Plateaus and Pitfalls – Get Ready TO Make Your Scale Dance

8 Jun

Never Give Up On Your Dream

If you have been struggling with your weight and looking for a permanent solution, you are on the perfect page and in the perfect place.  I have put together a Low Carb Fat Blasting Program that will not just make your scale move, it will make your scale dance.

Stars Have Dreams and Issues Just Like Us!

I was watching Salt & Pepa on Oprah and couldn’t help see how amazing. They looked. They were interviewed afterward and said they were in shock because being on Oprah was one of their dreams.

My agent sent me this photo that showcases Salt & Pepa & Fashion & The Power of Dreams!
Salt & Pepa Hip Hop Artists

Victoria’s Jacket!
Then He reminded me that my Nike Side One Endorsement Deal brought me the same type of leather jacket as a birthday present!! Check it out!  Can you believe a poor little fat girl who knew there was something greater for her would have a custom made symbol just like one of the hottest Hip Hop Female Groups ever!

Victoria’s Nike Side One Custom Jacket

I feel just like Salt & Pepa, Never give up on your dreams!  If you want to get fit and change your life, don’t quit, don’t give up and keep reading!

Kindred Spirits..Even Pepa  Has to Deal With Yo-Yo Dieting

I know that Pepa has struggled with her weight just as I did.  She is on a never ending journey just like us!

Never Trust A Poor Person To Help You Get Rich!

Are you fed up with all the ‘overweight so called experts’ telling you what is not possible when it comes to losing weight and having the body of your dreams?

What about all the overweight experts telling you that you should be happy with your body and love yourself regardless of your size. Or how about them telling you that you should love who you are even if you are hiding under your baggy over-sized clothes and spend the weekend renting sappy movies and eating ice cream and drinking wine.

Personally, I am so tired of all the negative special news reports telling us how dangerous every diet in the world is or how we have to go to some over worked and stressed out physician who is overweight and on drugs just to get through their day just like you.

The majority of the reports fill us with fear, doubt and worry, and they offer NO solutions.  Yet they make sure all of their prime time TV shows have perfectly sculpted actresses who have perfect bodies with no cellulite, dimples or wrinkles.  And to top it all off, they run stories about how the diet industry is a rip off and leave you hanging on a cliff without offering you a rope to pull yourself up with.


Keep Reading..
But if you have to go because your boss is sneaking by, take the first step and go here right now and download: Low Carb Fat Loss and get your free Tutorial on the biggest fat burning plan written to date. It’s not the whole thing, but it is the catalyst to help us understand scientifically how to shed fat fast!

Metabolic Truth

There are great metabolic solutions and truths which I have witnessed with my own eyes and experienced in my own body. You can lose weight, increase your energy and have the body of your dreams.  I am going to share with you real science about your body and the truth about how to really burn fat, reduce cellulite and drop as many pant sizes as you desire.

You don’t have to be a slave any longer to the media of scare tactics.  You have just entered into the possibility and potential zone.  Pull up a chair, take out a highlighter and open yourself up to be informed, educated and transformed.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

I am so glad you are taking a stand to join me and the hundreds of thousands of others who have used scientific formulas, my digital workouts and eating programs to change their bodies and their lives.

I am not a novice self certified fitness chick who took some great photos and built a web site to sell photos of myself and dole out canned fitness material. I am a living professional testimony and a highly educated person as well. I have been where you are and I have lived to tell you about how I lost over seventy pounds, kicked diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and cellulite out of and off of my body.

I have personally worked with thousands of people over the course of my career in professional athletics, dance/fitness endorsement contracts, in nutrition and health.

Over the years I have been asked a myriad of outrageous questions. There are certain ones that always come up over and over again.  “Have you ever had a personal struggle with yo-yo dieting?”

My answer is “Yes, most of my life, before I discovered a permanent solution to being fit, lean, tight and energy filled”.

How about you?

Have you been on the dieting rollercoaster? Up and down..round and round, only to end up ROUNDER!!

If you are like most of my clients, you have been looking for some definitive answers about what really works and what can you do to finally lose lumpy fat and live in the body you desire.  If you are happy with your body because you think you are going to get another one when you go to heaven, that’s great.  This rant is not for you.  I understand that some people want to pray for a new body while they continue to eat wings (fried chicken skin) dipped in mayonnaise ranch!

I am offering up real information and suggestions to people who are ready for a physical change NOW!

I totally understand all the confusion and uncertainty surrounding losing weight, dieting and nutrition. I know I was confused in college when I was obese, type 2 diabetic, had hypertension and high blood pressure at such a young age. Everyone in school I hung out with were overweight and no one told us we were going to have a life of medical bills, preventable diseases and saggy skin and giant rod map stretch marks.

Diet Diva
I tried every diet on the planet trying to lose weight and get rid of unsightly belly fat.  I suffered from chronic water retention, migraine headaches and I was on the verge of early arthritis.  I lived in a constant state of stress and was diagnosed twice with clinical depression. I was a big hot mess.

