Get a Beautiful Brazilian Dancer’s Body

6 Apr

Tap Into the Samba Energy and Firm Your Body

I am so inspired watching these beautiful full bottom Brazilian women.


I was getting ready to shoot one of my Hip Hop workouts and I stubbed my little toe. I couldn’t rehearse for a few days so I had to figure out a way to keep my legs and hip muscles tight and my abs strong. I did a series of exercises that could be done on a bench in the gym, at home or sitting in a chair.

So…if you want to tighten and tone but don’t have the time or don’t want to get all sweaty..or…you’re at work and want to sneak in a couple of the exercises below when no one’s looking.

Quick and Effective Moves

Here are a few of my favorites to help you get in on the beautiful body energy emanating from Rio.

*Tricep Dips – start seated, put your hands behind you, lift your butt off the seat, raise and lower yourself slowly while keeping your abs in real tight. This works the –back of the arms;

*Inside Thigh (adductor) Tightener – sit, put your hands on the insides of your knees, try closing your legs as you resist with your hands–thighs;

*Side Leg Lifts (with or without light leg weights)stand, hold chair, lift up a straight leg to the side, then switch–hips;

* Lower Ab Region – Seated , hold sides of chair, bring knees up, hold for two–abs;

*Shoulders – Lateral and Anterior Raise – seated, using light dumbbells, plams facing the floor, slowly lift your arms out to the sides and lower back down, then lift to the front with your palms facing in.

*Bun Tightener – seated, squeeze your glute (butt) cheeks hold for four counts and then release

*Thigh Tightener – Seated, knees together, contract your abs and slowly straighten your left leg and squeeze at the top, slowly lower back down. repeat on the left leg.

*Bicep Sculptor – Seated – using light dumbbells bring your hand toward your shoulders and hold for two counts.

You can do both arms together or one at a time if you are on the phone.

Do one thing every day to move you closer to your goal! What are you waiting for? Get to Moving NOW!


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