Fit or FAT… Look Great in 2008?

26 Jan

Happy New Year…

Is it? Will it be?

Or will it just be another year of everybody but me?

Who are you going to be this year? Who are you going to believe this year? The people who will help you and show you the way or the people who sabotage you and make you feel guilty?

Who are you going allow to help you become GREAT?

Yes.. GREAT! Not just better, not just ok, not just getting by or surviving another year, but absolutely unequivocally GREAT!

Being great is in your DNA. It is the very essence of your soul. You have tried to squelch it, ignore it and talk yourself out of serving everything and everybody. But deep down inside there is this longing, this yearning for more.

That is why you are so dis-appointed (missed your appointed assignment -YOU!) in yourself at times. You gave more of your emotional and physical energy to helping and pleasing others and allowed your own body, spirit and goals to deteriorate.

You know there is more to this life and your mere existence of just getting b. You know that you want to look, feel and be better. It is part of God’s design for you to seek a higher, more beautiful way to look and live.

Beauty Is In Your Heart

You love beauty. You love colors, flowers. the ocean, nature, beautiful clothing and a beautiful restaurant and do I have to say… beautiful jewels? Embrace beauty, embrace the thoughts of wanting to become a more beautiful person, both inside and out.

We are God’s beautiful creation and we seek to be better each day. It is admirable when you see someone working on themselves. It is a part of who we are.


“Don’t send me any sappy emails about how God loves you the way you are either. I know He loves you overweight, but do YOU love you overweight? Every time I read about some actress who is clinically obese talking about how much she loves herself FAT, I start watching their calendar, because I know it is just a matter of time before they get a weight loss program endorsement of some kind. The fact that they are talking about it tells me that their weight is in the forefront of their mind. It goes like this…. REAL RICH people don’t talk about money, AWESOME ATHLETES don’t brag, true happy people don’t tell you their happy every time you see them and the couple who is ready for a divorce is the first to tell you that their marriage is solid!”

God loves you so much that He doesn’t want you to live unhealthy, miserable, sweaty between the folds and eating alone like I did when I was obese. I know all the hiding places for snacks, the tears in secret and the parties I missed because I was too embarrassed to be around all the other sexy dressed women. END OF RANT!

No More Waiting

How about you? Are you going to stop procrastinating and finally take the time and invest in your body, your mind and your destiny.

Are you going to use your inner strength and will to see your goal all the way through to completion. Are you going to care enough about yourself that you are not going to let NO ONE push you off your mountain of determination?

The main reason you have quit before is fatigue! Yes, fatigue!

Born To Move

Our bodies hate inactivity. Inactivity makes your blood stagnant, slows down your diegestion and ruins your metabolism.

We were born to move. We were born to dance, play, stroll, jump, run, laugh, and sing with Unlimited Energy.

Your body is a river of constant ever-flowing energy. Minute to minute, your intricately and wonderfully made body is never the same.

Your cells are actively renewing, rejuvinating and multiplying, your bloodstream is ever changing, your organs are active, your muscles are contracting, and your neurons in your brain are constantly firing.

This is fantastic news for you!

Do you realize what that means? It means you are not stuck with the body you were born with. You don’t even have the same body you had when you started reading this exchange of ideas. You can change your body.

YES, you can change your body starting today. You can begin to move and groove and have the body and life of your dreams.

If you will commit to go to work on yourself today, you will have an immediate change in your blood chemistry and your mental state.

You can do it. I will help you this year. I would love to be your personal trainer and your mentor.

I have millions of people training with my DVD’S, following my Quick Start Program and following the guidelines in my blogs.

Feel Great..Look Great..BE Great

How much more effective would your life be if you were feeling and thinking your best at your best while being at your best at all times.

Movement and exercise must become normal activity for you just like brushing your teeth. Be Patient and practical. Consider how long you may have been out of shape.

If you have been unfit for several years, it will take several months to see lasting results. It will take time for your absolute optimum shape to be sculpted. Start smart. Stay with it and keep believing in yourself.

You can do it.

Only you can make the decision to take action and do whatever it takes to be successful. You are free to chose. Get motivated and….. Chose Movement, choose to eat right for your body and blood chemistry. GO check out some of my award winning DVD’S and read all the way through my Quick Start Program. Let the testimonials of people just like you who have turned their lives around for less than a nice dinner!

Together..Let’s make this OUR best year ever! I want to help you. When I was obese, sick and lonely, no one reached out to me. I promised myself that when I made it, I was going to help as many people as possible. Let me help you this year. Let’s Look Great and Live Great in 20081


One Response to “Fit or FAT… Look Great in 2008?”

  1. Thomasean January 7, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    Hi Victoria,
    I’m starting the Quick Start Program today. I work 3rd shift so I’m gonna try to figure this out for a 3rd shift worker. A lot of are getting fatter because of an unchecked aging process, poor eating habits, no exercise and broken rest patterns.

    I used to be the fitness guru at work…but now that I’m fat again who wants to hear that??? I know that nighttime living and eating used to cause us all great amounts of difficulty.

    Hopefully together you and I can figure this out.

    Thanks, I’ll be keeping you posted.

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