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22 Feb

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I have a great question from Sienna!


I had the worst week of my life last week. I am so ashamed of myself. I was doing so well on my diet and I got some bad news and went off. I had a sugar binge that left me on an emotional roller coaster. It started with anxiety and then it went to me being paranoid about everything and everybody and then it went to severe depression.

I know that sugar is unhealthy, but after being on your Quick Start Energy Program, I now understand how it sabotages my weight loss. 

I had no idea how deadly it is to my mind and emotions. Plus, I gained two pounds out of nowhere!!! I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF! 

Victoria, I hate being fat. Nothing fits anymore. I am always tired. I am afraid to try new things because I am self-conscious and I am sick of people telling me they love being fat. It’s a lie. They just don’t understand all the health problems I have had to deal with. It is only a matter of time before their body starts to break down. I am done with this fat body. I am not giving my doctor one more dime. That’s why I started Quick Start. 
I was doing awesome until my binge.

How can I manage my cravings when this comes up again, like tomorrow when I have my job review at work? I’m already starting to get the first sign of anxiety even as I am writing to you. I don’t want to be fat anymore. I now really understand how bad carbs like sugar can rob me of my days and destroy my ability to lose this ugly fat. I need some guidance in taming my sweet tooth. What do you suggest? 

~ Sienna

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Here’s the answer to Sienna’s question.  They are awesome ideas for us all!


Great job taking the step to actually order the Quick Start Energy Program and getting started on losing fat, improving your energy and working toward your hot new body. That is why you were losing weight right away. Many people lose the first week just by simply starting.  AND thank you for believing in yourself enough to invest in your health and your future. Your body is the only thing you can really control in your future. 

If you have energy, great health, mental alertness, strong reasoning factor and strength, you can do anything you are willing to work for. If you are mentally fatigued, physically tired emotionally defeated and exhausted. Even the smallest tasks can be tiring and overwhelming.

We all have those days when all we become an eating machine, snacking on cookies, pastries, candy and anything sugar laden. Fortunately over the past couple years I’ve developed a few self-saving strategies to avoid sugar binges. 

I was working on a commercial shoot and there was a table filled with every type of sugary food you could name. There were slices of cakes and pies, donuts with powdered sugar and chocolate icing with sprinkles. There were bowls of every color of M&M’s, plain and my favorite, blue peanut M&M’S!!

It’s Tough! 

It was extremely tough NOT to eat sugar all day long. People were walking around the set with handfuls of candy ALL DAY!! Plus there were big coolers filled with every type of sugary soda you could name. And for the health conscious they had a large selection of sugary sports drinks and pseudo protein bars (candy bars in healthy looking wrappers). 

I was great in the morning. I had a veggie omelet with some fruit for breakfast. At the beginning of the day, I had the will power of a Saint. 

I did awesome at lunch too. I had a large Caesar Salad grilled Salmon with the dressing on the side. I had some fresh cantaloupe as a snack in the afternoon. That was the perfect low-glycemic fat burning day so far. I was burning fat without exercise on that plan. 

Now in the late evening when the shoot was running long is when I hit the wall. Oh by the way, if you ever do any film or TV work, running long is a standard way of operation!

Afternoon Crash: 
So at about 5:00 my blood sugar crashed and I felt immediately irritable. Instead of eating some protein like the tuna or turkey they had on the catering tables, I innocently reached for an oatmeal raisin cookie. I convinced myself that it was healthier than the chocolate chip cookies that were piled high. That was pretty satisfying… for about three seconds. 

Then I had a break so I sneaked a handful of peanut M&M’s. NOW I was in full fledge angry with myself for not being stronger. I was on the brink or a total mental sugar breakdown. I knew I had to do something to stop the brutalizing damage and reverse the effects of my lack of disciplined ways. 

I grabbed a large bottle of water and started the detoxing process immediately. Then I cut up an apple and started to eat it one slice at a time to satisfy my desire to chew something. The combination of the two was a perfect elixir for my pre-diabetes fat building sugar attack.

Change Instantly

After about thirty minutes I had recovered and my energy came back, my anxiety went away and my self-esteem recovered and I could walk past a mirror and blow myself kisses once again. 
Whew, it was a close one, but I made it through. 

Sienna, so you see, I know where you are coming from. Sugar attacks will come up again. Here are 5 ways to handle them and stay committed to getting your sleek sexy body back.

Top 5 Ways to Handle Sugar Binges and Snack Attacks 

1. Start Smart-Shop Smart: Don’t keep sweets accessible for you or your family. No one needs it. If they’re not in you’re house, you probably won’t go out of your way to get them. Set yourself up to win. Be your best mentor and not your worst enemy.

Citrus fruit

2. Fruit Medley: Keep a variety of fruit in your kitchen. Whenever I’m craving something sweet I turn to my fruit basket. Eating fruit is not only sweet tooth satisfying but also great for you. Fruit smoothies work well for me.

3. Small Indulgence: Take one bite of something rich and satisfying. Instead of buying a huge candy bar, opt for one small piece of dark chocolate. It’s good for your heart and rich on your taste buds.

Drinking Tea

4. Drink Up: Many times your body is dehydrated and you perceive it as hunger. At the first sign of a snack attack drink something sugar free and fruity. I love all the new flavors of Crystal Light. I also love gourmet decaf coffee. I will sometimes make a cup and use Stevia for sweetness to have with a cup of sugar free Jell-O pudding. Herbal teas are wonderful for taking the edge off sugar attacks. Research online and find the perfect blend. Then head to the market and stock up and keep them someplace visible in your kitchen or work area.

5. Sneaky Snack: Get smart with your sugar cravings. Trick yourself into thinking you’re indulging. Sugar-free popsicles, pudding, hot cocoa and chocolate covered strawberries do the trick for me. Try this recipe for chocolate covered strawberries! 

Sienna, I am sure you can think of many other simple solutions as well. The key is to catch it before your go overboard. Just stop it, do something that you feel is healthy and go into a state of forgiveness. Yes, you must forgive yourself and regain your strength and desire to get that fat off.

Where Energy Goes, Grows
 – Don’t dwell on your mistakes! The key here is not to be a victim and stop verbalizing your problem to anyone who will listen. 

Instead of complaining and beating yourself up, find your power! Change your mental focus and positively affirm your goals, desires and instantly take more positive actions. Make a move in a new direction. Immediately re-direct your energy to something that is good and helpful. Put energy on the things you want, NOT the things you don’t want. Direct your attention to your goal dress size and body weight. 

Stay off the scale for a couple of days and do some extra cardio to burn off the extra calories and blast off stored body fat. 

Be a winner and know that every great athlete, dancer and artist has off days. Just get back in the game and move forward with enthusiasm and energy!

Girlfriend, get back into your body transformation zone and get a new QUick Start to reaching your goals again.  Make this your best workout week ever and focus on healthy eating. 

You Have The Power, 


Your Celebrity Personal Trainer





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