16 May

Lose Inches!


One Drink..Down Ten Pounds and Smooth Out Wrinkles”

Miracle Smoothie Lose Weight, Smooth Wrinkles, Improve Performance and Increase Energy!   Seem too good to be true? That’s what I thought too.  Read on!  These are just a few people who had exceptionally good results from replacing one fattening meal with a powerful Superfood Smoothie and adding green tea powder to other drinks and foods!


*”I Lost six pounds in two weeks  using shakes with Matcha tea powder” Bryan    

“I lost four pounds in six days especially on my legs and stomach using the tea powder in my meal replacement shake. I made it like the guide said”  Marcela                                                                  

*”My skin is flaking and exfoliating revealing baby soft skin underneath. I had no idea I had that much dead wrinkled skin” Lucia        

*”I replaced one meal a day with your Matcha Tea Smoothie and ran on the treadmill as recommended, you were right, I had so much continuous energy and I wasn’t tired the next day. It has helped me drop the ten pounds I needed to lose for my military requirement! I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH VICTORIA! Martin

This story is fascinating. after you read it, you can scroll down and read  about the 10 Benefits that will revolutionize your health and your body over time when you make Japanese  Matcha Green Tea a daily habit.

Here’s the story…I have a fascination of the Asian culture, lifestyle and food. My love is Brazilian heritage; football (soccer), Jujitsu (came from the Japanese originally) festival dancer, sexy bodies enveloped and decorated with a rainbow of color in fashion and makeup!

As a professional trainer for elite athletes, entertainers, models and high performance professionals, I am always on the lookout for anything that can give my stars in their field, the edge. You have no idea how excited I was to be introduced to Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder. I had some given to me on a film set where I was doing a video game shoot. It had been a ten-hour day and was getting tired. I had to do a physical scene and I wasn’t sure I could remember the movement sequence, so I was very nervous.

One of the actors who were a martial arts scene choreographer asked me if I wanted to try his secret weapon. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but as desperate as I was to do my scene so I could go home, I said “Hai” That’s yes in Japanese!!

He mixed up a cup of Matcha tea and asked me to sit quietly for a moment and just drink and meditate on my scene. I did exactly what he said, and within fifteen to twenty minutes, I felt like completely relaxed, yet energetic and surprisingly strong and refreshed.

I went back on the set and totally nailed my scene and every movement sequence flowed like I had been doing it all my life. I had never felt that much calm power before. Usually I will myself to do scenes when I am tired, not this time, I actually felt in total control. The director was very pleased.

From that day forward, I began my research study to find the best source to offer to my clients and to take on the road with me.

“Victoria is “The Energizer Bunny”, whenever I need energy I just tap into hers!” John Assaraf, Best Selling Author and Business Coach.

I have been personally using Matcha tea for three years and my skin, hair nails, performance and overall wellness is remarkable. I use a tbsp in my morning smoothie and I drink a tsp in my workout shake before I train. When I travel, I put it in capsules and take them three times per day. I also toss a dash of it in my frozen yogurt. I use it so many other different ways I would take up the entire blog post telling you about it!


Here’s why I am such an advocate. I have sustained energy every day! I feel peaceful yet motivated to achieve my goals. I have so much physical energy that my nickname has been the “Energizer Bunny” for over a decade and I still have it!

It’s happening all around the world. To other countries, it’s a miracle, to the Japanese; it’s a way of life!

The latest Nutrition Hack that’s invading every facet of performance has been a mainstay of the Japanese Culture for centuries. It is even the preferred choice of Zen Monastery’s as a meditation aid.  Can you picture it?  I love that!

3 D Matcha

This miracle is called Japanese Matcha Tea Powder. It is ORGANIC, NON-GMO, GLUTTEN FREE & PESTICIDE FREE.

If you have green tea at home and do not drink it regularly, start now! Its benefits are way beyond soothing. Regular green tea has magnificent health benefits. And when you are ready for the Rolls Royce of Green Teas and want to take your health, energy, performance and body to the Nest Level. Check this out!

Matcha Tea is Organically Grown and hand picked in its native land of Japan. Our premier Matcha is made using the whole leaf in its natural form. No fillers, no additives. It is 100% organic and Natural, just what your body deserves. The magnificent green color is pure, the texture is silky smooth and light in it’s aroma. Matcha Green Tea is an example of the magic of nature, it’s contains ten times more nutrients and 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea.

10 BENEFITS OF SUPER GREEN MATCHA TEA One Drink..Down Ten Pounds and Smooth Out Wrinkles!

1. Burn Fat 4 Times Faster-INCREASE METABOLISM                                   Matcha tea helps you burn calories and lose stubborn pounds. Studies have shown that if you include Matcha tea into your diet program, you can lose up to 25% more weight than those who don’t drink it. It has zero side effects and doesn’t affect your heart rate or blood pressure.

2.  Boosts Fat Metabolism-LOSE INCHES FASTER
Matcha boosts fat metabolism: A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1999 concluded: “Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se. The green tea extract may play a role in the control of body composition via sympathetic activation of thermogenesis, fat oxidation, or both.”

Matcha is low glycemic and low carb, it balances blood sugar, decreases fasting blood glucose and decreases insulin spiking. Matcha tea also has a beneficial effect on the pancreas.

