Hannah Saul – Tight Abs, Flat Stomach & Killer Sexy Legs? Try This Supermodel Workout!

6 Jun

hannah saul

If  You Want A Flat Stomach, Tight Abs and Killer Sexy Legs, You Better Get To Ready To Train Your A** Off! Hannah Saul, SuperModel, Fitness Buff and Bad Ass Business Babe is going to show you how!

hannah saulOne of the world’s hottest women (voted that by Billionaire’s Newswire) shares her 30-minute exercise routine with The Supermodel Workout with FEMAIL in an interview and demonstration

She’s kicking butt in the modeling, fitness, building her own brand of workouts and girlfriend is bringing it to the app world!

  • hannah saulAustralian supermodel Hannah Saul shared a 30 minute full-body workout
  • The training circuit includes lunges, squats, bench dips and knee planks
  • Hannah demonstrated the moves in a how-to video
  • The model is set to release a workout app, HANxFIT, in November
  • She was recently named on Billionaire Newswire’s 50 hottest women list


An aspiring entrepreneur has her own company “Mind Body and Saul. She loves being fit and wants to inspire others. She gets so much wonderful mail from fans that she outlined her workout for Daily Mail UK and even has an APP she just released!

In the lead up to the app’s launch in November, Miss Saul has shared exclusively with Daily Mail Australia her 30 minute full body workout that helps keep her body supermodel ready.

You can see her new App on her Facebook Page: This is one of her favorite quotes on her page! I think she accomplished this very well!

Bad Ass



She does a grueling 30 minute full-body workout includes body weight squats, knee push ups, alternate forward lunges, bench dips, supine hip extensions, alternate arm leg raises, crunches, knee planks and hip raises.

Hannah Saul Workout

On Daily Mail Miss Saul demonstrated the exercises in a video which you can see he can see there. They’re supposed to be completed in 45 second successions with a 15 second break in between exercises.

The model, who one day hopes to become a Victoria’s Secret model, completed the circuit three times.

Hannah’s Fitness Tips: From an interview Hannah had with Emily Quan of Oh My Gilded Blog, here’s some take away tips for getting and staying in shape and how to crush it in life:

  1. Start living a healthier lifestyle, but don’t be super strict on yourself
  2. Eat healthy and enjoy the things you love too, look for a healthy balance
  3. Begin with an achievable goal, be accountable by writing them down
  4. Plan your week ahead, allocate your time so you can workout, eat right and stay on track
  5. Get a training buddy so you won’t skip your workouts and it makes it more fun
  6. Mix it up! Don’t just train in the gym, train outdoors when weather allows, do different activities so you don’t get bored
  7. She personally likes to eat fresh food and cooks when she can

To follow Hannah Saul and get the new app visit her website:http://www.hanxfit.com/

Love Yourself card with sky background

Hannah really believes that you should love yourself, be kind and look for the good inside and out.


I agree, that is why I made a LOVE Inspirational Infusion Water Bottle.


Bear With Me..for just a moment while I share a profound understanding that I hope you will embrace. It changed me forever. When I was fat, I hated myself and I use to say horrible to me about me. I don’t any more, and after you read this piece I am sharing with you from my Infusion Lifestyle Ebook, I hope you only say good things to you too.

The Power of Love & Water

Heart from water

I watched the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” and saw Dr. Masaru Emoto, a research scientist studying water. I was mesmerized by his understanding of the nature of water; how we affect it and how it affects us. He spoke of how there was this symbiotic relationship between us and water. Then I heard an interview of his a week later that literally changed the way I think about everything I speak, think
eat and drink.

His research was about infusing words and intentions into water and the results were astounding. His premise is; the words, thoughts, energy and intentions we use affect our body. He experimented with using positive and negative words and their affect on water.

