Marion Jones may lose her medals…

8 Dec

Marion JonesI was so sad to hear the news about Marion Jones and the ripple effect that it is having throughout her family and the sports community. Marion Jones has confessed to knowingly using performance enhancing drugs which is against the rules of the Olympic committee. In doing so she jeopardized the lives and careers of her friends and teammates. If confirmed, she will lose her medals and her relay teammates may lose their medals as well.

This is a sober and glaring reminder that EVERY decision that we make have far reaching consequences on many other people and not just on ourself.
Every choice has consequences; from what we choose to eat, how much we do or do not workout, how much rest we get and so on.

Our moment by moment decisions come from a deep place in our soul. We are looking for some form of comfort, recognition and love. We must keep in the forefront of our mind and heart at all time that there is a ripple effect of how we live, move, eat and train.

Choose wisely today, for you know not who will reap the effects tomorrow.
Choose life and choose to be the best with integrity as your guide.

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