4. Detoxify the Liver-BURN MORE CALORIES
Matcha helps detoxify the liver and purify the blood. With the help of its chlorophyll, it detoxifies the body and removes heavy metals and other dangerous substances. A way to help the body burn fat is by detoxifying the liver.


Beautiful Skin &Anti-aging Properties Matcha’s anti-aging benefits are connected with the abundance of the tea’s antioxidants. Antioxidants fight off disease and protects against UV radiation, thus maintaining the skin’s beautiful, smooth youthful appearance.

Add To Any Drink

5. Reduces Inflammation-REDUCE PAIN TO TRAIN
Matcha tea reduces inflammation. Inflammation is called “The Silent Killer” by Time magazine and is at epidemic levels in the UK and the United States. There is a direct correlation between inflammation and obesity, and Matcha tea, which is abundant in polyphenols. Polyphenols reduce inflammation. EGCG, one of the most potent anti-inflammatory polyphenols found in nature, is found in abundance in Matcha green tea.

Matcha tea increases the secretion of dopamine and serotonin – these two neurotransmitters play an important role in stabilizing mood and preventing depression. When the body is relaxed, the mind becomes clearer and is capable of more efficient cognitive processing.

7. Suppresses Appetite – EAT LESS, WEIGH LESS
Matcha suppresses appetite. People who drink Matcha tea report less sugar and carb cravings, and their strong appetite become suppressed. Recent research has concluded that a combination of fiber, caffeine, green tea catechins and l-theanine could be responsible for decreasing carb and sugar cravings. This appetite suppression helps with weight loss and encourages healthier eating.

8. Improves Immune System-RECOVER FASTER                                               Matcha’s antioxidants act as natural antibiotics and support the immune system. Furthermore, the tea is rich in potassium, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium, that all contribute to the body’s defense system.

Matcha Boost Performance

9. Increases Energy and Boost Performance-GO!
Research has shown that the synergy of the caffeine with the other natural nutrients in Matcha work in unison creating a steady energy state and could improve physical endurance up to 24%!
Performance is measured in many areas of our daily lives. From performance at work, with our families, our personal relationships, our crafts and hobbies, you name it, even sexual performance, has everything to do with having enough energy and being able to execute peak performance for success.

Energy is all around us, and the Japanese culture understands this beautifully. Not only does the powder boost your energy, and improve cognitive performance, the magnificent ancient powder stimulates health and revitalizes every single cell in the human body.

Japanese Matcha green tea powder manufacturers don’t waste or spare any leaves, as each farmer takes complete pride and hand picks each leaf to pin-point perfection for a pleasant yet healthful taste. The entire leaf is used and that means you get every nutrient is it’s original bioavailable form.

10. Pure Natural Energy -NO CRASH & NO JITTERS                                                        

Best Organic Matcha Power is Nature’s very own, healthy energy booster the negative side effects of the sugar loaded, over-caffeinated and chemical-laden energy products and drinks that abound in the marketplace. Along with its modest amounts of naturally balanced caffeine, our Organic Matcha Power contains a very special, natural amino acid called L-theanine that is capable of inducing alpha wave activity in our brains, the brain wave beneficially associated with relaxation and stress relief. This balanced synergy of the yin (L-theanine) & yang (caffeine) of Organic Matcha Power supports our bodies and minds to come alive in a wonderfully healthy way that is focused, sustained and pleasant, not jittery or jarring.

Green Basics For Body Rejuvenation

 The Asians are a mystery due to their history of longevity, fighting arts and food traditions. Green tea, ah, it is delightful cup of nutritional goodness around the globe. As any tea addict would know that the tea originated from the Far East, Eastern Asia to be exact.  In Japan, our tea is grown pure without chemicals and pesticides and then harvested using the complete plant thereby getting every single nutrient in the whole plant. That is awesome! That’s why we named it Best Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder.


Drinking green tea is known to boost cellular activity and cellular renewal rate inside the human body causing consistent renewal within. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help the physical body maintain longevity. Green tea properties are a derivative of the plant named Camellia sinensis. Cellular renewal is demonstrated through the appearance of healthier hair, skin, nails and teeth. With regular use of green tea nutrients, usually the hair, skin, and teeth. Green tea properties also provide a cleaning and detoxifying nature throughout the bloodstream and digestive system. Regular green tea is fantastic, but the true powerhouse Superfood is Japanese Matcha Green Tea. Pin this article and keep it as a go to read when you hit a plateau and need a metabolic kick!

To Help you get started, we have a FREE MATCHA TEA GUIDE! It tells you how to use, store and mix your Matcha. It also contains fantastic recipes.  Matcha, and any Green Tea, can be used in any of the drinks on my pinterest Miracle Green Tea Board as well. I want to make sure you have a multitude of ideas that help you try it, get addicted to it’s benefits and love the results as I and millions of others around the globe have.

If you don’t have your own Best Matcha Japanese Organic Green Tea, go to Victoria’s Body Shoppe Store on Amazon.com and get it now before they are sold out!

If you already have Green Tea and want my FREE guide, and My Personal Weight Loss Program Free – 21 Day Quick Start Diet, drop me an email at VQS@victoriajohnson.com and request one! I will send it to you ASAP for taking the time to read this informative post.

It’s wonderful that you have engaged in healthy behavior by informing yourself of another one of Mother Nature’s great gift to the planet.

And if you want some fun ideas for shaping your thighs, check out my Amazon.com Best Seller:



Peace and Love to YOU!

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