Crazy! My Favorite Snack Made Me Fat!

19 Jan


I am so bummed…

Plus, I feel like a total idiot! I spent a ton of money on my favorite

snack only to find out it is NOT okay!

Check this out.

I discovered this incredible fresh air deli and gourmet market that sits right in the middle of a magnificent Yacht Dock. They have foods from all over the world to accomodate all the world travelers who shop there.

One afternoon after I had finished with my Super Client, I stopped in to unwind. I like to shop for exotic gifts, foods, and unique goodies you don’t see at chain stores.

There were samplers of dozens of global cuisine. I wandered around the market for a few minutes and nothing tempted me until I saw a chef in a giant white hat with a brittish accent chopping and dicing exotic fresh FRUIT!

He was making an assortment of decorative fruit images. I was mesmerized. Especially since I have ZERO fruit carving talent!

I can barely cut an apple in half without cutting myself.

The chef would carve a flower or something out of fruit and then he would kindly put it on a dish and hand it to an observer. He looked at me and grabbed a GIANT mango, I had never seen a mango this large before, and he made a scooped a big ball. He carved a smile into. He put it on dish, sat it down and was silent for a moment. He reached out his hand, grabbed my hand and kissed it.

Then he reched over and picked up the smiling face mango carving and handed it to me.
Needless to say I was flattered and taken by the size of that mango.

I continued to walk around the market and began to eat the smile. After I had taken two bites, I was transfixed by the sweet flavor, the firm texture and the beautiful golden yellow color.

I immediately turned around and went and bought two take home containers of that luscious fruit.

I used it at my post dinner snack at night. I was totally addicted to that fruit. I didn’t think twice about going back every other day for a fresh stash.

This went on for about 2 weeks. I grabbed a pair of my favorite skinny jeans the other day and I almost had a panic attack when I tried to pull them on. They were tight!! SUPER tight~!! I could not even button them.

I had this bloated pooch that was blocking the zipper from sliding closed with the ease it had in the past.

I did what I always do.. and you should too when your body size shifts or increases. I sat down at my computer and analyzed my food journal and workout log for the last three weeks.

OMG!! i found out what I had done. I got suckered by the hand kissing chef who hypnotized me into eating a HIGH GLYEMIC fruit called a mango!

Now for me, that is rare. I usually know the GI index of most foods on the planet because I have been using it to lose fat and keep fat off my body for years. I just forgot I guess.

Have you ever done that? Forget what worked or go off your plan because of someone else’s influence? AAHHHH!!

If you read most people’s diet programs, they would tell you that I was nuts and that there was nothing wrong with fruit. They are partly right. IF you don’t have excess fat, gain weight when you eat sugar, have hypo-glycemic (low blood sugar) problems or take massive diet pills like some of the Hollywood skinnies, run marathons, then you can eat all the fruit you want with no problems.

BUT if you are like me, you can gain weight from high-glycemic high sugar foods. Here’s a brief paragraph from a research project covered by Science Daily explaining why you can gain fat from high sugar foods.

Dr. Kosaku Uyeda, professor of biochemistry, has shown that a single protein called carbohydrate response element binding protein (ChREBP), discovered by his research group, activates several genes that cause cells in the liver to turn sugar into fat.

Eating meals high in carbohydrates or sugars leads the body to do several things. Some of the sugars are immediately converted to energy while the rest of the sugars are converted to fat. The sugar-to-fat conversion occurs two ways – an immediate response, where enzymes are mobilized to rapidly convert sugars into fat; and a slower response, in which several different genes are turned on and off, creating more enzymes that can also turn sugar into fat. ChREBP is involved in the slow response.


I am sure you can.

Well, after I analyzed my diet to find out that the onlything that had changed was I had added that pretty yellow fruit to my evening regime. I took the remainder of the fruit and put it in the trash! I removed every remnant from the refrigerator so that I would not be tempted to cheat again.

Do you know what is crazy? I immediately increased my water intake and protein intake so that my body would go into a high metabolic state that stimulates fat burning. I attacked it right away and so should you when you gain weight.

It took four good days of Low-Glycemic eating, high energy dance cardio and fluid flushing to get rid of that pooch.

I put my jeans on a hanger and put them in plain sight so that I would see what my goal was just in case I thought about cheating.

WOOO…it was so frustrating to not be able to put on clothes you love or feel like a failure because you slipped.

I have so many other foods listed in my Quick Start Energy Program that will help you know which other foods to avoid or eat in moderation so that you can lose fat and get a lean tight body while increasing your energy.

I let myself be persuaded to eat something that was not healthy for MY body type or Blood Chemistry. Imagine how dmanging it is when we allow others to persuade us to back away from our goals and dreams.

Live awake, be aware and stay vigilant with your health and your body!


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