Get Energized

23 Mar

The Power of  Energy

Everything is ENERGY & “ENERGY never disappear, it just changes forms..

To get more energy, you must consume the right energy.

Everything is ENERGY.

We are all energy.That’s right, we are walking, talking and breathing energy.

We have enough electricity in our bodies to light up North America. So why are we always so tired, even exhausted? Because we are not eating the proper fuel nor thinking the right thoughts. We are synergistic beings. Our Body, Mind, and Soul are all one. They must be treated with care, respect, honor and dignity.

Not with carelessness, disrespect and poor emotional or nutritional fuel. The more you honor and respect your body the greater it’s performance and longevity.  You can’t sprint through your to do list if you don’t have mental clarity or stamina.

The world is an orderly place.

There are laws of nature that are irrefutable. The same is true with diet and exercise. Just because certain eating paradigms have become mainstay  doesn’t make them right. Simply because everyone else does it, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. All it  means is… that’s the way it’s always been done.

If you want something better, you have to do something that creates a better result.

It’s time for a paradigm shift in America. With 33% of the country obese, it’s quite clear we are not doing the right things. It’s time to talk about the truth in fitness and nutrition. The program we have been sold by everybody and their brother diet guru in the past, is not the best for all of us.

If you suffer from the following disorders you need to take a close look your diet: Low energy, headaches, depression, feeling tired all the time, anxiety, irritability, chronic PMS, water retention, frequent bloating.

Food affects your mood.

That’s right: food affects the way you think, the way you move, and the way you do what you do. It controls your performance.

Think of your body as a car. How would your car run if you put sugar in the gas tank? Well, how do you expect your body to operate on the same type of non-nutrient substances you wouldn’t feed your dog?

The average person consumes over ten pounds of sugar a month and five pounds of lard!   Poor fuel equals poor results. STOP KILLING  YOURSELF WITH TOXIC FOOD and STOP DESTROYING YOUR ENERGY BY LISTENING TO NEGATIVE PEOPLE.

This week, think before you eat. eat only the best, the healthiest, the most nutritious foods you can this week.  Your physical energy will increase and you will experience greater mental clarity.

Food is fuel, USE food to fuel your goals now!


PS..Think before you speak. Speak life, possibility and promise.  What you talk about comes about!

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