Quick StartEnergy Program Questions & Answers

6 Oct

Questions and Answers

GI focused eating plan questions and answers.

I have gotten so many questions about my Quick Start Energy Program that has a Glycemic Index (GI) focused eating plan. It is amazing how many writers are covering the program right now. It is not new, but it is definitely revolutionary.

Thousands of women and men are using my program and millions are following a similar method of eating with outstanding succeess. Plus, I have guided and trained thousands of people personally and I have NEVER had a failure on the plan. There are people who did not use it properly or quit or lost their drive and discipline, but the PLAN itself has not failed. I love the concept. It saved my life and gave me a propserous and gratifying career. It has become a lifestlye and passion of mine.

I was diabetic, obese and had high blood pressure at a very young age and once I found the Glycemic Principle, I conquered it all with incredible results. The results were so amazing I was able to make a celebrity Fitness career with my physique, talent and experience. The GI focused eating plan is a healthy, balanced meal plan which offers a realistic approach to keeping weight off for good.

Is this diet healthy? Is it like other than food specific diets that cut out whole food groups?
Yes, this program is definitely different than other weight loss program because it is based on healthy eating. It is based on eating the right combination of protein, complex healthy carbohydrates, hydrating optimum fluids and proper fats. Plus I give you some insider secrets about reducing cellulite and belly fat.
Here are some other important life changing benefits:

Never feel hungry – Less mood swings – less PMS- less mental stress
Stabilize blood sugars and banish cravings – clarity of thinking
Lower risk of diabetes and heart disease and save money on pharmaceuticals
Follow a healthy and satisfying diet for your taste buds

What are the key principles of the diet?
The diet is based on established scientific fact that different carbohydrates get broken down by the body at different rates.

It is based on the idea that eating foods that have a low glycemic index. Since GI is a measurement that ranks how quickly or slowly foods are broken down by the body and used as energy, Low GI foods will release energy more slowly, helping to keep blood sugar levels stable and keeping you fuller for longer, your energy is higher longer, you store less fat and your mood is elevated longer. Your new found mental clarity helps your success.

Translation… you feel great, you lose weight, you are happier, you experience less biochemical anxiety, you are more alert, responsive and playful. Your ability to think and discern is clearer so you are able to make decisions easier. One of the benefits that I like the most is that I can concentrate better for longer periods of time. It makes for better reading, studying and task mastering.

Once my blood chemistry was balanced, I was able to sit down, be calm, quiet my mind from anxiety and sometimes depression. I was able to figure out what I was running from and started developing a plan to move me toward what I really wanted. I had been so emotionally unbalanced that I could not even see, feel or comprehend what it was that I wanted. By changing my diet and getting biochemically balanced, I was able to write out my career and business plan.

My entire life changed, I went from a neurotic kid to a mature businessperson and Fitness Celebrity. Deep inside I sort of knew what I wanted, but my mind was a mess and I thought I was losing it. IT was severe hypoglycemia which feels and acts as clinical depression. Determined not to go on meds and spend a fortune every month I searched for a natural solution.

What are the benefits of this diet?
Apart from helping you to lose weight, this diet boosts vitality by keeping blood sugar levels stable which stops you from feeling sluggish. It also helps prevent heart disease and strokes because it is a medical fact that the fatter you are the more likely you’ll be to suffer from both conditions.

Who supports this diet?
This eating plan is not about hype or cheap sales, this program It has become a standard for many medical and fitness professionals.
It has been recommended as a method of eating by physicians, endocrinologists, diabetic nutrition specialist, in the USA and many other countries for years. This is a serious plan. It has come under attack by the “eat whatever you want and lose weight charletons” which is a joke. There is no way you can eat whatever you want and lose weight unless you are nine feet tall, have a basal metabolic rate (number of calories which your body needs to maintain it’s weight) of 7,000 calories.
I take my work seriously.

I want everyone to be fit, healthy, happy and free in every aspect of their life. I take offense when people talk about the program that saved my life and gave me a new start at a career that I would not have been able to do if I was still OBESE, unhappy, unmotivated and spending all my money on meds. I am so thankful to the scientists who help put it all togehter and made it so simple for me to create a total program using it. I put all the pieces together because eating is oonly aspect of my Quickstart Energy Program. I give you all elements I needed to transform my shape, my body, my blood Chemistry and my secrets for cellulite reduction along with the mental aspect of making the whole process work. If you don’t have the mind and will and guidance to work it, NOTHING will work.

How much weight does the average person lose on the program?
If you apply yourself, follow the plan and work out with heart and discipline, you can lose up to 10lbs in a month. But I recommend losing weight more slowly – say around a pound a week. When you read about some of the amazing testimonials on the Quickstart Page you will see some of the possibilities for yourself. That is why I put up REAL people on there. I didn’t hire infomercial models or pay some people to use the program or use photoshop and manipulate the photos like some programs do.

If you get in the GI strategy of consistentFat Burning you can be like millions on other people who follow the plan and you can maintain your perfect weight and size the rest of your life.”

Why are low glycemic index foods better for fat loss than other foods?
Low GI foods take longer for the body to digest leaving you with a sense of fullness longer. This means low GI foods are more likely to get you through to your next meal and you’ll not be tempted to have quick sugary or fatty snacks.”

Are all high glycemic index foods higher in calories than foods with a lower glycaemic index?
“On the whole yes because high GI foods tend to be more processed than lower GI foods and contain more sugar and fat. This means they are quickly digested by the body, although there are some exceptions.

“Watermelon and rice cakes, for instance, are very low in calories but high GI because they digest very quickly and leave you craving for your next meal or snack.”

Can all food groups have a low glycaemic index?
“No. Carbohydrates are the only food measured using the glycaemic index.
“However, the diet puts all food groups including proteins and fats into three different categories consisting of red for prohibited foods, orange for limited foods and green for as many foods as you like.”

Can I eat dessert?
Absolutely! Thanks to all the different manufacturers that make perfectly balanced desserts and nutrition bars, there are thousands of options and choices abailable.

Can I drink alcohol?
Not for the first thirty days during the detoxing phase and re-regulating your metabolic rate. When you reach a target initial fat loss, you can have a glass of wine or a light beer at dinner in moderation. Alcohol is not recommended because it clogs the liver, slows down your fast weight loss and it digests as a simple sugar which stimulates your appetite. Then you eat more and crave sugar which can send you into a snack attack eating frenzy. When you overeat bad foods, you destroy your progress and then you begin the downhill spiral of yo-yo weight gain.

Is exercise recommended on this diet?
Yes, you need to do some kind of cardio every day to start the fast burn process. You can walk, cycle, take some sort of cardio low impact fat burning class, it will help you to burn more calories and keep your skin tight as you lose the fat.
Choose an activity that is easily integrated into your lifestyle and aim to do at least 45-60 minutes a day.

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