Vacation Workout and Boy Shorts Escapade!

27 Oct

I was on the most beautiful island and I still needed to keep up with my workouts.
I always train when I travel. My body is hypersensitive so I retain water when I travel. So the first thing I do is I get my fluid situation worked out.

I got three large bottles of water in the gift shop and went to drinking. Once I empty a couple of those I go to the fitness center and refill the bottles from their large water cooler or get some more bottles from them when I train.

I get out our bed in the morning and jump right onto a treadmill or I go for a power walk to wake up my metabolic system and start my mental preparation for the day. When I work out in the morning, I feel more of a fitness connection and I hate to ruin what I already started so that helps me not cheat on my eating program.

1-2 liters of water
Long shower of semi cold water to wake up my skin and stimulate my metabolism
Client training or sight seeing

1:00 LUNCH
Relax and sleep and let food digest

Client Training on the set

1 hour Power Walk sightseeing around the bay


Client training on the set

10:00 NIGHT
Disco dancing to show off the hot bod and burn some more fat.

There you have it. I love to get right into the heart of the culture wherever I go. If I am on a set, I get into the culture of the set. If I am with island natives, I get into that. Every client has different vibe and a different style of living, training and recreating. My goal is to inspire and encourage and restructure their life in a positive way. My goal is to help them look and feel their best when they perform. You know how hard it is to be your best when you don’t feel good about your body. You don’t want to be tugging on your clothes and feel like you want to hide. I love what I do. I have such a passion for helping them and YOU succeed and present your best to the world.

I am a hot tub fanatic and there was an awesome public one where I was staying,
I had forgotten my swimsuit at home. I don’t have to lie on the beach so when I pack, it’s not usually on my mind. Plus.. My assistant, who is the absolute best in the world, did not ask me if I needed one since I don’t have it on my standard packing list. I will add it to my list from now on.

I had my driver take me around to find a swimsuit late one night so that I could soak in the hot tub.

Well, the driver is so kind. He drives me all over trying to find a swimsuit place that was open. He could not find a boutique or anything that was open. We passed a kids store that was open so we pulled over and hopped out to see if they had any girls swimsuits. Hey, on a skinny day, I can stuff my breasts and my buns into a girl’s size 14 or 16. Young girls are bigger now so their clothes are bigger too.

NOTHING!!! They didn’t have one swimsuit. The front desk clerk kept announcing that the store was closed and to “please” bring purchases to the front counter so that she could lock up. I started laughingly praying to find anything I could wear into the public hot tub spa area. As I was literally running toward the door, my driver handed me a pair of baby tagged “boy shorts” that was labeled for boys 24 months of age. He said he thought my legs would fit in them. So I took them to the counter laughing at God’s sense of humor.

The clerk was totally sweet, so I gave her a $20.00 US tip and she started smiling real big. I had no idea if they would fit.

I took the tag off and they slid on perfect. Either I am thinner than I think or kids have gotten large! I wore them with a similar color workout bra top and jumped into the hot tub on y to feel like a frog in a pot of hot water. I have never been in water this hot since I took herbal baths for y body building competitions to get excess water from under my skin.

Since I had worked so hard to get something to wear, I felt like I had to stay in there so that my escapade would have merit. I got in waist level and my legs were stinging. Once the stinging subsided, the sweat started to pour down my face. Okay I thought.. “I am tough, I can do this”. I took a deep breath and sat down in the water so that I was submerged form the neck down. OMG!!! My back started stinging, and my arms went numb, a few seconds went by and my body adapted to the temperature. I stayed in for ten minutes and then I got out and stretched and continued to sweat for about thirty more minutes.

My joints felt so flexible and my skin felt totally cleansed after I took a shower and scrubbed with a mineral body scrub. I went to bed refreshed and purified. When I got up the next morning, my skin was glowing. Even my client asked me what I did to get so much more definition the next day. I told them about my escapade and hot tub detox night. I would never recommend you take a hot tub that hot. Usually they are kept around 02 -104 degrees, I have no idea what this one was. I just know that when I hot tub, shower scrub and moisturize, my skin looks amazing!

I had a wonderful time and I hope you play more, eat well and treat yourself like royalty because you are. You are the most special person you will ever meet. Have an awesome week and do something special for yourself. You deserve it!


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