I’ve Had it With My Fat Abs!

2 Feb


I was watching TV and I saw an ad about belly fat and I was wondering if it is as dangerous as the ad said. You know that they just want to sell you a bunch of expensive pills and then they tell you, you don’t have to exercise and you can eat whatever you want.

I have a big round belly and I hate it. I hate my fat abs and I want to do something that works. It’s not so much buying the pills that worries me, it’s a waste of my time and money and still never being able to sit down without my stomach resting in my lap. I feel really self-conscious. It seems that the fat is getting lumpier by the day.

What is the truth and what can I do to get rid of this stuff?



You have asked some great questions and you should be worried. Let me break it down for you.

1. Fat over the top of your abs is dangerous to your health!

2. You have to eat the right foods! Certain foods help you burn fat, the wrong foods will make you gain MORE belly fat!

3. Exercise is Vital. You have to move and do cardio to burn stored fat. You have to do the right exercises, the right way to re-flatten your abs while you are losing fat.

Belly Fat Facts

When it comes to a building a tight, lean, healthy body, fat is like real estate.


The location of manifesting Fat on Your Abdomen (abs) is more dangerous than fat on other parts of your body.

Your abs are sheath of muscles that support your upper body, activates trunk flexion (bending forward), trunk rotation and they hold your internal organs in place.

The round soft stuff you can grab on top of those muscles is fat. And if it is lumpy dimply fat, it is cellulite. Cellulite is a form of globular fat that has a lump appearance. There are some special things you can do for that to get quicker more permanent results. It really works! I know because I did it. When I was obese, I had more rolls than a bakery, so I speak from experience and truth.

Bulging Belly is Dangerous

SO basically you can have a fat rear end and not have half the health risks as the person with belly fat. If you only have “love handles” — those are composed of fat around your waist that is under the surface of the skin, you need to open your mind today and really read this article with your head and your heart.

Hormonal Hell

People with a high degree of belly fat tend to lose sensitivity to insulin, a crucial hormone that helps the body burn energy. When insulin loses its power, the body responds by pumping out more of the hormone, which only throws the system further off balance. This is one of the worst possible hormonal nightmares that exist for women of all ages, stages and cultures. It does not discriminate. Ethnic women have more issues due to their eating habits and lack of physical lifestyle.

As a result, people with extra belly fat are vulnerable to many problems such as insulin resistance syndrome or metabolic syndrome. The syndrome affects an estimated 70 million to 80 million Americans and comes with a frightening number of potential complications.

Diabetes Just Around the Corner!

People with insulin resistance often develop type 2 diabetes. They also tend to have high blood pressure and too much bad cholesterol. That is a recipe for heart disease, the number one killer of women. Some experts believe that waist circumference and fat-distribution is more important than your actual weight in predicting future health risks.

That is unbelievable. You can see why it is so important to lose belly fat and take back your future. If you start today eating the perfect foods, you can stop this dangerous killer right in its tracks!

Spread the Word, Not Their Hips!

This information is too important and vital, not to share with all of your loved ones. If you have any one you love that has this health risk, you must share this information with them. Don’t wait until it is too late. If you have a six-pack and you feel good, but you don’t reach out to share your light of health with others, you are falling short of being a whole person. NO person can just get a great body and not feed their soul and mind and spirit.

I see people buying the favorite KILLER foods for their loved ones and perpetuate their poor health condition, yet they won’t share a solid Diabetes preventing eating plan or body changing workouts. Don’t be one of those. Share the Truth.

You will never be fulfilled with helping others. It’s in your DNA. Reach out in love and care instead of waiting to visit them in the hospital from an injury that came about as a result of neuropathy from Diabetes, sprained back from weak abs, or even words some form of premature cancer from excess belly fat.

I Almost Lost It ALL

I almost lost my mental life to diabetes and I had so much belly fat it was crazy. I was insulin sensitive which made me an emotional wreck. I thought I as losing my mind many times. There were days when I would not even open my curtains due to the deep depression that came with the low blood sugar blues of hormonal imbalance.

Before I put the elements together to save my life, heal my body and restore my mental health, I did not think it I could find a solution.

Here are four quick tips for you that can begin to reverse the effects of fat increase.

1. Don’t eat up to 3 hours before bed

2. Do 30 minutes of cardio every day

3. Eat 25 grams of fiber per day to detox your digestive system

4. Reduce caffeine to one cup a day and increase water to 48 ounces daily.

Carin, there is a solution, there are amazing foods you can eat to heal your body, just like there are foods that kill your body. It’s your time to take your life back and get the formula that millions of others are using to heal and get healthy. My Quick Start Energy Program has every element you need to take control of your mental health and nutritional health. Take some action now, order my Anti-Cellulite CD’S or better yet, order the entire Quick Start Energy Package and save yourself some money while you lose the lumpy fat on your abdomen. The bonus Carin that you will receive is that your thighs and any other fat areas you have on your body will get leaner too!

I have redesigned my life and rescued my body from the swamp of depression and no energy so I know that you can too if you will follow my plan and study with me each week on my blogs and in my newsletters that I send you.

Maximum Abs

Carin, while you are losing the belly fat be sure to follow a good solid midsection workout. I love my Maximum Abs Workout because, it doesn’t just give you a bunch of regurgitated exercises, and it teaches you the proper form for getting flat abs and sculpting a six-pack. After you have lost weight, your midsection is poofy and everything has been overstretched. There are certain techniques you need to apply in order to get flat abs again.

Plus the music is fun, the set is beautiful and it is motivating. It’s like taking a class with me as well as having me coach you personally through your workout. I have it as an immediate download right now! You don’t have to wait for snail mail to start your workout!! Get it now! If you change your diet now with Quick Start and personal train with me on DVD, you will have an entirely different midsection by Spring!!

Lose your Fat Abs and shrink that life robbing Belly fat NOW!

You can shrink your waistline and reduce the size of your midsection and begin a life of freedom and vitality.

Carin, let’s work together and I will help you and be there for you every week cheering you on!

Victoria Johnson

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