I Hate Big Legs!

5 Jan


I cannot tell you how crazy this last week has been. I have been in seminars, eating on the run, and grabbing a workout when I can fit one in.

I have some serious tips for you after I share my nightmare.

I had to go do a step class the other day and everyone was on STEP Ladders! What the he** are they doing I thought.

They were all bent over and looked exhausted.

They were NOT having any fun and neither was I. I could jsut feel my jeans getting tighter as my legs began to explode from all that blood rushing to the muscles making them like a Ball Park Frank, round and plump!~

I could see that they were desperate to get in shape, I have been there.

You know what it ia like when you start shopping for the holidays and everything is tight, made out of flimsy body hugging, cellulite showing, pantie line obvious thin fabric.

The first thing you do is run to the gym and try to get thinner and smooth out some of those dimples.

It is much easier to jump into a class with other desperate people instead of suffering it alone on a torturously boring treadmill while watching men pick up on the tube top honeys. AND where I’m at this week, can you say “the twins are kissing and I am bending over in front of everyone so they can see them” pseudo workout tops and “private” girl-splitting TIGHT tights. I doubt they bought those tights for a yoga class, unless it’s a group Tantra class! WOW!

It is so entertaining to watch!

Back to the class.

I have no idea who is training these ladies to climb up and down on these high steps. It’s like dong an hour of gym bench step ups. Which by the way, you are only supposed to do two to three sets of 12 when you train, not an HOURS worth!

I did the class with one riser under my platform until the instructor started screaming about doing interval lunges forever with a squat (big a**) posture for ten minutes.

I have been a professional trainer long enough to know that you will build mass on your legs and your A** when you do tons of squats with an elevated stance.

Especially if you love carbs and you are NOT on my get skinny for the new year, Quick Start Energy Program. Now squats and carbs are okay if you don’t mind legs like the Rock!

His legs look FINE on him, but on me, they don’t look very slimming. I prefer the beautiful dancer’s long lean sexy look. You know you would do anything to have one of those lead female dancer’s bodies on Dancing With the Stars. Those girls are HOT!

It’s not the instructor’s fault, I don’t blame them. They can oly teach what the industry offers. It’s sort of like the government. IF you want ssomething delivered fast you go to Fed Ex, a specialized private company who makes it their mission to deliver the best service. If you want to save money and you aren’t as concerned about the service and results, you go to the post office.

If you want the best Classic Step workouts, get my step DVD’S! i have trained instructors all over the world on my method Step Training and it is still one of the most popular workouts in real gyms and studios.

I haven’t done instructor training workshops in a while since I became a Celebrity Trainer, so the newbie instructor doesn’t know the dancer’s line techniques.

They are mostly learning the gym programs that are mass produced. Some of them are great and some are not so great. I happened into one who was new and was teaching from a manual that had very little variations. Good music though! So that helped. That’s why I use fun and energetic music in my workouts, I have to have hot tunes or I just won’t do it!

Ladies, if you want long lean legs, keep your step to one riser or NO riser and extend your range of motion and use good dance posture so that you work your legs, but, thighs and abs. You will get a good calorie burn without building BIG LEGS!

Get to steppin!


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