Beating Bloated Belly Hangover

14 Mar

Beating Bloated Belly Hangover – Fast Tips For A Flat Stomach NOW!


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Here is a letter that asks a great question. I put together a super effective tip sheet that helps ALL OF US get a flatter stomach.

Dearest Victoria,

You are so special to me. I live in Russia. I have learned so much about myself from reading your newspapers you send to me in email every week and your DVD’s have taught me how to have rhythm, how to dance and how to laugh at myself instead of criticizing.

I did not know all these things about what to eat and how to train as a woman. I am forever grateful to you. I have totally changed my body and as you teach “attitude”. I have reduced 2 dress sizes and my legs don’t wiggle any more when I walk in a skirt.

I have so many new dreams and ideas now. I think I am going to start modeling part time along with my full time job. I like what your blogs have taught me about abundance. There is no reason to limit my future. So I thank you.

Here is my question; I have totally changed my diet and all you advice in diet has worked like miracles. In Russia, that is very hard, but now I have it all organized and budgeted so it is much easier now. I suffer from puffiness and retain water. What can I do when I am starting to get puffy and bloated? It feels awful and I don’t want to lose modeling jobs because of it. ~Liliyana

I am so touched that you guys find life changing ideas in my newsletters and blogs. I write from the heart. I stop everything I am doing to write to you and all the adorable readers. Life is so short and we don’t have time for negative limiting beliefs of others poisoning our well of possibilities.

What You Do Is What Determines What You Feel

I try never to let anyone get to me so much that I get down on myself.  I don’t need anyone dogging me out because they had a bad day or they are disappointed with their life. Each person’s perception is personal. It belongs to them and was conceived through their life story. It is a compilation of their thoughts, experiences, and influences wither they are positive or negative. They were formed by the age of 8.

Whatever and whoever was in their life up to that point is who helped form their opinions.  There is no way I am going to let someone else, who was programmed by someone else, have a damaging effect on my heart, psyche or mental state.

Our life is what we make it. If we can change the circumstances, then we must change how we see them until we can change them. Power is in the perception!

That is why I sign off with something positive each week. Words are just the beginning, what we do; counts, what we do matters and what we create is what we will have.

I am also very proud of you for organizing your eating and training schedule so much so that you are going to use your physical gift to increase your income which will increase your standard or living and stimulate the economy where you live!

Now Let’s get to it!

Bloated Puffy Belt Hangover –Most people retain a little water, and it is fairly common. As women, we especially may notice an increase in water retention during the week before our period. It’s fine to stop water retention at home that is minor. If water retention seems major, occurs all the time, and is continually resulting in puffy extremities or excessive weight gain, this can indicate serious health issues. If you suffer more than a little water retention, you should not try to stop water retention at home but should see your naturopath or healthy fit doctor for a thorough checkup.

Here are some great ideas to help stop water retention and reduce bloating and puffiness.

bloated belly Female-figure-before-growing-t-24990881

1. Sip Herbal Tea. Parsley or uva-ursi tea can help flush out excess water without any harmful side affects, you can find these teas in most health foods stores.

2. Reduce Sodium – Minimizing extra sodium in the diet is crucial.  I had a photo client that macked out on salty pretzels and drank soda. She did it while she was flying in for the gig.  She did a triple whammy to her body before a photo shoot. Of course she had to fly, but she should have drank water and bought an apple or orange at the airport to have as her snack while she was flying instead of eating high glycemic salty pretzels! AAHHH

Almost all packaged and canned foods contain some level of sodium. Most natural food sources also have some sodium too, though the amount is usually less.  When making food choices, look for low sodium varieties of foods, especially canned foods and prepared meals. The can make you puffy, stiff and bloated.

The next two tips must be discussed with your healthy physician or naturopath.

3. Take Vitamin B6. Taking up to 250 milligrams of vitamin B6 daily helps reduce premenstrual water retention. This nutrient also reduces fluid buildup caused by hormone imbalances.

4. Take Calcium. Researchers at the New York Metropolitan Hospital found that a daily calcium supplement provided relief from premenstrual water retention in three-fourths of the women who took it. If it’s safe for you, take 500-milligrams twice daily; one at breakfast and one at dinner. Ask your doctor whether these supplements are okay for you. It may not be recommended if you are taking certain medications.

5. Move – Increase Circulation. Walking, dancing, bicycling, stationary biking, tennis and any other training you enjoy, are all activities that help pump out water and other fluids that can pool in your legs and ankles. Doing cardio exercises with resistance training can make you sweat and release trapped salts and fluids.

6. Drink More Water – Water retention is common when you are dehydrated or low on water. The body tends toward conserving water, and will retain a bit in order to keep you hydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day helps shed extra water, thereby reducing water retention. Interesting huh?

7. Increase Urine Formation – That’s right, Go more! When it comes to water, you can release it or retain it. Foods such as cucumbers, asparagus and parsley contain natural substances that increase urine formation. Other vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, cabbage and mushrooms can facilitate water loss in conjunction with a  good glycemic diet.

They require large amounts of water for digestion which helps pull it out from beneath the skin and into the digestive track. Plus they are high in fiber, which is healthy to keep your colon clean. A healthy clean empty colon helps with the appearance of a flat lower abdomen.

Try these ideas out and experiment with them until you find your perfect formula for getting rid of that awful feeling excess water, bloating and puffiness. Shop around and look for the best prices so that you can continue to eat healthy and improve your modeling potential.

 FinallyMedications.  If none of these work, and you are on medications, give your doctor a list of all medications you are currently taking–both prescription and over-the-counter–ask whether any alterations are possible.  Switching to a lower-dose estrogen in your hormone replacement therapy, for example, could reduce fluid retention. If you’re on steroidal medication, be sure to let your doctor know about your water-retention problems. He or she may prescribe a diuretic.

Life is so much better when  you choose to be victorious and not play the role of a victim. If you are a victim, then you can only get better by the hands of someone else. If you put your future in someone else’s hands, in the end, you will lose!

No one can care about you better than you can.


It takes great dedication to make fitness a daily habit and putting  taking care of your body at the top of our to do list. Get moving and take control! I understand how difficult it is living in a place outside of the American abundance. Here in America we have so many food choices that we spend billions of dollars trying to figure out how not to eat it!

Never stop working on your body and never stop expanding your possibilities. You are limitless!

Make this an outstanding week! 


Your Celebrity Personal Trainer!

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Victoria’s Body Shoppe Global Radio Show

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