Your Audible Power – Speak To Create Magnificence

24 Aug

You Can Create Your Perfect Reality

In this magnificently crafted game of life, there are some concrete rules we must follow and strategies we must employ to work for us if we ant to succeed and have all that we desire. Yes! We can have it all.

We can have ALL that we want in our self-designed reality. There’s nothing more discouraging than listening to some TV or radio host or religious figure telling you can’t have it all and you have to decide what is more important.

Are you kidding ME?  I am going to let someone else who decided what they wanted in life to tell me or decide for me what I can have. NO my beautiful friend.

Understand this; out of the abundance of the universe, quantum field and spirit we can receive freely as much as our awareness can comprehend. Open your hands and receive it raindrops!

You have a creative power that is a gift to be used freely with no limits.

You can call, speak command all that you desire.  There is no lack in the creative realm.

Ask and you shall receive is a principle that is universal and spiritual.

Words are energy.  Words create atmospheric changes; positive or negative.  They are life and spirit, the creative element of emotions, matter, material and all types of wealth.

Wealth is as abundant as air or ocean water, they both move in currents.  So do wealth, love, joy and peace.

Using the Law of Attraction, you can set up mental currents that draw all that you desire into your life.  The law works whether you are aware of it or not. You see words are one of the most powerful tools on earth.

Your Words Define & Direct You

Words can heal or hurt

Words can create or destroy

Words can make or break

Words can build up or tear down

Words can bring increase or decrease

Words can invite or repel

You are powerful my love!

You can speak success or failure. You hold the key.

Your future is in your mouth. Speak UP!

Your renewed healthy conscious body, peaceful heart, wealthy future and empowered mind can be enslaved inside a negative dialogue of defeat, pessimism, doubt; your spoken words. Your words you spoke and are speaking can be holding your magnificent destiny hostage.

Break Free and Speak Out and Speak UP!

You can break free from negativity by beginning with your vocabulary.  You can Begin today to speak the future you have always dreamed of.  Look in the mirror and speak it to yourself.  Even if you have to start with just one word at a time, that’s okay.

One positive word of encouragement can go a long way.  Call a positive friend and speak your new future to them, get involved in a positive group and speak with them.  Don’t speak your positive future with negative people, they will just tear you down and you may not be able to shake their negative words off.

This is your time of renewal.  This month is a month of positively charged cosmic power.  Use it to speak and create what you want. Everything you want. Don’t limit it. Just start talking. Talk in your car, in the bathroom, in the market when you are shopping. Speak all the time about what you want.   This is your time to repair the damage of life’s tornadoes, storms, trials and tribulations.

This is your time to renew your thinking and your word choices.  Guard it with your life, because it is dependent on all you think and say. After all the rest of you joy filled and abundant life depends on it!

Let positive words flow from your inner consciousness and spirit into your mind, to your body and come forth through your lips.

 Constantly Create

Speak and affirm your precious wants while using positive body language and strong posture, speak your desires, speak your visions and speak your dreams.  Allow your inspiring words to saturate and occupy every cell in your body.   Let them fill your heart, transform your mind and be the attraction current that makes all you desires of your life flow like a river.

Make sure you get on that life changing webcast tonight!



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