Great Glutes and Legs

2 Mar

Here are some workout ideas to help you sculpt your lower body.

Schedule Your Workout
Make your workouts a priority. Don’t let more than 2 days go by without training your precious vessel. There are so many benefits to training. The main reason we like to workout is for our health and looks. The secondary benefit of restoring the cells, healing the organs and reducing stress is life changing.

Picture Perfect
I like to put a picture up of a great looking set of legs and glutes I admire to keep me inspired while I am training. I have several pages of bodies I cut out a magazine that I used to make a collage.

I tape the collage up or lay it out in front of me so that I can visibly see it when I train. I image the muscles the way I want them to look when I reach my goal. It is inspiring and it helps me stay fired up.

Always Warm-Up
There are many major muscles and joints reside in your lower body, warming up is crucial to prepare your body to prevent injury.

Get the blood flowing into your quads, glutes and hamstrings before you begin your actual training, and nothing gets it moving like cardio.

You’re stronger and able to work more efficiently following a good warm-up.

Get on your favorite piece of equipment — bike, treadmill or elliptical trainer or dance, walk around the block, or step training and work up to a moderate intensity for 5-7 minutes. You should work hard enough to just break a sweat.

Then make sure you limber up those muscles and joints with warm-up sets of your first movement. And then stretch your lower body well before you start the weights.

Begin Strong
You’re strongest at the beginning of your workout. Take advantage of that energy by doing a hard-hitting compound move, one that works more than one muscle group and joint, first in your routine

Work the larger muscles of your lower body — quads, glutes and hams — while forcing supporting muscles in your lower legs and torso to work as stabilizers.

Continue Strong
Maintain your momentum by following up the first compound move in your routine with another one; this second exercise should hit your muscles from a slightly different angle than the first.

You can also try various feet positions for exercises for variety, but don’t do the same exercise each time, switch it up. Train hard, go for maximum effectiveness.

Target Your Lower Body
Your glutes (butt) and hamstring (back of thighs) are powerful hip extensors that are activated whenever you stand, sit or step up. Our two experts concur that lunges and step-ups, which work your legs unilaterally, are two of the most effective exercises for this muscle group.

Unilateral training (one limb at a time) can balance the strength and development between your legs.

When you work one leg at a time, your stronger leg can’t do the work for your weaker one. If you start to use poor form during your routine, choose a lighter weight and readjust your alignment so you can maintain good form.

Sets, Reps and Frequency
Most women should train their thighs and glutes with light weights two days a week, and the other days with some cardio intervals. I go into details in my Thin Thighs Program.

Stretch Out and Rejoice
Stretching increases the range of motion of your lower-body muscles, as well as the mobility of your hip and knee joints. Follow your thigh and glute training with 5-10 minutes of stretching. Try a variety of stretches that target your glutes, hams, quads and adductors

Celebrate your workout by eating the perfect fat burning and muscle restoring foods. Drink water throughout the day and honor your body.

You will feel like a million bucks when you get the body you want.


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