Tight Sexy Abs

27 Apr

Get an Athletic Bodybuilder or  Dancer’s  Body

Cover Model Secrets for a Six Pack!Shrink Your Waistline and Get Tight Sexy Abs

Maximum Abs – A Cover Model Secret Weapon for A Six-Pack

As a fitness celebrity who has to be camera ready without a moment’s notice,  I have to say I love my abs.  I am proud of them because they are perfectly balanced for my body!

They are flat, strong, sexy and look fantastic in a bikini.  I NEVER stop doing MY workout and I love the music I use in my workout. I was not always happy with my abs. You should have seen my waistline when I wore a size 16! That’s right.. a round dimply cellulite laden fricking 16~

Along with my balanced fat loss Quick Start Program, (which made me lose over 60 pounds and I still follow today) I researched and found the perfect exercises for shrinking my waistline and giving me the perfect hourglass shape. It’s all in my Maximum Abs DVD that you can download today and start getting your sexy six-pack.

Maximum Ab Training combines the power of bodybuilding, grace and technique of dancers, the strength of an athlete and the stamina of sports.

There is NO One perfect style of movement.  But there are motions that are biomechanically safe and correct and gives YOU maximum results FAST.

What I have done is to take what I consider the best of all worlds and craft a workout and moves that draw elements of each genre of activities. The body is intricately designed ever evolving piece of art, it is a beautiful creation and there are so many wonderful different methods that if combined can make the best body ever! Therefore your workout plan should also involve many different elements form each of the highly respected and challenging fields of movement.

Watching a ballerina in the Nutcracker effortlessly move across a stage is breathtaking as is watching a world-class sprinter fly through the tape at the Olympics.

Growing up I was just as excited to watch an Alvin Ailey Dancer as I was to watch Michael Jordan float toward a basketball hoop. To me they were both beautifully gifted athletes with great strength and a solid core.

Expert Technique is Better Than Wasted Reps

Being a sports professional understanding movement from a trainer’s point of view, I realized Jordan had the same biomechanics the Ailey dancer had.  Both were powerful, strong and the best of the best.

LeBron James A Ballerina?

And being privileged enough to be a professional trainer at the same camp with LeBron James was even more educational.  He is so light on his feet, he is so strong and his abs are powerful.

You Deserve the Best Too!

Can you imagine? I got to dance with an Ailey dancer in Germany and worked with LeBron too?  WOW! How lucky am I and what a blessed career I have.  I totally consider it all a privilege. PLUS to get to work with YOU is even more special. Because YOU are special and deserve the best information just like the professionals to help you reach your goals.

I was a featured speaker and guest for the NBPA rookie training camp. The athleticism and grace was just as remarkable as the dancers in our World Dance Congress Conference in Germany.

Dancers as well as other athletes must keep their entire midsection engaged to perform rigorous moves and execute great balance. The core muscles of the abdominals and upper and lower back, butt, legs and calves have great demands on them during performance. Good balanced training workouts are designed with meets the demands plus develop the perfect shape.

As you sit, look down, how does your abs look, how do they feel? Are they tight and sculpted? Round and soft? Are they sticking out or scooped and hollow?

Hire Your Own Celebrity Trainer for Less Than the Price of A Pizza

You can get a tight waistline with the right program.  You can work out any place now with our mobile trainer ipod workouts.  You don’t have to wait.

You may not be ready for professional sports, but you may want to look great in a swimsuit this summer.

Don’t wait, start today!

Get a stronger and tighter waistline. Strengthen your back and improve your posture.  You deserve to have the hottest body ever.  Click below and check out my Maximum Ab Workout.

Get YOUR Cover Model Secrets for a  SLEEK WAISTLINE AND TIGHT SEXY-SIX PACK ABS regardless of your age or current size!  Everyone has to start somewhere.

I had to start by losing one pound at a time and shaving one inch at a time off my waist. I know that you can do it too.

Start now!  You deserve it!



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