Cellulite Reduction Tips For Sexy Sleek Legs

18 May

Six Easy Tips To Prevent And Reduce Cellulite Fast!

If you have dimples in places other than your adorable face, and you don’t have the same notoriety or fan club that these two adorable reality sex bombs have, you may want these cellulite reduction tips. Reducing cellulite is a sure way to the path of thin thighs and tight buns.

OMG.. have you seen this..

Playboy Bunny, Holly Madison posed in two-piece swimsuit for the cover of “Life & Style” next to Kim Kardashian, bravely, Photoshop free! She had visible cellulite on her abdomen and she said she asked the photo not be retouched.

Playboy Playmate Holly Madison has exposed flaws on the cover Life & Style. I have cellulite! So what! I have cellulite and I had when I was very weak. I’ll never get rid of cellulite “says the blonde.

  Kim Kardashian, in the same magazine cover Life & Style, along with Holly Madison, don’t care about her cellulite, she was saying in chorus with the former Playboy bunny: “We have cellulite! So what.”

Good for them..Now back to the real world. If you are in dire need of cellulite reduction, here are six quick tips for you.

The first way to ramp up your reduction plan is Dteox! That’s right, cold turkey baby.
Think of Dr. Drew, the detox master, what would he tell you? He would tell you to just give up the bad and addictive stuff starting today!

1) Get Clean – Go on a detoxifying diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamins, minerals and have ewer calories. The also have good fiber content that will keep your digestion healthy.

2) Stop the Spirits & Sweets – Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol for seven days.

3) Un Can – No Canned foods, they contain a lot of salt and causes water retention. The sodium in them can actually increase cellulite.

4) Drink Up – Drinking 8 glasses of purified water is very important for reducing cellulite and increasing circulation. Here’s a hot tip: besides all these benefits for your body, it tricks your mind by filling the stomach and sending a signal to your brain that you are full. This process creates a sensation of satisfaction and you will eat less.

5) Eat More Often – That’s right 4-6 smaller meals spread throughout the day are easier to digest. You will have less of an appetite and ultimately will end up eating less junk.  That will help you reduce those dimply fat deposits on those spots we most hate, like our thighs, hips, bum and bums.

6) Move It – You have to exercise so that the skin will adjust and tighten as you lose the dimply fat. Yes exercise, do 30 minutes of cardio of your choice daily! AND  make sure you do some lower body exercises to shape and tone those thighs.

Happy Body!

2 Responses to “Cellulite Reduction Tips For Sexy Sleek Legs”

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