He found that positive words had positive affect on the structure of water and negative words had a negative affect. The structure of water is important for the health of your cells. Healthier water can mean a healthier body. Energy in, energy out.
“Everything is Energy” -Albert Einstein
I took him so literal that I started writing loving words and messages on all my water bottles and cups. I love the way I feel when I read the words and drink the contents. It is so empowering to know that I am feeding my heart and my soul when I feed my body.

Victoria Body SHoppe Water Bottle Label

It had such a positive impact in how I treat my body and how I speak to myself and others that I wanted to share the philosophy with the world. That is my motivation for creating this inspiring Fruit Infusion Water Bottle with positive, loving and empowering words on it. GO get yours today and give your body love water infusions as well as you can fill the infuser with your favorite enzyme rich fat burning fruits and vegetables.

It is my contribution to spreading his message and sharing more kindness on the planet. I hope you do the same. The more love we share and spread, the more healing we infuse into people and the planet.

Hannah Is Healthy Too

hannah saul swimsuit

There are many super models who are thin, but not healthy. Many some and starve to be thin to model. I admire Hannah because not only is she beautiful inside and out, she’s fit and trains really hard and you couldn’t do that if you were malnourished.  She is very healthy, she eats regular food, takes nutritional supplements, likes healthy natural drinks and was working with an Australian Sports Nutrition company. Their feature products are Super Green Tea Smoothies and Natural Green Tea for calorie Burning. Smart girl.

Green Tea Powder For Fat Burning & Beautiful Skin

Powder with cup

I totally understand why. I love Green Tea! Especially Matcha Green Tea Powder, the New Best Superfood for performance and weight loss!  It’s like Regular Green Tea on Steroids! It is so potent, powerful and packed with anti-oxidants. Every  female born should be drinking it, doing a facial with it and using it in their smoothies and latte’s and yogurts every day! Even Starbuck’s offers green tea latte’s.The ways to prepare it and cook with it are endless! Look at all these goodies! food-items

It helped me lose over sixty pounds and it still helps me keep my  keeps my skin flawless. Most people don’t give it enough time. They think of you drink a cup for a week you should transform into skinny Minnie!

It’s actually takes about three months for your skin to completely turn over into new skin and your metabolism to kick into high hear. I have to tell you that when I am in Japan where our tea is harvested, the native Japanese skin is soft, silky, wrinkle free (NO CELLULITE) and always glowing! They drink this tea every single day and they are healthy, live longer, have less body fat and work with boundless energy. I want that too!

The benefits are amazing see what some users are saying….

Jules said; First week, I was flying through the roof with energy. I was elated. A total bonus was that my waist began to shrink. Third week my nerves became calm and I could not believe that my acne was actually beginning to show improvement. I guess it’s the cleansing effect. Now after six weeks I feel like I have a good handle on my eating and an increase in my metabolism.

Marciela: This green tea power is so fine and concentrated. I have been drinking one cup for breakfast and putting it in my afternoon Greek yogurt or making a smoothie. Okay, I didn’t believe it would help my cravings or help make my lower belly go flatter, but for some strange reason it did. I got it for my skin and to help me fight fatigue at work.  I like how it suppresses my appetite, gives me long energy. I’m so focused I don’t even snack anymore. That’s a miracle. Just by adding it two times per day, I have lost two inches in my waist and my stomach is definitely flatter. I am completely surprised.  It’s nice that it is actually healthy, that made my mom happy. I’m officially addicted, in a good way.

Get Healthy, Fit & Happy Like Hannah!


If you are looking to lose body fat, clear up your skin, increase energy, get better concentration and focus so you can reach your goals, you have to try this ancient Japanese secret that is now available to us today.

Matcha green tea Powder

Get your own Best Japanese Matcha Green Tea today and receive a free ebook to help you learn how to use it and you find hundreds of recipes on the Best Matcha Tea Pinterest page.

Have fun with Hannah’s workout and girlfriend.. it’s Tea Time!



Hannah Saul’s Workout Routine

hannah saul Photo

Hannah Saul

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