Just Move-Burn That Fat

15 Sep

what a crazy day! I had one goal this morning. Work out for 60 minutes in my fat burning zone. I finally got through my to do list. drank two quarts of water by noon, ate my low-glycemic breakfast, drank my super cellulite busting shake with Amino Charge and I was out the door heading someplace.

I decided to go to an eclectic place to wrk out because I wanted to JUST SWEAT! No frills, no glamour, no matching outfits..just stupid crazy fat blasting.

I got through 30 minutes of traffic and drove into the parking garage of the Club and sailed right in without a pass! COOL!!
right in the front row, this mom was getting into her car and was leaving and waved at me to take her spot! SWEET!! What great blessings. All of a sudden, this tricked out, music blaring giant truck with this sketchy meth looking guy with bad skin started screaming at both of us for blocking the garage traffic. He was totally tweaking!!! i pretended not to see him or hear him and the MOM was sobrave. She saw him going nuts and she locked her car doors and took her sweet time just to piss him off some more and she waved me into her FRONT ROW spot and I drove in giggling.

A security guard came over to walk me in and make sure I was okay! Then he took a chair, sat 20 feet from my car to make sure that wild man didn’t key my car or something. That was my sign! I knew the workout was going to be good. I made it to a class
that was fun. Even though little miss NO-Rhythm put her high rise step right in front of me. She just could not get it going!
The music was good, the moves were good, but this lady in the front row would not SHUT UP!!!!!! She did commentary about everything. I don’t know what has happened in Aerobics. THere is no etiquette, no reguard for the team synergy and why do dead people stand in the front and shut the energy flow down????

The poor instructor kept talking about her personal week, weekend and business trip to come. I tuned her out and rocked anyway. It’s not her fault, she would ask the people questions and NO ONE would answer so she had to do something to stay engaged. That is the worst by the way for those of you who go to classes. ANSWER the instructor when they ask you a question. When you engage you get more motivation too.

So you see, you aren’t the only one who has a hard time getting cardio in everyday! But you have to! you have to stimulate your metabolic rate. You have to pay it forward and burn more calories than you eat. You have to stoke the fire and look past all the crap of life sometimes and just ROCK anyway.

We need to just move and take care of our needs regardless of all the to do lists, the stuff.

Tomorrow i will do vertical training and dance. I am so fired up after watching So You THink You Can Dance last night. I love Benji’s little sister. AND I totally think Benji is an inspiring dancer! Real Dancer’s have great bodies and they are so creative. I love it! Plus i just LOVE to dance, don’t you? keep eating your greens, drinking your water and getting your sleep. If you don;t sleep, you ruin your future. If you are deydrated, you can’t flush out the fat or toxins that create disease. I only keep reminding you because I care about you. I want you to take loving care of yourself. I want you to do everything you can to
be fit, healthy and fabulous. YOu have to have FUN every single day. You can’t get the days back. SO do something tomorrow that makes you laugh, smile and feel fantastic inside. You deserve it!

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