Are You Ready?

28 Mar

Are You Ready For The Best Year Of Your Life?

That’s right! I am making a bold claim for you in 2014, the year of Divine Blessings in every area of your life if you are open to it.

I want to thank you all for the best year of my life, 2013.  You have given me so many reasons. You made my books number one on, You made my apps smokin’ hot and popular with your downloads, link sharing and retweets. You drove my youtube views up the ranks and made some wonderful comments.

You wrote, you emailed, you listened to my radio show, you asked questions, you cried, you screamed, you laughed, you shared your opinion, you started, you stopped, you stepped up to the plate and you achieved! In other words, YOU LIVED and EXPERIENCED. Thats what life is my beautiful friend, it’s living in every moment.

I welcome you to stay engaged with me for the next twelve months. It is going to be super intense. The cosmic forces are at work and it’s promising to be a high spirited year.  The energy can work for you or it can wreak havoc. I want to help you so that it works in your favor and manifests exactly what you want quickly and  abundantly.

To show you how awesome you are at driving my books to the top o Amazon ranks, check this out. released their recommended business books and cheek out who is at the top the list!!

Amazon Recommendations

I wouldn’t have that kind of power if you had not been there for me.           THANK YOU!

THIS YEAR…I will be there for you in 2014. Check this out 2+0+1+4=7!

7 is the number of Divine Completion and Divine Perfection. Can you imagine this year is your year to finally have everything you have been waiting for and to have it be totally perfect? Get fired up to receive, this is your year!

Fired up 7

Love & Hugs,


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