Gwen Stefani Sexy Mama Ab Tips

8 Feb


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My Roundness

I love working on my abs, and I know what it feels like to have more stomachs than a cow. When I wore size 16, I would get do anything to try to camouflage my round center. I was a big hot mess. I even wore flowered dresses! What was I thinking? I love doing spiritual activities so volunteered at a church and one missionary Sunday. All the women wore white on that day. When I put on my missionary white dress, I looked like I was playing a big round fluffy cloud in a third grade play.


I am so thankful for forgiveness. After feeling like the Pillsbury dough girl, I had to do some soul searching. I needed to get in a state of forgiveness. That’s right I had to forgive myself for eating and allowing my body to grow to that size. Before I learned to forgive myself, I felt guilty about everything.

Attractive young nuns posing in the church

I had more Catholic guilt than a nun!

I had to forgive myself for perceived mistakes I had made and things I had said about myself that were not nice and things I had done that drove me to overeat and abuse my body with laxatives, starvation and bouts of binge eating.

I learned that if I forgave myself the emotional wounds would heal; the guilt would lift and my mind would feel free to move forward. I was able to work on my future instead of always looking back and feeling bad all over again. DUH??? How schitzo is that? I am so happy to be at peace with my self. You can be free of it all too.

Here’s what I did. 


I used the divine act of forgiveness to set binding and destructive energies and people free. Including me!

You make a list of all the things that hurt you, bother you, nag you ad haunt you. You sit quietly, and you forgive it all. You can say it any way you want.  You just have to forgive it all and forgive them all. Then you forgive yourself. When you are finished, you state openly out loud: “All is forgiven in my past and in my present. I forgive them all and I forgive it all. I frogive everyone and eveyrthing that needs forgiveness” and “I forgive myself. Yes…I forgive myself and all is well between us all and all is well with me. I am free to move forward and be the person I WAS BORN TO BE!” WOOOHOOOO!! Then you dance around the room and sing about being free!

When I did that, I was able to move on and lose the weight that was destroying my health and my self-esteem. It has never come back. Now, I get crazy if I gain over two pounds. I will never allow fat to destroy my body again.

Okay, now that we are all healed, let’s move on to some body shaping ideas.

One of my favorite artists is Gwen Stephani. She has two children and she looks fabulous. Let’s take a look at what she does to stay in such sexy baby mama shape.


She said, “I have to struggle to have this hot body! ”

Gwen is famous for her washboard abs but it’s not easy for her, and that is something she always tries to emphasis. She hates those ‘naturally beautiful’ people and admits to having to work extra hard, but the hard work always pays off. She tried yoga but it didn’t work out for her so she sticks to more traditional exercises.

Dance Queen


I do the same. Every time I take a yoga class, I seem to piss off the instructor with my turnout and dance rhythm. They always come over and try to readjust me, hehe. Plus I am too impatient to hold stretches for what seems like forever and all that talking makes my head spin. Turn up the music, and let’s rock!

Electronic music

I am a total Tiesto High Energy House Music kinda girl. I love going to electric music festivals VIP baby! I may do yoga as my primary workout if I ever decide to quit dancing, running, skipping, hooping, hopping and other sports. I stretch every day to Enya, Maysa and George Benson. I also incorporate stretching in my workouts. For now, I prefer to stay with fat burning, energy driving workouts. It suits my personality and style. Don’t go sending me any yoga hater mail. Yoga is great!


Gwen uses the same program I love, promote and made an app for! Good Glycemic Fast Fat Loss and Balanced Blood Sugar Diet.

Blog How Do I Lose Weight App

HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT NOW? APP – Get it now, put it on your phone and start losing weight and finding out how much you really burn.  You will be able track your weight, calculate your calories burned per day, and keep it for your records. It’s totally awesome! Plus the icon is beautiful to see each day.  1 lb of fat is 3,500.  In order to really lose fat once and for all, you want to calculate a fat burning formula based on your body weight, activity and workout duration.

Science and Diet Combined

I put  science and diet together for you in one place. I have done the labor so that you have everything you need to help you lose fat and stay fit. It’s so pretty and easy to navigate. I use it every day to calculate my calories burned and keep a log on my computer for reference. I can see exactly what i am doing every day. Go and get yours right now!! HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT NOW? APP

Gwen’s Diet

Typically Gwen Stefani has low glycemic fruit for breakfast. She eats chicken kebabs for lunch. She snacks on Soy Latte from Starbucks.

She has a nutritionist who also travels with her. She mainly eats lots of protein, fish (especially sushi) and vegetables and her favorite drink is Vitamin Water. Her occasional treat is pizza but when she feels the pounds creeping on she eats less and drinks goats milk.

“I go through phases with food, like everyone else. If something cool is coming up and I want to look good, I get into my healthy fitness mode and take care of myself, then as soon as its over, it’s like, ‘Hooray, let’s go get pizza.’ I do whatever I want; I become a lazy slob and watch TV. ”

It’s great to know that Gwen is normal like the rest of us, but it’s also great to know that she is totally dedicated to fitness and real workouts.

You guys that are on my HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT NOW Program AND APP should feel great knowing Gwen is eating a similar diet and she looks hot on stage, even after TV that adds ten pounds to her appearance.

If you don’t have the Lose Weight Now Program with the bonus audio, got to my web page and check it out. There is so much great information on there. I use the exact same info daily on all of my clients. Even if they don’t have dimples on their body, I want to make sure they never get them.
You deserve the best!

Gwen Stefani – Baby Mama Abs.
Her Personal Trainer is Gunnar Peterson. Here is her favorite ab exercise that he taught her.

“I have her lie on her back on a fitness ball with her legs in front, making a bridge. Then she holds a medicine ball behind her head, by her right ear. Then she curls her body up and brings the ball diagonally across to her left knee.” For abs like Gwen’s, you have to repeat the exercise on the same side 8-12 times. Then swap over, taking the medicine ball by your left ear and bringing it to your right knee. For peak performance, repeat the whole exercise three times.

Gunnar says it’s a fab routine. He explains, “It’s great at working the abs, but also because you have to rotate it’s wonderful for toning your obliques and giving you a better work-out than a traditional crunch. It helps keep feminine curves in check.”


It feels so good when your abs is flat and you don’t have to wear t-shirts and long tops to cover your belly. I have to work my abs five days a week. My favorite exercises are basic crunches, reverse crunches and the bicycles I wrote about in my HOW DO I GET ABS BOOK”!


Go get it right now. The exercises are stellar. They actually flatten and SHAPE your waistline and help get your abs flat without sticking out and looking bulky.



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Peace and Blessings!


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