Jessica Simpson Booty Shorts Workout & Diet Secrets 2.0!

13 Jun

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Jessica Simpson In Her Original Daisy Dukes!

Lower carb eating is what helped Jessica Simpson look hot in her Daisy Duke Booty Shorts! Pop star Jessica Simpson started a Lower Carb Diet and a booty shaping exercise routine to get in shape for her role as Daisy Duke and to prepare her to wear “Daisy Duke’s” signature short shorts (AKA-Booty Shorts) in the movie Dukes of Hazard movie.

Her workout included two hours a day of squats and lunges and had motivated her to create a new Courtesy of Warner workout video. “I have a white-girl booty, so I’m doing all my squats to lift it a little bit and get some junk in my trunk,” says Jessica.

Fast Forward a few years and guess what Jessica is back in demand and is rocking booty shorts even better than before! She is leaner, tighter and even more defined sexy legs!

This time she is also eating lower carb foods with the weight watchers plan, doing combination cardio circuit weight training and a bodyweight training circuit. She was able to lose 50 pounds after her child was born. And this time she lost 60 pounds! Jessica 2.0 Below – Upgraded, leaner, tighter and better than ever 2 babies later! Thanks to her awesome trainer that designed her program and put her through the paces.

You go girl! TRYOUT THIS PROGRAM. And be sure to  Order your very own bag of Best Matcha Green Tea Powder and Best Fat Burners so you can too!


Jessica said she still walks at least 4 miles daily to boost her energy and increase her metabolism. Plus she still follows a 45-minute workout four days a week. “Jessica has gotten her best body ever,” a source told Life & Style. “She truly feels like she’s in better shape than she was in her early 20s. Jess probably spends half the day at the gym.”

Jessica Simpson also loves green tea.  She said  she drinks it every day. Which is so smart on her part. Green tea has so many benefits; raises your metabolism, improves your skin, stabilizes your blood sugar and curbs sugar cravings. That is why we have one of the most Premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powders on the market. I drink it every day to stay lean and keep my weight in check and my clients are required to drink it before we train. It enhances their stamina, endurance and has a very effective fat burning effect. An added benefit is skin renewal, winter skin rejuvenation and reducing wrinkles. Asian women and men had the most remarkable skin from drinking Matcha tea everyday, it’s amazing! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!  It can even strengthen your immune system, which is crucial during the winter months.


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Matcha green tea Powder

Get our Best Selling Organic Diet Matcha Green Tea Today! It helps you get a flat stomach and stimulate faster weight loss! It works fantastic with the Paleo, Ketogenic, Low Carb and other great weight loss programs. It renews your skin and hair, improves your complexion due to the fact that it contains 137X more anti-oxidants than regular green tea.  I and My clients use it every day, sometimes twice per day to get rid of belly fat!

Look at all the awesome dishes you can make with Green Tea Powder.


You can get unlimited ideas for recipes on Pinterest Best Matcha Tea.

You are in luck!  JUST GOT IT BACK IN STOCK!! Order Quick! Our Best Selling Skinny Detox & Weight Loss Tea gives you 14 days + 7 days FREE!! It is so delicious and the natural organic ingredients are luscious and help you lose fat, reduce appetite, release cellulite, improve digestion, increase energy, There is no other tea that matches it on the market today!

Victoria's SKinny Detox Tea

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Along with Our Teas, I have them take a good Natural Multi-ingredient Fat Burner that helps get rid of puffiness, reduces water retention, burning excess stored fat, smoothing out the dimples in skin and improving energy, concentration and elevates mood! Get some today and start your day with a healthy cup of empowering fat burning tea with your fat burner. Turn your body into an ever renewing, rejuvenating machine. The day you start drinking your tea and taking your capsules, your body begins to change on the inside and then when you get disciplined and keep it up, in three months you will see a new body begin to emerge! Healthier, leaner and happier. YAY!

