The Best Thighs, Hams and Glute Firmimg Exercise

7 Sep

Spring Is In The Air 

That means it’s time for some hot booty shorts and mini skirts and tennis skirts. But before you get craxy, you may want to do some booty dimple checking in a three way mirror. And if things are moving and jiggling and dimpling more than you want then keep reading.

For women the lower body is frequently the most difficult area to firm up. It was for me when I was carrying a ton of fat around on my body.  It was my most difficult area to get trim down and firm up after I began to lose weight.  And definetely before I stepped in front of a camera that adds ten pounds. HA! It felt litke it added twenty pounds at the time.

To get tightened up fast, I went to the tried and true dance bag of tricks.  I employed one of my favorite Vertical Training moves, a Plie’,  that works fast and is an industry favorite for slimming and shaping the thighs and butt.


But first, start by walking!  Get on a treadmill and add some incline you can handle to burn the stored fat.  You want to work your way up to forty minutes five times per week.  That will help melt the extra fat right off your beatiful body.  Walking on an incline on the treadmill or up a hill outside is great.  It not only burns fat, it targets the back of your thighs and butt too.

How to Plie’

Now for our Plie’.   Get planted firmly, allow your muscles to become engaged and active.

Begin with feet shoulder width apart, legs turned out from the hip, knees in line with the thighs, feet in line with the knees and knees aligned center of your feet.  Knees and toes must be in alignment for safety.  Arms extended to the side, or holding a weight for more resistance, shoulders down and relaxed, inhale and bend knees slowly, pull your abs in.

Exhale and slowly begin to press your feet inot the ground and engaging your legs and butt, rise back up to a standing position keeping your core muscles engaged.

Okay, there is more instructions on the video I just created. It’s a little windy by the beach, but you will totally get the instructions you need to tighten it all up. Go ceck it out.


Follow the instructions and you will be on your way to a fine behind!



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