I Am Sick Of This Body and This Life

17 Aug

Have you ever felt like that? I know I have! 

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor.  I am a person who got incredibly horrible results in my life.  I managed to go from a svelte 110 pounds to clinically obese 170+ pounds.  I went from 14% body fat to a dangerous 36%.  I went from cheerleader, Dance Team Captain and Class President in high school, to total obscurity; closet binge eating, chronic depression and uncontrollable bulimic in college

I was focused on what was wrong in the world, my world, instead of what was right and good.  I was looking for negativity, therefore I found it.  I was focused on my weight, therefore it increased.

Finally, threshold! 

I had reached a point where I had to make a decision.   A decision is the first step to change.  I had to decide to take action and develop a game plan to heal my body or I could decide to do nothing.  They are both decisions.  I had to decide if I wanted to continue on the same path.  The path of self-destruction, emotional instability, poor me victimization and spiritual emptiness.  I knew there was more to me and more to life. I will tell you how I finally found the “answers” and the formula for getting off the diet and debt roller coaster in my upcoming webcast.

Carolina was also sick of life until I took her through my program.  Here’s what she has to say about it..

“I lost twelve pounds the two weeks on the program and I did not diet. Her formula for making choices is unbelievable. You have to try it. You will never say hate your body again. Everything in my life is related and I never understood that until now. No wonder I couldn’t attract love, I could only attract that which is like me! AAHHH!! I Thank the Universe and Victoria for this priceless teaching. “  Carolina

How about you?

Ready for A New Body and a New Life?

Would you like to:

*Create a life that is authentic, fun and totally on fire?

* A life and a body that reflects who you really are?

*Release the limiting habits and beliefs that are stopping you from developing the beautiful body and debt free lifestyle that you know is possible with the right tools?

*Systematically shift old patterns and instantly begin new and empowering activities and workouts?

*A daily regimen that will lead you to a life of vitality, power and infinite possibiities?

*See amazing possibilities where you now see limitations?

*Gain control over your emotions, your appetite and your time?

*Stop being a spectator and get in the stream of love, joy, abundance and energy?

It’s Your Time! You Can Do It and  Yes, You Can Have It All!

A whole New You is waiting to be released. It can happen, but it requires you to unleash your creativity and your hidden passions with excellence.

Along the way to achieving yor new body and amazing life, you’ll rediscover the childlike belief that life is supposed to be fun and that you are supposed to succeed at it.

Lots of different people can tell you what changes to make in your life-my program gets you intimately engage and teaches you how to take the right personal action to make those changes a reality that promotes instant permanent change.

Perfect Timing 

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. All the experiences, habits and relationships in your life have made you who you are today. At the same time, every day is a brand new opportunity to begin again. It’s your time for a change- and in order to experience change, YOU must change.

Face it,  you have tried every diet in the world and still not where you want to be.  It’s not your fault.  You have been using old outdated ideas trying to force your body into submission.  WRONG! You really need an entirely new whole mind/body plan. There is new mental technology you have never heard about because very few peopel even knew it existed.

I have found it, learned it and perfected it.  Now I am going to teach it to you. Isn’t that awesome?

Isn’t it time you look, feel and live the way you want without beating yourself up or overtraining your body? Now you can.  Allow me to help you to finally conquer your issues.

Let’s Do It Together Now!

Register now for front row seat for your New Body, Infinite Mind and Prosperous Joy Filled Life. A happy life has health, wellness and prosperity. You Can have it all once you have the formula and apply it to every area of your life.

I will show you how! Sign up now.



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