Like what Sara and Ashley says:

“I love these fat burners, the ingredients are ideal for me. I lost four pounds right away. It’s probably because I didn’t snack on wafers all day and I feel really energetic.” Sara

“Where have these been all my life? Especially when I was getting ready for my wedding! I like the smoothness with no jittery feeling and just knowing that I am burning fat sitting at my desk makes me feel like I’m cheating. I finally have enough energy to actually get to my Barre class after work instead of going home and crashing. I can’t wait to wear a backless dress this holiday season.” Ashley

Fat Burnerpills

Pick up your own bottle of Thermogenic Fat Burners today while they are on sale! I use to take a handful of different pills trying to get everything you need to lose weigh.  Now you can have the necessary element you need to incinerate that stored body fat, This formulation is natural, helpful and helps you burn fat, it improves your mood, you drop weight, feel good, have amazing concentration and increased energy! All in one capsule 2 x daily! The cost of the individual ingredients would come to $89.00 if you had to purchase a separate bottle foe each one! That makes the cost of these amazing Fat Burners less than the price of Smashbox’s CC Camera Ready Spot Reducing Cream! It only covers spots, this health inducing formulation of body and mood enhancing ingredients actually affect your quality of life! Get yours today and be holiday fabulous!

Water Flushes Fat!

You also have to get your water in every day! It took me two long years to realize that I need to drink water every day to flush my liver and keep it detoxed so that it could actually burn stored fat. Then a scientist colleague told me if I added enzymes to the water, it was even better and I could lose weight even faster and help keep my skin hydrated so it would be resilient and that could help prevent stretch marks along with essential mineral in the Seaweed Matrix Skin Tightener.

VBS infuser water bottle

Love & Motivational Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Love is powerful. I learned at a lecture on self healing that water has memory.. water is life…. and water responds to negative or positive elements and energy. I was done being fat, lethargic and having dull skin.

SO I went all in! I created a limited edition water bottle with positive words surrounding the water so that it would be infused with positive loving energy to help my body heal. This is totally life changing!

Plus, I went the extra mile and added motivational coaching phrases to help me stay in the game. Now you can have the same Limited Edition Fruit Infused Water Bottle to help you drink “love” infused water every day and stay in the game so that you can reach your true potential! Get yours today!

HOURGLASS FIGURE – Tight Waist – Round Booty

Gorgeous brunette working on her muscles in a gym, mirror reflection. Fitness woman doing workout. Sporty girl doing exercise in fitness center. Beautiful brunette toning her muscles at the gym

To get that sexy hourglass look when your booty gets lifted, try out our to selling Pink Latex Waist Training Cincher. It pulls in your waist, and accentuates your butt. Here’s what Dalia Had to say about it:

“I love this trainer. It’s so soft and pretty.  It covers my muffin top and sucks in my love handles.  My stomach is flat up underneath and i look like i haver a booty!  I love it! I finally have an hourglass shape.  I’m so happy I got it.” Dalia


Want To Tighten and Tone Skin? Try my new

Check out this Amazing Skin Tightening and Firming Anti-Cellulite Cream that firms, sculpts and also helps detox your skin remove stored body water that leads to dimples and imperfections.

Beast Tightening Anti Cellulite

Keep working on your goals and on your body. Knowing that you can get better every year like Jessica Simpson is a good reminder.

You can also use this amazing skin tightening cream with saran wrap or and with other popular spa type of body wraps. You can even put it on before you workout to go in the sauna or beach to help purify and cleanse the skin and fatty areas. Get your jar today of Best Skin Tightening Anti-Cellulite Extreme Slimming Gel.

Best Tightening and anti cellulite

If you haven’t dieted in a while. you may want to start with my Skinny Detox & Weight Tea,  be sure to follow the $99.00 Diet Program comes FREE with the Tea & Fat Burners!  It’s the perfect way to motivate you, educate you about what kinds of foods to eat to lose weight permanently, cleanse and heal your body!

Victoria's SKinny Detox Tea


Eat well, laugh out loud, smile at strangers and train for health and total beauty. Inside and out!


PS. I’m trying something new and posting my Victoria’s Body Shoppe Podcast on Youtube, you can check out the latest episode here… Check it out and let me know if you like it…

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