Fantastic Fast Fat Busting Tip

6 Jul

If you want a quick start to your fat loss every day then read on my beautiful friend. 

Here it is.  Drink a glass of pure water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning before meals and before bed.

It is a simple addition to your lifestyle that can yield outstanding results and help you dropping more fat faster.  It is especially great when used with the perfect fat loss plan and a good training program.

The health benefits of drinking lemon juice from fresh lemons are fantastic. Pick some up from the store, and squeeze 1/2-1 lemon in a glass of pure water and drink it as soon as you wake up in the morning, before you eat and before bed. The water can be cool or warm depending on your mood, climate and preference.

Check out the benefits of citrus on your brilliantly designed biological body.

Lemons stimulate the liver and will help to liquefy bile. It dissolves uric acid. It also improves the body’s ability to release toxins which helps your metabolism.

Lemon juice is 5% citric acid. That is what makes it tart to taste.

Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C.

Lemons contain vitamin B, riboflavin and essential minerals; calcium, phosphorus, magnesium as well as proteins and healthy carbohydrates.

Drink Up Daily..All Day!

Daily consumption of lemon water cleanses the liver, help facilitate a healthy alkaline balance and gives you sense of lightness and wellness. Drinking it makes you feel so good and is energizing to your system and your psyche.

Tropical Treat

Now that I live in tropical weather year round, I am healthfully blessed  to have fresh lemons year round and that makes it so east to drink my fat busting lemon water regularly. I have to have it in the morning first thing when I get up.  I have it when I go out to eat. I always request heavy lemon in my water and drink an entire glass before my dinner or lunch. Sometimes the wait person get irritated, but hey..I tip very well! And my body deserves the best, doesn’t yours? For now, it’s the only one we have so let’s treat it ultra special.

Stops the Burps

Drinking lemon water before meals is extra beneficial as it helps with digestion and reduces my appetite and that helps me not overeat when I’m eating away from home. Especially if you are at a restaurant and they bring a big loaf of warm fattening bread!

It also gives me an energizing boost and helps me keep my stomach flat.  Bloating can be a b*tch if you are working on losing weight and want to reduce belly fat. I love it when I put on my tight jeans and there is nothing hanging over the seams.

Healthy Fix

There, you have it.  Start your fat burning process faster by using lemons.  Get a healthy fix every day for pennies and you will feel great.  You can easily drink lemon juice by adding it to your water every day.  You will do a wonderful thing for your liver, your stomach and your beautify your body at the same time!

Don’t walk, run to the supermarket and stock up and get to drinking now!

Chao & Love!


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