Stop The Stress & Burn The Fat!

15 Feb

Do you need freedom from stress and emotional bondage?

 Reverse your paradigm!

You are not a slave to food, people or money.  Everything you need in life is your servant.  Food serves you. It fuels you for your daily activities. Money serves you. It finances your lifestyle and life choices. People help you reach your goals.

You have been emailing me with questions on how to avoid being sabotaged by friends, families and enemies. You want to stay committed to a program but you have to go to birthday parties, various gatherings, family visits and just general going out and drinking with friends.

It’s tough and summer is definitely a challenge with all of the picnics that have three sets of relatives and a long picnic table that you have to walk past.  You are tempted to taste everything on every one of them.  I totally understand.  One of my favorite past times when I was obese was to go to one of those huge superstores where I would stop and visit every food sampler! Sometimes I would even go back for seconds. HA!

You stop being sabotaged by taking personal control over your choices.  You must have a strong enough DESIRE to succeed in reaching your goal.  Regardless of the goal, temptation will almost be present.  You must make up your mind that you will not pick up any food or engage in any activity that does not serve you or take you to your new body and a new height of accomplishment.

You have to use your will to stay committed to every part of your transformation process. It is your choice and you need to make it without wavering.  Be vigilant about staying on your path to success this time around.  Be alert and mentally present at every meal and stay diligent about following your diet plan.

Stop reading material that is contrary to what you want, stop watching shows that frustrate you and stop listening to people that make you feel bad.  Just Stop! You are unique, your journey is unique and no one can really sense what you are going through. Your experiences are yours. Listen to your heart and follow your intuition.

This is a perfect time to make a fresh commitment to your total body transformation workouts with an emphasis on stepping up your cardio to turn up your fat burning thermostat! Summer is the perfect time to get outside and sweat move.


Turn up Your Fat Burning Thermostat!

That’s right. Turn up the heat. Turn it up in your body by kicking up your cardio and fine tuning  your mind. Every few weeks, we need to make a fresh commitment to our program. It is important for us to continue training correctly and not let our fire die out or our form to start to slack. This actually is the perfect time to renew our fire to get in the best shape of our life. You can do it, the tools all around you. The information is here.

Blog How Do I Lose Weight App



I have provided you with the tools. Get into it with us and jump in with a vengeance. This is the only body we get, let’s make it the best possible. A healthy body has less fat and a vibrant body is sexier and healthier. A fit body is your gift to you and your life goals.  It is your ticket to living a disease-free fun-filled life!

Here are some tips to help you avoid being sabotaged:

1. Gratitude: Be thankful every day for all the things you do correctly and the blessings you receive. Live life with your heart wide open to receive beautiful experiences moment by moment. Look for the good, it’s all around you. Look for the positive decisions you are making and the good progress. No matter how small you think it is, acknowledge it.

2. Enjoy: Energetically absorb all the beauty nature offers every day. Enjoy colors, textures, clothes, friendships, conversations, your family, friends, music, cool party clothes, holiday decorations and traditions.

3. Celebrate: Celebrate your victories. Celebrate life, freedom, and your new-found path to total health, fun and increased sensuality. Every breath is another breath toward your future. Don’t miss any part of life. If you make a perceived mistake, forgive yourself and get back in the game and get excited.

4. Be Fit Now: In the motivation world it’s called “Acting as if”.  This means you act as if you are your perfect size. Right now, you are ideal and moving towards even better.  Move like you’re at your perfect weight. Strut, glide, hustle, move and groove like you are “all that”. Walk around your party or your office party with your friends or relatives with confidence and energy. Don’t ever stand in front of food and drool, looking deprived and weak. Move around, engage in positive conversations, ignore gossip and smile at everyone you meet. Display power, and regardless of what happens, appear content and in complete control of your destiny. Don’t tell anyone that you are on a diet. Be proud that you are taking control of your health and have the confidence to wear that outfit you have been afraid to wear in the past.

5. Eat with peace: Decide what you are going to have before you make your plate. Sample goodies if you wish; don’t take a whole piece of pie, cake and ice cream. Make the majority of your choices healthy choices and leave some room for fun healthy snacks. When you get up the next day you won’t regret eating a ton of sugar and breads.

6. Plan: When invited to dinners where you are not the cook, you can always offer to bring substitutes, such as baked apples, fat free pumpkin pie or a huge fruit or veggie tray. Arm yourself with your favorite low glycemic fat blasting foods. Make sure you have some healthy choices. If appropriate and the hostess asks you what you prefer, suggest some healthy, easy to prepare dishes. If you were on a medically regulated program, you wouldn’t hesitate making suggestions. For the next three weeks, you are on a life saving program. Please speak up.

Intense Devotion

7. Pray and Meditate: Prayer brings peace, solitude and liberty. If you are divinely guided, how can it you possibly fail or do anything wrong? You are perfect and have access to infinite wisdom and loving guidance.

This season is a time for fruit to show up big and ripe in your life. That is what summer is all about. Nature demonstrates that to us. The markets are filled with fresh whole fruits and vegetables, the leaves on the trees are vibrant and green the flowers are flaunting their bold and brightest colors.

When you keep your heart pure with daily prayer, meditation and love, you are automatically more peaceful. Over 80% of the people polled in the U.S. said they pray on a regular basis.

Cardio For Fat Burning & Stress Blasting

Your workout this week will benefit you most if you add a long Cardio session to your schedule. You will burn off excess calories, pump up your metabolic engine and make some stress reducing endorphins (your natural high hormones).


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How To Stop Stress and Create New Opportunities

Be Blessed and make it an awesome week!



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