Dangerous Or Courageous

3 Aug

Dangerous or Courageous

Your Mental Game

Aprils is a highly charged cosmic month and emotions will try to run the show. Your thoughts and actions if not directed properly can be dangerous or courageous.  Don’t let that happen unless the emotions serve your higher and greater good.

This is your opportunity to make dramatic changes that can guide you into the life you truly desire.

 As a man or woman thinketh, so is he or she. Take that literal, because it is real hard true science.

The Newtonian model is based on cause and effect. The newly realized Quantum Model is based on creating your desired effect. Design the body and life you want by using the power of your mind.

Develop Your Ability to Perfect the Quantum Model

With the energy being geared toward creating powerful change, now is the tie to get your head in the game.

Get in the moment, be present in the feelings and be committed to walk right into your new body.  Be aware, shut out the noise and distractions from all the other tasks you have to do. They will be there when you are done.
Thoughts Create

Thoughts create quantum particles and they manifest the material thing you concentrate on the most. 
Throughout the day practice generating positive and powerful thoughts that are directed toward what you want, NOT what you don’t want.

In order to make those positive and powerful thoughts come true, you need to tap into this charged emotional energy and turn it into excitement, enthusiasm and possibility. Thoughts that are charged with positive emotional energy have greater affect and can drive you into proper action and will help you attract the sources and resources you are looking for.

The same is true when it applies to eating a good diet.   When you want to eat something that will create low blood sugar, alter your mood and make fat in your body which moves you further away from having fantastic health, a fun body or buying great new clothes that you feel good in.

Think about your food choice before you put it into your mouth.

DO NOT EAT mindlessly out of anxiety, boredom, convenience, stress or even worse, outside influence.  If someone is tempting you, excuse yourself, walk a way for a minute and go inside and call forth some strength, courage and self-restraint.  Then proceed with your day or night.  They don’t walk in your shoes and they definitely will not be dancing in your new skinny jeans.

Feel It

Feel your body at its perfect size and weight. Imagine your abs flat and tight.  Feel how you would feel if your jeans were just a little bit loose in the thighs but hugging your new dimple free glutes like a body glove.

Don’t Let Your Past Rob Your Future

One of my female NCAA Basketball athletes struggled with her focus and concentration before games. She found herself afraid to take shots because of her past mistakes.

She was letting past mistakes cloud her present focus.

We worked to develop a pre-game mental rehearsal that felt successful and gave her the confidence to drive forward and become aggressive and reclaim the talent that got her to where she was, a starter on one of the top ranked basketball programs in the nation.

I helped her mentally release the past games and focus totally on the present game and to take each shot as a brand new opportunity.  The result was astonishing.  She got her game back and became an even greater athlete and stronger person.  It did not happen overnight, but with practice of concentrating on her goal, being in the moment and shutting out the old voices along with eliminating emotional and physical distractions. She was able to achieve great success

The new training in sports psychology is focused on mental imagery, meditation and mental clarity. Research shows dramatic improvement when the mind is focused and experiencing new skills and abilities while mentally rehearsing success.

Imagery and visualization are part of the puzzle, but the most significant method to improve your game by consistently practicing doing the right thing, making the best choice and taking the most effective action right now.

Your underlying beliefs must be in agreement with your goals. Most frustrations and blocks to winning have to do with worthiness and the belief that you deserve to succeed and will succeed.  Therefore you must re-create your self-esteem to reflect a powerful and successful self-image.

Your New Self Image

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And come back and finish this post.

Re-Create Your Self Image

When you’re making changes in your behavior and way of thinking, how you feel about yourself tends to fluctuate throughout the day and from day to day.

Going through the re-creation process often takes its toll on your feelings of adequacy, strength and self-worthiness. Using this visualization tool can be an effective method of enhancing your positive feelings.

New Image – Picture you as the way you would like to be in your total beauty and splendor on your mind’s screen.  Take your time; don’t rush this process. See yourself happy, fit, lean, smiling, peaceful, wealthy, totally loved,  glowing, and exuding self-confidence.

Make affirming and validating statements to yourself about yourself. Be sure to take the time to feel the uplifting emotions that come from being the best you want to be.

Talk About It!

Some of those statements might include, “I love to eat healthy, I make perfect food choices, I look stunning at the party, I always make the perfect choice for myself, I love the way my new body feels and looks, I enjoy the sweat when I train, it’s so cleansing physically and emotionally.” “I do a good job of taking care of me.” “I have the power to overcome any obstacle that gets in the way of being my best, I will not be persuaded to fail ever again.”

Even if you don’t truly feel this way about yourself, continue with this exercise regularly.  Before you know it,  it will be natural for you to dialogue with and about yourlesf this way.  If you don’t feel this way, do not expect anyone to feel this way. We project our thougths about ourself to othes. Only project the the loving good and powerful!

Remember you’re re-creating your internal script, which is re-creating your self-image. Who you are is what you attract.

If you can see it, you can be it and then you will have it!

You can do this. You can get on board with me and the millions of others who have taken off ugly life-robbing fat by following a balanced low carb lifestyle.

You now have the principle to win at weight loss and transform your figure. You never have to give up or turn back to dimply butts, thick carbo thighs and constant nonstop snack attacks and emotionally driven mood swings because of sugarholism.

You can feel fantastic and look awesome in your new clothes.  You can now get your head into the game today.  By thinking about you already BEING the perfect YOU, you can begin to design the lifestyle that will help you build your best body and your best life ever.

 Begin today to Live With Courage!

VictoriaYour Celebrity Trainer

2 Responses to “Dangerous Or Courageous”

  1. Kelly April 4, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    Wow. Thank you. I am so happy that I stumbled upon you and your wisdom. Thank you for taking the time every day to really put thought into your words and express them so beautifully. Thank you for helping someone like me be a better person, step by step, day by day. Thank you.

    • victoriajohnson April 10, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

      You are welcome! It means so much to me to know that I can contribute and help. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share.

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