Two Fat Burning Foods You Can Eat Fast – Vic’s Quick Tip

2 Nov

Vic’s Quick Tip

Here are a couple of foods that my client’s say helps them burn fat and lose weight better.  I have no scientific proof, so I am sharing them with you.

Yesterday I was so busy that I need to stop and grab something healthy, light and satisfying.  I remembered what one of my video diva’s had prepared on the set for her everyday while we were training and rehearsing.

She had lemon, honey and cayenne pepper drinks and fresh citrus fruits made into the most glorious fruit bowl. And by the time she shot the film, she was a tight, lean, sexy, energetic and totally glowing!  And she’s not the only one I worked with doing it.

 Citrus fruit

Fast Fat Burning Foods

So when I was shopping and I saw this delicious grapefruit, bought it with a spoon and went on with my training day. I ate an entire one and I felt so refreshed.  My knowing hunger pangs went away. I felt great.

You can even buy them now in the fresh fruit section of your supermarket little cups already cut and peeled.

These foods are said to have a metabolic thermic effect, (fat burning effect) on the body. Here are four foods to burn fat which are supposed to be effective.

1. Cayenne pepper: Add it to lots of different foods like salads, vegetables, eggs, or any part of a meal.

2. Citrus Fruits: Lemon juice, lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits and tangerines and pomegranates. Plus they are good if you follow a weight loss and nutrition plan that uses the medially time tested and accepted world wide, glycemic index. I do. I will follow it forever. It keeps my weight down, it keeps my blood sugar balanced and I have so much energy and fun. Plus I sleep better and don’t have mood swings.
Eat up my beautiful friends. Just add them when you can!

Love you- Caio’


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