so many amazing tips, great award winning workouts and lots of juicy stories about my training adventures. You will love the inspiration and who knows maybe you will be a star I get to train someday.

Oh by the way, the artist who I got the SOS Distress call from looked absolutely gorgeous for her cover shoot. She was stunning in her birthday suit. She did not do a sleazy shot, she did a tasteful, elegant and soulful like Eve in Genesis shot. Eve did not wear anything in the garden you know.

God Bless and make it the Best Week Ever!

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