MAKE Your Dreams Come True

25 Aug

It is a beautiful day and I am sitting out in the sun giggling like a five year old at a birthday party.

I just finished staring at the cover of People Magazine that has one of my clients on the cover as a Weight Loss Success Story.

It is thrilling to see someone set a goal, work through all the obstacles they face on the path to attaining it. That’s a hard fast fact about life. “It Ain’t Easy”.

Beginning this week, you can create the life of your dreams and wear all the glam clothes you have always daydreamed about. And don’t even try to pretend it doesn’t matter. Clothes are an expression of who you are and a vehicle to share your creativity with the world around you.

Camille fought for her goal each day by moving from a place of depression, extremely poor health to what Fergie sings about, “Glamorous” living.

I’m sure if you’re like me, you have days when you just can’t bear to eat one more carrot or drink one more ounce of water, you feel like you are going to hurl if you take one more bite of some tasteless egg whites.

I trained so hard on Saturday, that i could barely lift my fork to eat my last meal of the day. I was nauseous from dehydration and sore from a high intensity step training workout. But i knew I did not eat my fish and vegetables, my blood sugar would spiral out of control and I would hit rock bottom and go into an emotional food/mood black hole. That would ruin the entire experience I had earlier dancing and training.

How many times have you done that? skipped a meal, then went on a crazy food binge? Yeah me too. That was also one of Camille’s issues she had to overcome. SHe was so busy and she was so stressed, that she would go hours and not eat anything and then at night she would crave sweets and give in to sugary goodies.

Camille had every diabetes symptom and she was suffering from unpredictable mood swings when we fist met. She was trying so hard to lose weight when I first met her that she would barely speak to me without being angry. She was not angry at me, she was angry at all the programs that had failed and at herself for feeling like a failure.

She felt like she was doomed to live in a fat suit that was suffocating the very essence of life right out her soul. She would cry every-time we talked. It was so hard for her to try ONE MORE TIME. She didn’t feel like she had the money to pay an elite trainer like me and she did not feel like she was worthy to invest the necessary time it was going to take into her own body.

The cost of dis-order and dis-ease is hundreds of dollars more than my DVD’s and
my Quick Start Energy Program that she used to lose over ONE HUNDRED POUNDS OF LIFE ROBBING- SELF ESTEEM DESTROYING GREASE! She started with me by pure faith. She had been praying to God for an answer to her health problems and asked God to send her a TRAINER. God did her one better, He not only sent her a trainer, He sent her a Celebrity Trainer, TV Hostess, Author and Lifestyle Coach who works with professional athletes as well, artists and anyone who has the desire to transform their body and fire up their life.

I finally convinced Camille to try Use My Quickstart Energy Eating Program and my
Power Shaping Vertical Training workout and she did the DVD at home so that no one would see her. She loved starting that way and learning how to move her body with perfect posture and steady motion.

She said she was out of breath at first, but kept at it and each time she did it, it got easier and soon she had mastered it and weight started to come off. She said her
jeans started getting loose and her arms stopped jiggling. Once she had got past the pain of giving up her old fatty foods, changing her schedule, release controlling friends and the soreness that comes with a REAL weight loss promoting workouts, she found her new body. She became sold on the workout and still does it today almost three years later. She found that without the workouts, she did not have energy

When I was obese and i finally decided to lose weight,I took a part time assignment to pay for training and diet accountability. NO one can do it alone. You need a coach. We all do. Every great athlete has a coach and a mentor. Every great business owner that wants to be successful has accountants, consultants and look for a multitude of sources for innovation, creativity and profitability.

Your body and your health is your greatest responsibility. when you lose your health and your motivation, you lose your drive to be great and succeed. Every relationship you are involved in is affected. How you feel about yourself determines how you perform and how you share yourself
with others.

You are so unique and so special but you will NEVER realize it if you don’t do the right things for your body, your health, your mind and your Spirit. You are not on the earth alone and you were not made to function alone. Get connected with people of power and energy. Get away form negative energy sucking losers who complain all the time, people who use you and and make you feel obligated to help THEM great what they want while you suffer in silence. You have a voice and you have a destiny.

Camille went on to RELEASE the extra weight, change her opinion of herself and her worth and went as far as moving to NEW Place where she feels free and powerful. How about you, what do you need to do this week to feel more powerful and more free and in control of your future.

It can start as simple as controlling your appetite, controlling your tongue by not saying negative words and stop complaining and telling your stuff to anyone who will listen hoping for sympathy. Don’t ever seek sympathy, only seek solutions and guidance from above. NO one knows you better than
your creator.

This is going to be an awesome week for you. I feel it right now. I love it when women understand that they are no one’s slave and they have the right to live in abundance and prosperity. You deserve a life of joy and outrageous adventure. You have the right to jump out of bed with energy and vitality, rush to your closet because you can’t wait to put on beautiful clothing that is worthy of being displayed on your precious body!

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