13 Oct

I am so happy to be the “Odd Woman Out” in the giant industry called “FITNESS”.
That’s right..believe it or not, I am at odds with most of the men on this magnificently designed planet who are “Certified” Personal Trainers. The majority of them will tell you that Low-Carb programs don’t work and you should go and pasta yourself every night. Yeah right!!!!

I have done that and it wasn’t pretty! Unless you’re a marathon runner, as women, high carbohydrate eating is not friendly to the thighs, butt and especially the lower abdominal area.

When we eat tons of carbs and do not burn the calories off in 24 hours, we are doomed to build a nice round and soft body.

I have been on a lower carb, moderate protein and low to moderate fat diet for over ten years. I don’t have crazy mood swings or PMS any more. I feel fantastic and my muscles are tight without being bulky. I am able to maintain a healthy fit level body fat % and I was able to get rid of the lumpy cellulite I had.

As a Celebrity Trainer, I am not alone. There is another author who swears by this formula. Her name is Dr JANA KLAUER and the name of her book is “How the rich get thin”.

Dr. Klauer Bio: From celebrities to ladies who lunch and from politicians to Wall Street financiers I have helped them all to get the lean, shapely figures they now enjoy. You don’t need to be wealthy to be able to eat the way celebrities do. You can learn from my Park Avenue clients in one respect: namely their determination to see the plan through and succeed. This is the real reason my clients are as successful at losing weight as they are at everything else – they are motivated and hard working. You can do it too; you just have to be willing to work hard too.
I embrace her concepts because she is just like me. She is working in an industry where you are paid for how you look, feel and your ability to project that with confidence and strength. Plus her diet has so many of the same elements I have in my Quickstart Energy Program.

Here are some of Dr. Klauer’s ideas for losing weight.
Studies have shown that people lose weight faster on a high-protein diet than any other type. This is partly because the body needs three times as many calories to digest protein as it does carbohydrates and fats and also because protein helps you to feel satisfied for longer.

You’ll be eating high quality proteins such as egg whites, any seafood or shellfish, low fat organic dairy products, organic poultry and organic meat. Another vital component of the diet is calcium. We all know that calcium is important for our health to prevent osteoporosis, particularly in women.

But research has also shown calcium can also help us lose weight – particularly targeting flabby tummies. In one recent American study a group of overweight people were given 1200mg of dairy-derived calcium in their diet and another was given none. Their diets were otherwise identical in terms of calories and the proportions of fat, carbohydrate and protein.

However the group with the calcium intake lost 70 per cent more weight than the low-calcium group – and three times as much flab from their waists. Vegetables contain carbohydrates – but are digested slowly because of the quantity of fiber. They also contain antioxidants the body needs to repair itself.

There you go ladies. Some more great ideas to help you build the body you desire. Never give up and never quit. Spend each day you’re alive improving.

You must reach higher, work harder and believe in your dreams. Most important you have to take the appropriate action to see your goals and dreams realized. I only do the things that are going to help me, serve me and serve my purpose. No Thing and NO one that psychologically shifts my energy away from my goals I must release. Yes, release. Whatever you give your energy to expands and consumes your emotional energy. I am a firm believer in the scripture that says “Be it unto you according to your faith”. Most people have more faith for fear than for Success.

No one is going to do it for you. No one is going to do it with you forever. YOU are going to have to go for it yourself. You can do it. There are millions of women getting fit, getting strong and making their way in the world, you deserve to have only the best. That can only happen when you do your best.

One of my inspiring quotes:
“It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks, to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal”.
Hellen Keller

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