Six Effective Ways to Reduce and Prevent Cellulite (Fat) Fast!

30 May


Keep Reading to Get Your Tight Body Smooth Skin Cellulite Reducing Tips!

Here Are Six Effective Steps to Fight Cellulite, Break Down and Get Rid of Lumpy Fat Plus Ideas to Help You  Get A Flat Stomach!


Smooth and Firm Sexy Thighs!

Do you want lean sexy thighs, tight flat stomach and nice smooth round butt? The same principles apply for your abs. So no mater where yo u are storing a little too much energy (fat is need energy) try these tips along with a great workout plan. The sooner you start, the quicker you see results!

If you have dimples in places other than your adorable face, and you don’t have the same notoriety or fan club that these two adorable reality sex bombs have, you may want these cellulite reduction tips. Reducing cellulite is a sure way to the path of thin thighs and tight buns. I know there is much controversy about what cellulite is; it’s fat, plain and simple. It requires the same amount of work, discipline, diet and training to lose dimply (cellulite) fat as any other fat on your pretty body.

OMG.. Have you seen this?


Playboy Bunny, Holly Madison posed in two-piece swimsuit for the cover of “Life & Style” next to Kim Kardashian, bravely, Photoshop free ! She had visible cellulite on her abdomen; she said she asked the photo not be retouched.

Playboy Playmate Holly Madison has exposed flaws on the cover Life & Style. “I have cellulite! So what! I have cellulite and I had when I was very weak. I’ll never get rid of cellulite “says the blonde. 
Kim Kardashian, in the same magazine cover Life & Style, along with Holly Madison, don’t care about her cellulite, she was saying in chorus with the former Playboy bunny: “We have cellulite! So what.”

Good for them..Now back to the real world. If you are in dire need of cellulite reduction, here are six quick tips for you.

The major step to ramp up your reduction plan is Detox! That’s right, cold turkey baby. Think of Dr. Drew, the Celebrity Doctor detox master, what would he tell you? He would tell you to just give up the bad and addictive stuff starting today! Be sure to read all the way through this post. There are so many great ideas and some awesome new goodies I just released for you from my private secrets stash!


Now for the rest of the plan!

DETOX..DETOX..DETOX! Get the crap that is trapped inside your pores, fat cells, colon and skin out of your body! Get this QUICKSTART DETOX TEA Right now and start cleaning up your body, inside and out. When I lost twenty pounds the first time, I just starved myself and all the fat came back worse and more lumpy. The last time I did it, it actually lasted because I started with an organic natural combination of detoxing and energizing herbs.   It was so effective that I made my own tea for me and my hundreds of clients. Now all my star clients use it and love it. It is so pure, you can drink it every morning before you eat! It’s totally organic, natural, safe and gentle, yet effective.

Victoria's SKinny Detox Tea

Six Effective Steps to Reducing Cellulite

1) Get Clean – With or without the Detox Tea, go on a detoxifying diet that includes healthy soups, broths, low glycemic fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are vital to digestion and they have fewer calories which helps you feel more energized.

The also higher in fiber and that will keep your digestion system moving and more healthy. You can also try some juicing with vegetables and low glycemic fruit that have a detoxifying effect. Such as asparagus, apples, broccoli sprouts, kale, cabbage, honeydew melon and Brussels sprouts. You can also drink fruit infused water with lemon throughout the day. Check out my detox Pinterest, there are over a five hundred detox pins. There are tons of ideas there for you!

2) Stop the Spirits & Sweets – Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol for seven days. And when you are ready to start again, limit your drinks to the weekend and save the really sugary ones for holidays and special occasions. Sugar is a fat builder and toxifies your metabolic pathways. It stops fat burning and encourages hormonal imbalances that lead to even more fat production.  AAAHHH! Okay, an occasional glass of wine with friends and family is okay, it’s the nightly alcohol that clogs your liver and makes you store fat and shuts down circulation.

3) Un-Can – No Canned foods, they contain a lot of salt, preservatives, some even have chemical additives all of which causes water retention and clogs = the digestive tract. The sodium in them can actually increase cellulite.

Also avoid processed foods, bread, deserts and pastas made with enriched non nutritive white flour. They totally clog up your digestive system, makes you retain water which makes your body’s appearance even lumpier too.

Limited Edition Motivational Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

VBS infuser water bottle

4) Drink Up – Drinking 8 glasses of purified water is very important for reducing cellulite and increasing circulation.   Here’s a hot tip: besides all these benefits for your body, it tricks your mind by filling the stomach and sending a signal to your brain that you are full. This process creates a sensation of satisfaction and you will eat less. You can also drink Fruit Infused Water. You can even get this motivational inspiring Limited Edition Water Bottle. Here are some suggestions. Cucumbers are diuretics and fight water retention and trapped toxins under skin. Lemons and limes flush toxins from your digestive tract. Grapefruits help burn fat. Cut them up and add them to your water and refrigerate an hour and then start drinking.

