I’m So Stressed…Give Me Something To Eat NOW!

9 Nov

How many times have you felt that since the holiday season started?  I’m talking about a full fledge snack attack. 

I felt it yesterday when I trying to finish a project and everyone kept interrupting me!  They were all joshing around I was trying to meet a deadline.

Plus I had about five more urgent tasks on my to do list!  AAAHHH!!

It was so aggravating. I wanted to grab something sweet and crunchy to eat and go hide someplace. Even better, I thought about going to the marketplace that has all kind of candy and taste one of everything.

Snack Attack

You know what I’m talking about don’t cha?

I didn’t do the thing that would blow my nutrition program to hell and make my jeans tight. Instead I stopped, took a breath, put on some calming music, grabbed a cup of tea and took a moment to chill!

If I had not changed my physical state, I would have reverted back to my old obese days habit and started making PB&J sandwiches, nachos, and anything else I could find in the kitchen.

I emotionally ate myself into an obese person with more dimples than an orange peel.  I had no self estrem and I was living my life based on the opinions and paradigms of others. I had no idea that I didn’t have to be overweight and broke living from month to month.

It took a complete mental makeover, but I did it. I lost over sixty pounds, quit emotional eating and developed strategies that gave me purpose bigger than my appetite or frustration.

How about you? When the desires for emotional eating rise up in your solar plexus, stop.. think..shift your energy and focus on something that makes you feels better.

Check out my Timeless Body Program. It is so powerful. It changed my body, my finances and literally my life!

Here’s what it did for Carolina;

“I lost twelve pounds the two weeks on the program and I did not diet. Her formula for making choices is unbelievable. You have to try it. You will never say hate your body again. Everything in my life is related and I never understood that until now. No wonder I couldn’t attract love, I could only attract that which is like me! AAHHH!! I Thank the Universe and Victoria for this priceless teaching. “  Carolina

Have an awesome rest of the week. Start thinking about how you can make next year, your BEST year ever!

And don’t eat it unless you really need it for your health.

Love & Hugs!


Your Celebrity Personal Trainer

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