Pump Up Your Metabolism

18 Aug

Hello My Beautiful Fitness FANatics,

If you want to get your metabolism revved up into high gear, pick up some dumbells and pump some iron!

i cannot tell you enough how awesome your body will look when you start sculpting. I love’using light weights
with reps of 15-20 to sculpt my physique.

Every year my arms, bet tighter and more shapely without bulking up or the worst, saggy and floppy.
You have to dedicate yourself to grabbign a set of five pound wieghts any time you get a minute and
do some reps for your biceps, your triceps and don;t forget your shoulders.

That’s why I love my Powershaping Vertical Training workout.
I swear if I don’t do it at least three times a week,
my arms and my butt start getting soft and dimply.
It can happen so fast it’s scary.

Lenda Murray
I was filming a segment of my TV Show, Celebrity Health and Fitness and I was privileged to meet one of the greatest Female athletes in the World, Lenda Murray. The Ms. Olympia title–the pinnacle of women’s bodybuilding. A six-time Ms. Olympia winner, Murray is the undisputed champion of the demanding sport of women’s professional bodybuilding. Her successful run as Ms. Olympia is the result of relentless training, natural talent, and a winning personality–all essentials in such a subjective competition as bodybuilding. In competition, she would traind nd diet down to 7 percent body fat.

I met Lynda at a gym in California and boy was I nervous. She was such a pro and I knew that she could bench lift me!
I was nervous waitng for her to show up. I had my camera crew all set up and waiting for her to come into the gym. I didn’t know what to expect. When a bodybuilder is dieting and trianing hard , they can become easily irritable and impatient. You would too if you had to go twelve weeks without eating ONE food you love!

She walked through the door of the gym and I was sooo happy that she was smiling, in a good mood and was dressed just like me, only bigger, leaner and ten times STONGER! She is the strongest female I have ever met. We trained together and I felt tiny and weak. She would put on 2- 45 LB plates per side on the Hammer equipment upright seated bench press machine. Then she pumped out and easy ten reps!! HAH….I put on two ten pound plates per side and pushed eight reps, shaking on the last two! Every machine was like that with the two of us. I felt like a little Barbie next to a wonder Woman doll. The interview came out great and it was big fun. She was s stellar pro guest.

Lenda wanted to make sure as women we should lift correctly. And that we must understand that we could never get as muscular as her unless we eat 4,000 calories a day and train heavy and hard like her and have her muscular genetics. She said that women must weight train for shape and symmetry, but don’t worry about getting too big. It took her years or concentrated focus, professional expertise and weekly heavy training with a specific goal of getting big to look like her.

Here’s a great quote from Lenda about training;
“How many times have you seen a trainee struggling to handle a heavy weight on a squat rack or leg press? When you can’t perform an exercise with strict form, other bodyparts have to handle most of the work. I went through that phase in my career, too, when quantity, not quality, was foremost in my mind. My legs started to grow only after I learned how to perform each exercise properly, slowly building up to heavier weights.”

Don’t wait another minute. Pick up a set of dumbells and start pumpin. You will look great, increase your metabolism, tighten up your body and increase your longevity. If you do it right, you can even turn back the clock. Lenda Murray still looks strong and fabulous.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to drink your eight glasses of water a day. Muscle is over 70% water.



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