It was hard to believe I once was the captain of a dance team, cheerleader and an avid runner.

Before I got obese, I was into performing arts and lived in skimpy performance gear. I was thinner then, but I was not healthy. I was binging and purging and I would go for days without eating anything but apples because someone told me that just eating fruit was a great way to lose weight.  OMG!! I’m surprised I  am still alive.

When I was in high school I would diet all during the school year to fit in my costumes and then I would binge all summer because I had starved myself for nine months. One summer I gained thirty pounds during the summer and in order to get the weight off before dance team practice, I binged on fruit again only this time I decided to add starvation and laxatives and became anorexic.

The concerns I had then are the same now.  I listened to friends instead of finding a healthy role model to help me.   When you are desperate, it’s hard to know who and what to believe.  I know that as a “diet diva” most of my life, I tried it ALL.  Since I was a true experimenter of everything on the market in regards to health, fitness, and diet, I know what is fraudulent, and what is truly real and what really works for us who have struggled!

The strategies, exercises, fitness and health suggestions I give in all of my DVD’S, programs, books and articles have tested true for my readers and clients who follow the directions.

Science and Technology
Science and technology have improved and what we know now about the weight loss industry is vast.  Access to resources for the purpose of improved health has grown tremendously, yet I know that despite the amount of information available, we still want answers that give maximum and permanent results.

In the course of weight loss coaching and fitness training, I have come across many common concerns and I thought I would address them. If at any point in your weight loss and fitness journey, you have questions, feel free to contact me on my website.  The following questions are the most commonly asked and how I addressed them.

I have been on so many diets that I lost count. Here’s one of the most often asked:

Everyone is trying to convince me to give up and accept the body I have.  They say dieters regain weight because of genes, hormones, and no self-control.  What is your opinion? What should I do?

Dieters regain weight because they are not consistent with the right diet and exercise program. Research now shows that your habits, environment and lifestyle are a great indicator of your success or failure when it comes to building the body you love.

One of the ladies I worked during the course of her weight loss journey began to feel afraid of the possibility of reaching her weight loss goal.  I asked her why she was afraid and basically, the fear arose because of the belief that she would regain the weight. I told her she would not regain the weight back if she has successfully incorporated the concept that weight loss is a mind, body, and spirit application.  When your mind is transformed to new thinking, you have experienced the freedom of weight loss and all the benefits, and when you are living your purpose, there is no way you will EVER GO BACK!

Realistically, I think this was a true concern of hers, and one many of us have had at one time or another.  Some times what we are really afraid of the is the “new person” we will become especially when we keep seeing our relatives and thinking we are doomed forever to carrying excessive belly fat or saddle bags on our hips or cellulite on our body lurking out in every crease and crevice.

Change is scary; your non-conscious mind will have you questioning yourself constantly.
Will people still love? Will I still love the same people? Will my friends get jealous? Will they support me or sabotage?  What about my job or career?  Will I be satisfied living where I live?  Those are only a few of the heavy questions that come up to squelch the thin person trying to squeeze their way out of the pounds of covering.  I know. I experienced it.

Even today, as I change, grow, evolve and move forward, people drop off, fall away, run away and even flat out criticize my journey.  It has nothing to do with anyone but me, yet they feel it is their place to “talk” instead of working on themselves.

Become A Winner

You are definitely going to have to change your lifestyle. Does that mean we change everything you eat at once?  Truthfully, for some people, the answer is yes, especially if your health depends on it.  For others, it may be a few simple adjustments.  It’s going to be so much easier when you let me help you.  I want you to have fun adjusting and to laugh and giggle at the crazy comments of others and begin to make this weight loss dream a game.  A game where you win, you get the prize and your become the trophy.

But what about genetics you ask.  

WOOHOO in my programs, genes, hormones, and lack of self-control will not affect your long-term weight loss success and keep you from living in it permanently.


Take The First Step

Coming up in the next post, I have some great tips that can help you break through weight plateaus and set-points where your scale is stuck! You know,  where you have tried everything to lose weight but it just won’t budge. But first, I have a free gift for you!

This freebie is the WHY you can lose weight fast. It’s the science behind the plan. It’s very controversial and I don’t advocate all of it’s guidelines, but there is no better explanation and it’s foundation that we will use is the reasons millions of people could finally reach their goal weight feeling full and fine! No more starving to lose weight.

When you combine the base principles with my complete program, you will probably have to eat more often so that you can stoke the fat burning fire. YES!

To get you started, go to: Low Carb Fat Loss and get your free Tutorial on the biggest fat burning plan written to date. That is your first step to breaking a plateau. Once you read go back and get the entire Fat Blasting Quick Start Energy Program.

Get ready to do THIS with your old fat jeans (genes)!


Victoria Johnson,
Rock Star Celebrity Personal Trainer

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