Take It Up A Notch- 3 Quick Tips For A Low Functioning Thyroid

27 Jul

WOW.. I have gotten so many questions about losing weight as it relates to the thyroid for registered participants for my Free Webcast!

It’s worse than dentures at a Palm Beach Buffet. The topic of lunch for women over 30!

What am I speaking of? A Low Thyroid of course.


It seems like a catchall for women who are overweight, have low energy and want to sleep all the time. If you were nineteen and had those symptoms, then you are probably in college and partying all the time. But if you are a woman of earth age years of 25 plus, you could have this commonly diagnosed disorder of your thyroid gland.


What Is It?

Your thyroid gland produces the hormone thyroxin, which helps to regulate your metabolism.  When your thyroxin levels are too low for your body, you can gain weight easily, get depressed, have unexplained hair loss and brain fog.

The worst of all is that It can make you feel unmotivated and uninspired to do anything fun, creative or basically have a life. You can have spells of crying and frustration for no apparent reason. SEE, it’s not your fault after all and….Hooray, you are NOT losing your mind.

 DEEP REVELATIONS- In my Free Webcast, I will cover the psychology of these feelings and frustrations.  So for now I am gong to give you some things to help immediately!

1. Nutrition-: Foods That Help

Try eating several small meals throughout the day that are low sugar and have some protein in them.  Low Calorie foods are great for helping you lose weight. You get to keep your blood sugar balanced eating more balanced meals more times per day and you get to actually eat more food which stops cravings and stimulates digestion and metabolism. It also reduces mood swings ad emotional highs and lows.

Foods that are yellow and red hue as well as dark green vegetables are great thyroid boosters and you can eat high volumes of them.  They are high in B12, which can help boost a low functioning thyroid.

2. Nature: Natural Substances and Herbs

Go to your best naturally based nutrition store and work with a qualified person there or a naturopath to get some homeopathic elementals and have them help you with other natural methods of healing and improving all your glands and organs.  Here’s an example of a natural substance that can help you;  Spirulina herbal supplement is a great booster to the thyroid that has shown to be functioning lower than normal.  Another natural remedy is Evening Primrose. There are seveal more, have a qualified nutrition specialist help you decide a customized program for you. These are not precriptions, just ideas of what is available.

3. Movement: Aerobics – Rev Up Your Metabolism

Moderate cardio exercise performed four or more times per week, every week of the year, can stimulate thyroid function.  This will increase your energy, burn stored fat, decrease depression, reduce cellulite, improve your mood and inspire you to eat better and help you feel happy again!

Great cardio exercises are power walking, cardio group exercise classes, cycling or spinning classes and jumping on a mini-trampoline.  If you are extremely overweight or have joint pain or back issues, swimming and aqua aerobics are great too.


Make this a priority. Do something today to start feeling better and kicking up that metabolism.  You derserve to have a fun-filled exciting life, but you have to feel good first.  Get to it. Don’t wait to start.

Start today!

You will feel better instantly when you put yourself and your health first. You can only give what you are. If you are not full to the brim with peace, joy and enthusiasm, you are giving from an empty cup and everyone

is neglected, especially you!  You are so important, significant and special to the world. We all want you to be well and happy!

If you haven’t yet. Sign up for my FREE WEBCAST that will rock you. It’s guaranteed to have material you have NEVER heard anywhere else!





2 Responses to “Take It Up A Notch- 3 Quick Tips For A Low Functioning Thyroid”

  1. C J April 4, 2012 at 1:36 pm #


    Thank you for these tips. I will share them with my sister and daughter.

    Gurlfriend you rock! I have been a fan since your book Attitude in 1992 🙂

    • victoriajohnson April 10, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

      WOW!!! COngratulations~! i am so happy for you that you decided to stand up and LIVE! that is magnificent. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for caring about YOU! You are a living leader for all those around observing your courage and strength.
      Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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