Tight Lean and Fat Free – 3 of My Favorite Leg & Butt Sculpting Experiences

20 Oct

To win you need to be strong, fit, powerful, and confident and you need to feel good about how you look and present yourself. When you feel great about your body, it shines through your personality. You have more self-belief, which give you the ability to stay focused on your goals and dreams until they manifest.

Society has gravitated towards feeding the mind with mental information and hyper stimulus though entertainment and social re-engineering. It has been a noble cause, but has created a population who can regurgitate a bunch of useless facts and indoctrination of information but little physical strength or power.

When I was overweight, I hated to walk into new situations. I felt like everyone was judging me and thought I was incompetent. Which in a way I was. If is could not control something as vital and precious as my own body, how could I expect them to trust me with their body or their business or their future.

I bought the lie that it didn’t matter how much I weighed as long as I was a good person. True that, I was a miserable good person! I had to face reality. My body is my gift that life was birthed through. My body is my tool for moving, breathing, singing, dancing, creating, speaking and sharing love with others through.

Once I quit looking for excuses and started looking for answers, all the truth and truth tellers I needed showed up. I had a lot of people in my life who were feeding into my fears and directing me to stay mediocre and overweight. When I CHANGED, my influencers changed. NOTHING changed until I changed!

I loved it when my pants got baggier and my legs got stronger. It felt so good to walk into the green room filled with goodies at ABC Studios during guest appearances and feel in total control. Before I changed into a disciplined person creating my success, I would have snuck a couple of cookies while no one was looking AND I would have snuck a pastry and put it into my purse for after the show. I felt so powerful not cheating on myself. See that’s another mistake people say. “I cheated on my diet”. NO, you cheated on yourself.

You can’t wait for others to change hoping you can change when they change. NOT!!
That is pure lunacy, it maybe too late. What if they never change? Why would you give someone else that much power over your destiny? You shouldn’t. You deserve to be free from fat, free from fear, free from emotional, physical and financial debt. It is all related. Abundance is a heart issue that manifests just the same as poverty.

YOU have to change first. You have to put your self first. You have to get fit, get your body totally healthy and lean.

You have to do the work yourself and you have to cheer your self. At the end of the day, week or year, the only way you will see success is if YOU MAKE it. You can accept encouragement from others but don’t wait for it! Lift yourself up. Cheer your self on and dance for yourself! You can do it!

Get your diet under control get on my program or just do something. Don’t settle for mediocrity one minute longer. Do something today to change your direction. Move toward success.

Okay, I just had to share my belief in your right to live a fun, fit and glamorous life!

Here are my three favorite Vertical Training Power Shaping Exercises.

Always warm up and stretch before you sculpt and after you sculpt stretch all of your tight spots and drink lots of water: 2-4 quarts per day, every day. Even on your days off.

1. The Half Bridge

Sculpts: Narrows your Hips, Thighs and tightens Your Buns
Lie on your back, face up with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Slowly lift hips off the floor as straighten and extend your right leg, flex your foot and bring the leg parallel with the bent leg.

Contract at the top and hold for one count and then bend the knee and return to the starting position. Do this for the move your left leg out to your left side at 90 degrees.
Do the same move on the right leg.
Repeat for a total of 15 reps per side.

Beginning and unfit: One set of 15 per leg – 3X week
Intermediate: 2 Sets of 15 Repetitions per leg – 3X week
Advanced and Tough 3 Sets of 20 Repetitions per leg – 5 X week

The same times per week apply to each exercise.

2. Lateral Leg Shaper

Sculpts: Outer Thighs, Hips

Holding onto a chair or a post at the gym.

Hold on with one hand and the by your side, slowly extend right leg to the side as you squeeze your hip muscle for the count of four. Stop at the natural distance, which is about twelve inches away from where you started.

Return back to neutral and repeat for a total of 20 repetitions
Then switch sides.

Beginning and unfit: One set of 20 per leg
Intermediate: 2 Sets of 20 Repetitions per leg
Advanced and tough: 3 Sets of 20 Repetitions per leg

3. Rear Leg Lift
Sculpts Buns and makes the back of your thighs, Hamstrings, tight and firm.

Start on your hands and knees on all fours, weight evenly balanced between your hands and knees. Keep your abdominals tight and your head in a neutral position.

Extend your right leg diagonally behind you, bringing your heel toward the ceiling and hold for two counts and return back to the floor.
Switch Legs

Beginning and unfit: One set of 15 per leg
Intermediate: 2 Sets of 15 Repetitions per leg
Advanced and Tough: 3 Sets of 20 Repetitions per leg

Train hard this week and do more than you ever dreamed was possible.

Your Celebrity Trainer

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