5) Eat More Protein More Often – That’s right eating 3-4 smaller meals that have a good source of protein;fish, chicken, beef, tofu, whey protein smoothie, etc. spread throughout the day are easier to digest and helps keep your metabolism boosted. You will have less of an appetite and ultimately can end up eating less junk and bad snacks. That alone will help reduce dimply fat deposits on those spots we most hate; our thighs, hips, arms, abdomen and bums.


6) Move It – DAILY CIRCULATION! Cardio & Weights. You have to move, walk, train, workout, dance, sweat and exercise so that your body burns the stored fat, increase the circulation in fatty areas to stimulate cellular change that is necessary for the cellulite to break up and be eliminated from your body during your detox.


Exercise is also vital to help the skin will adjust and tighten as you lose the dimply fat. Yes, find a good overall weight training routine and add 30 minutes of cardio of your choice daily.  PLUS you have to do muscle specific exercises that target the cellulite (fat) concentrated areas. You must do lower body exercises to shape and tone those thighs. If your arms are flabby, you have to train them and if your stomach area is flabby, you have to do ab exercises to firm the muscles and tighten the skin.

Bikini Model Secrets- Now for the insider goodies. Check out what these guys said:

“Tried the department store brands but all I got was less money in my purse. Love love love it.” Eloisa Philippines

“We had such a blast slathering your creams. I just played along. I had no idea how smooth and soft my skin would get after our shoot. I made my boyfriend order me a six-pack! Juliana Russia

I am in love with this stuff. I used it during my pre-contest prep with your Skinny Tea in the morning just to keep the water out and my skin dry and tight. I looked better than I ever have. I am excited to use it for my next show prep cause it should be better every time right?” Leila Brasil

I have to say I am surprised at my results. I know you have a good track record, but I was still skeptical. You know me, lol. I used the Sea Minerals on the back of my legs on top of the Anti- cellulite cream. I did the back of my arms. I kept with it for the duration you said and it’s like I woke up with new skin. I did drink my water and take my Matcha tea in capsules like you suggested. I was literally in tears. I actually have less cellulite and after I got a good quality professional spray tan and bronzer applied, my body looked like a magazine ad. I have to say that you must tell people to be patient and don’t quit. You want to look better overnight and yes, there is an instant mild tightening effect, but it’s the consistency that paid off. I CAN FINALLY SAY, I LOVE MY LEGS!   Tigan New York

Happy Scientist – I used to mix a large bowl full of individual ingredients together for my clients and me. My working area, kitchen, hotel suite, gym juice bar, it didn’t matter, wherever I was working with a client, I looked like an eccentric scientist with powders, oils, and creams from all kind of odd shaped jars and bags.

I would search the web, talk to skin care research scientists whenever I could to find the most advanced legal ingredients possible to get rid of lumpy at and bumpy wrinkled skin.

Victoria's Extreme Slimming Gel

The Best Extreme Slimming Anti-Cellulite Gel  on the market! INSTRUCTIONS AT THE END OF POST. THANK YOU!

I found it! I found it from a surgeon in Italy and skin research scientist in Japan. I took the best advice from them and now the ingredients are in a formulation. These formulations are fantastic and they work. They help smooth your skin and get rid of cellulite. I loved them so much I bought a line of them to offer to you! They are discounted for our initial launch so that you can see how great they are for yourself.



Tighten, Tone & Firm  Seaweed Matrix -Powerful 92+ Minerals

You simply rub them both on the areas you want smoother and tighter! When my models are on a “getting camera (selfie) ready program, it is vital to use elements like these that help the skin tighten and become firm around the muscles they are training.


Go check them out and read all about them on to Victoria’s Body Shoppe Store. 

Thank you for your loving support.  You are still the reason I will never give up and I will always be searching for the best ways for us to live our best life possible!

Happy Body!


Super Tip!!


Thank you guys for acting so quickly! OK! ! have been bombarded with HOW DO I USE THESE TWO FOR THE BEST RESULTS FAST!  I can’t send emails back to everyone  I am in a shoot session so I am writing them down below!

Applying Your Victoria’s Extreme Slimming Gel Instructions

Dry Brush for Slimming Cream

Dry Brush

  1. Always begin with clean dry skin, preferably after you have massaged or dry brushed the area to increase circulation. If you don’t have a dry brush, then use an exfoliator glove or towel to rub the area.
  2. Put about a quarter-sized amount of cream into your palm and apply it to the affected areas.
  3. Rub the cream in a circular motion with a little bit of pressure for fifteen seconds into the target areas and let the cream dry before putting other lotions or your clothes back on.
  4. Then if you have any other lotions or hydrators or moisturizers or bronzers you can apply them after the slimming cream has had a minute to soak through to the fat cells.
  • Cellulite is very stubborn and will not go away overnight. To increase the effects of your cellulite cream, combine the cream treatments with a proper diet info from this post and regular cardio and muscle toning exercise.
  • Avoid salty foods, sugar, alcohol and processed foods.
  • Bonus Flat Tummy Tips

    Great Ideas for Getting A Tight Flat Tummy

    Copy this chart and keep it on your phone! Then read through the article below for even more effective ways to get the body you so desperately want!

    30 Flat Belly Tips

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