What Inspires Me To Dance and Stay Lean

4 Aug

OKAY.. you all keep asking me these questions.. I did an interview last week and here are the answers to two of the questions. I hope you are able to design your own proess for staying motivated to build your best body ever!! You can do it you know!

How do you maintain your enthusiasm and energy?
I have an unbridled passion for Movement!

I was born to move. I have danced and participated in some form of fitness and sports all of my life. I love the way I feel before (psyched) during (unstoppable) and after (exhilarated and liberated) I workout.

I am constantly setting three month goals with measurable stats and then I design a game plan. I find a group of like minded people with a similar desire and we train like world class athletes. I attract people who love music, dance and live to sweat. They make their health, their body and their longevity a priority. The programs are 12 weeks in length. I cut pictures out of magazines and write out my goals in my day planner and track them. I watch dance, sports and triumph themed movies. I have a great collection of all the best dance movies ever produced. I love watching music videos and going to live performances to see the creativity in costuming and choreography. I love sports too, so I watch everything from football to golf, to basketball to baseball. I watch reality shows like, “Dancing With the Stars”, “So You Think You Can Dance” to “The Olympics” to “The Best Damn Sports Show to “The Miss America Pageant:” to the “NCAA Basketball Women and Men’s Championships”! There are so many wonderful examples for me to gain inspiration and motivation from. I love them all and I draw something different from each of them that I use to develop a lifestyle of putting my workouts first!

*Describe your favorite workout.
My Vertical Training/Dance Jamm and Body Revival Workout! It is the absolute most fun class I have ever done in my entire career. I love coachng and I love pushing people to move beyond their perceived limitations. We all have self-assigned limitations that come from our backgrounds that serve no healthy purpose except to put us in a little box with little goals and little expectations. It makes me sp frustrated, I could scream. I only feel that way, because I used to live on that block of no-where land, USA!

Enough for my rant….
Back to my Three hour private training sessions.
We begin with a half an hour of cleansing moves to detox our system and get our bodies ready for a fat burning and cardio conditioning – Longevity workout. We begin with compression focused stretches, lyrical dance moves and ballet moves. Then we add 1 pound leg weights for tightening up our assets and weights 3 -5 pound hand weights for targeted upper and body tightening and lengthening exercises for 15 minutes. This is what i call a SLOW BURN. It is the type of training that realy sculpts the legs and produces a deep mucle burn. It hurts so good!

Then we go to moderate intensity 60% of Max Heart Rate for 45 minutes using dance funk and hip hop moves. After the fat burning we go into a 15 minute high intensity cardio endurance training at 80% of our Max. Heart Rate. We conclude with lyrical moves and athletic stretching. It is a fusion of dance/funk/weights/ and sports. It is inspiring and challenging.

I use a wide variety of slammin’ music and we even have themes some days like… “Paradise” Island wear..hip hop wear..Broadway themes, etc. The variety keeps it fresh and the workout yields tremendous results. Our bodies never get adapted to the workout and we get to keep it in a high metabolic state and lose body fat while increasing flexibility, endurance, aerobic conditioning and detoxing.

It completely changes a person’s life and seeing other people succeed is what give me the juice to get up every day and persevere. I love people and I love to move. When those two are combined the passion oozes out of me. That is what keep me inspired.

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  1. Anonymous Boxer April 16, 2007 at 1:26 pm #

    I love your blog!

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