Beat The Binge To Control Holiday Bulge

19 Oct


Holiday Cheesecake

This is the beginning of the season of eating and drinking fests disguised aka holiday celebrations.  What’s one to do with all those yummy appetizers and luscious desserts?

Or as I like to call them appe-teasers? 

I used this photo becuse I love Holiday Cheeseake. But I only eat it once durign the entire season.

Everywhere you go someone is tempting you with something that will surely make your body bulge in every direction.  It’s so hard to turn down granny give you some more even when you say you are stuffed lovey bunny.

If you don’t want to have to borrow a super size outfit for New Year’s Eve, you need some strategies to survive this sparkly decorated food season.  I have some ideas for you.

Believe me, I will be right there with you saying no and using my toolbox of tricks to make sure my body doesn’t for into bulge mode for the western New Year’s Eve.

How to Control Your Overeating Tendencies

Pure willpower seldom works when it comes to controlling what you eat. Instead of trying to play Zen-master and tap into your inner willpower, use some of these tips instead.  You wont beat yourself up later for giving in and you wont have to spend an extra hour on the treadmill.

 These four strategies are simple to use and will have a profound impact on your eating habits.

1. Eat Slower

The body has a built-in system for detecting when a meal is “finished.” One of the tools your body uses to measure when a meal is about done is time.

 Did you know that if you took 20 minutes to eat a burger, you’d probably feel more full than if you took 5 minutes to eat both burgers and fries?

Eat slowly. In fact, when you’re establishing the habit, try setting a goal for how long you want to take to finish a meal.

By eating slower, you give the satiation center in your brain more time to send a signal to your stomach that you are fulfilled and full.   you feel like you’re eating a lot of food, even if you’re not. You’ll get full while still eating less.

2. Turn Off and Tune Out Distractions While Eating

One reason a lot of us overeat is that we’re simply not attuned to our body’s “full” signals. Our bodies may be telling us that it’s had enough food, but we just don’t hear or even worse, LISTEN to the signals.

One common reason for this is because of outside stimulus. If you’re watching the latest episode of The Crazy Unmarried Housewives of Suburbia Drama Queens show or chatting with a friend on Facebook while eating, it’s very difficult to hear your body’s messages.

 To stop bingeing, over eating and overstuffing yourself, try eating with no distractions.

I know it sounds crazy, but try it.  Actually set a place at the table, use a smaller plate and bowl, cup or glass and sit with self-dignity and honor.  Enjoy your SELF and your just simply take the time to nurture and nourish your body.  Pay attention to your body’s signals and listen when your body tells you it’s full.

Your body is actually a very well tuned device, designed to be able to self-regulate how much nutrition and calories it takes in. If you reduce distractions and learn to listen to its signals, that alone could change your eating habits.

 3. Eliminate Appetite-Stimulating Foods

For the rest of the western year, try eliminating all foods that chemically stimulate your appetite. Try it everywhere you go; at work, at home, visiting friends, family or frenemies,

What foods are these you ask?

First there is simple sugars food, foods that are high on the glycemic food index. Basically, any food that’s considered a “junk food.” This also includes fast food, microwave dinners, chips, candies, sodas, etc.

These foods are deliberately engineered to be mildly addictive, spike your blood sugar which then causes it to crash like the Titanic and that sends you into a never-ending eating cycle trying to get to a place of centered again. HA! The only thing that does is increase the center (midsection) of your body with life robbing belly fat!

Those foods also interfere with your body’s natural appetite and “full” signals, in addition to packing on massive empty non nutritious or body healing and nurturing calories.

4. Drink That Water Baby!

Often times when you feel like you need to eat, it’s actually your body’s signal for water. Do you know that the average person is walking around dehydrated? It not only sends miss-interpreted signals, it makes your skin wrinkly, causes more cellulite and reduces circulation which can cause varicose veins, constipation, dry eyes and a host of other yucky afflicting female stuff.

If you’re perpetually dehydrated (as many people are), your body might “believe” there’s not enough water to go around and constantly send signals for water and food.

Instead, try drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for 2 weeks. You’ll be surprised at just how thirsty you are once your body realizes there’s enough water to go around.

If you really weren’t hydrated enough and you start hydrating your body, you’ll quickly find that your appetite will drop, you’ll start losing weight and you’ll have more energy in general.

There It Is!

These four techniques can help just about anyone to control overeating. Pick the one(s) that appeal the most to you and put them into action today.

I want you to have a fabulous holiday season. I want you to head into the New Year motivated, healthy, fit and sexy!  I want you to be the talk of the New Year’s Eve party.

I want you to have fun without tugging on your clothes, or wearing a blazer or sweater trying to cover up your muffin top or too much hang-over! The only hangover you should have is the day after New Year’s Eve because you partied you’re a** off


Victoria, Your Personal Celebrity Trainer

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