Real Fat Burning

1 Sep

They Don’t Call Me the Queen For Nothing!
The Cardio Queen That Is

I had to shoot a special promotion for one of my oversees accounts on Friday and I
wanted to lose a couple pounds of fat so I evaluated my workouts, my diet and looked real hard at the wardrobe my stylist layed out for me slide into.

I got my body fat analyzed and saw that I could drop some Crisco.

After analyzing everything, I sat down and made my plan.
1. Stay strict and only eat the foods on the low-glycemic
list from my Quickstart Energy Program.
2. Do daily doubles like I make my athletes
3. Stop skipping meals
4. Up my photo image affirmations
5. Put up more motivating photos in every room
6. Up My Cardio
7. Cut out all unnecessary conversations, meetings,
phone calls and emails. Too much interaction is draining and
wastes precious energy and time.

Awake at 7:00 AM
Body Balance/ Blood sugar tablets/ L-Carnitine
Bkfst amino charge shake super crazy green
6 egg whites 2 yolks
4 veggie sausage

12:00 went to gym to do a cardio class and they had a sub (literally) instructor teaching yoga because she was the only person available with a pulse. So I punted and did the couch cardio machine.

You know the bike that feels like you are sitting on a sofa with your feet up.

They even have arm rests, cup holders for beer and a slot for the remote! heehee. Heart Rate- 140 bpm for 30 minutes.

Unfortunately it was right ext to the basketball court, so I had to put a towel over my head and cover up my breasts. For some reason the basketballs kept rolling toward the bikes.

Hey, no one gets a free look! I ate two times before evening workout.

4:15 – Anti-Cellulite Secret Ingredients Shake

5:00-6:30 90 minutes on the Stepmill
90 minutes 155 bpm
347 floors
7.5 miles
2 quarts of water with Body balance, Ener-C
2 Fat burners
1 l-carnitine
2 hoodia two hours before workout

Dinner Stir Fry (steamed) vegetables with 3 oz. chicken and 4 oz. beef
Bed at 10:00 PM

Up at 7:00 AM
Same Breakfast every day of the week

Step Training Workout
45 Minutes – heart Rate 145 BPM
Stretch and Vertical Training w/ light weights

5:00 PM
Upright Stationary Cycling
Light Weights
Heart rate 30 minutes 150 BPM
Bed at 10:00 PM

Same Wake Up and Lay Down time
Same food schedule
1:00 hi/lo Cardio
Cardio 90 minutes
heart Rate 155-165 bpm
5:30-6:30 Step Workout
Heart rate 130 bpm

Same eating schedule
Same Wake Up and Lay Down schedule
Rest and recover all day
6:00-7:30 Step Cardio
Heart Rate 150 bpm

Repeat all
Workout.. 12:30-3:00
High/Low cardio Heart rate 160-165 BPM
Light Weights

same.. food and rest
Hi/Low cardio Heart rate 160 BPM

Lay down at 1:00 AM wired from week of intense training!!!

wake up at 10:00 AM
Body Fat analysis
down to my desired size and %!

YES!!! Got set up for the shoot!
I was DOWN a solid waist size and my legs were tight, my abs were totally flat, my arms were crazy sexy.

I more than achieved my goal!! The shoot was perfect and we got perfect shots in a matter of minutes!! i have done so many shoots that i know my good side, my poses and most of all I know how to pose my body so that I feel good about you all looking at my work. I am real about everything and I want my love for you and my passion for life to come through.


No, I do not splurge and eat all kind of junk after a shoot like some people. I usually rest, get a massage, go see my favorite Chiropractor to put my body back into alignment. I also like to be nurtured so I will get a facial and get all the camera make up out of my skin pores.

If you have goal, you have to go for it. You have to sit down, write out your plan, step away from negativity and put in the time. No matter what your goal is, if you are willing to work hard and be persistent, you can do it.

Persistence will beat talent many times. Dream big, reach high and put yourself and your health first.

It’s important that we take care of ourselves. So go out this week and pamper yourself and do something nurturing and fun. Don’t put off living. Wear your favorite clothes now, wear your favorite lipstick every day!

On that note, I’m going to do something really nurturing, take a nap!

Blessings and Hugs,

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