Detox…Beat Bloating & Flatten Your Stomach!

20 Jun


7  Tips To Beat Bloating, Flatten Your Stomach & Tighten Your Thighs So You Can Rock Your Party Dress

Hello Dear Friends!

This is a question from a loving fan that I am answering for all of us who seem to suffer from this issue too sometimes. We have to get ready for the holidays!



Dearest Victoria,

You are so special to me.

I live in Russia. I have learned so much about myself from reading your newspapers you send to me in email every week and your DVD’s have taught me how to have rhythm, how to dance and how to laugh at myself instead of criticizing.

I did not know all these tings about what to eat and how to train as a woman. I am forever grateful to you. I have totally changed my body and as you teach “attitude”.

I have reduced 2 dress sizes and my legs don’t wiggle any more when I walk in a skirt.

I have so many new dreams and ideas now. I think I am going to start modeling part time along with my full time job. I like what your blogs have taught me about abundance. There is no reason to limit my future. SO thank you.

Here is my question; I have totally changed my diet and all you advice in diet has worked like miracles. In Russia, that is very hard, but now I have it all organized and budgeted so it is much easier now.   I suffer from puffiness and retain water. What can I do when I am starting to get puffy and bloated? It feels awful and I don’t want to lose modeling jobs because of it.   Liliyana

THANK YOU Liliyana!

I am so touched that you find life changing ideas in my newsletters and blogs. I write from the heart. I stop everything I am doing to write to you and my other adorable readers. Life is so short and we don’t have time for negative limiting beliefs of others poisoning our thoughts and actions.

What You Do Is What Counts

I try never to let anyone get to me so much that I get down on myself. I don’t need anyone dogging me out because they had a bad day or they are disappointed with their life.   Our life is what we make it. That is why I sign off with a positive action to take each week. Words are just the beginning, what we do; counts, what we do matters and what we create is what we will have.

I am also very proud of you for organizing your eating and training schedule so much so that you are going to use your physical gift to increase your income which will increase your standard or living and stimulate the economy where you live!   Now Let’s get to your problem.

Bloated Puffy Belt Hangover & Tighten Your Legs

Most people retain a little water, and it is fairly common.  Most women, especially may notice an increase in water retention during the week before their period. It’s fine to stop water retention at home that is minor. Yet, if water retention seems major, occurs all the time, and is continually resulting in puffy extremities or excessive weight gain, this could indicate serious health issues. If you suffer a lot with a high degree of water retention, you should not try to reduce it at home, but should see your naturopath or healthy fit doctor for a thorough checkup.

If you are just puffy, bloated like you have a stomach full of gas, air or just plain stuffiness, your legs, arms and bum also feel like sausages stuffed in a too tight hot dog bun, then you may just need a good anti-bloat detox! Especially if you have some parities and fun social occasions to attend during the holiday. There is nothing words than trying to hide at a party or wearing  an outfit that covers you up because you don’t feel good about your body…UGH! I hate that. You get a sweet invite to someplace rockin and you don’t feel 100%. There is an answer my beautiful friend!

The most exciting thing about beating bloating is your entire body will benefit and look slimmer and tighter!  If you have a puffy stomach, you probably also feel like your legs and ankles are puffy too. I know I do, and so do my models when they are getting ready for a shoot.

Here are some effective strategies ideas to help stop water retention, beat that bloating, remove the air, shut down the puffiness and detox your lower intestines that could be packed with crap and creating that pooch in your pants:)! Plus, you will see your thighs start to trim down, cellulite start to decrease and the uneven lumps and bumps smooth out. YAY!

Puffy Legs That Transform Into Tight Legs

When you carry excess fluids, trapped salt and impurities in the innerstitial water that is trapped under the skin, your legs are puffy. When you lose that water through a detox and following the 7 tips outlined for you here, they get tighter, thinner and more sleek. Let’s check out the seven tips.

  1. Drink Water – Water retention is common when you are dehydrated, low on water or have a mineral and electrolyte imbalance. The body will convert to conserving water trying to stabilize that imbalance and then begins to retain even more fluid. Drinking 8-10 glasses a day of filtered infused water replenishes electrolytes and minerals helps tell your body it’s okay to shed that extra water, thereby reducing “water” retention. Below is my Limited Edition, Motivational Fruit/Veggie Infusion Water Bottle filled with strawberries and pineapple. Those two fruits’ enzymes are perfect for detoxing and helping your body get into a good weight loss state.

VBS infuser water bottle

  1. Reduce Sodium – Minimizing extra sodium in your diet is crucial. That’s a part of what happened to one of my beach workout crisis cases. She macked out on salty pretzels, drank soda while she was flying in for an album cover. She did a triple whammy to her body before the photo shoot. Of course she had to fly, but she should have drank water and bought an apple and an orange at the airport to have as her snack while she was flying. It would have saved us hours of work and lost time trying to detox her skin and reset her hydration level.  We did it and her skin looked totally fabu!

Note: Avoid Packaged and Canned Food.  Almost all packaged and canned foods contain some level of sodium. Most natural food sources also have some sodium too, though the amount is usually less and your body assimilates it better since it is from a natural source. Look for low sodium varieties of foods, especially canned foods and prepared meals if they are your only food option.

  1. Move- Increase Circulation. Walking, bicycling, stationary cycling, tennis and running are all activities that help pump out water and other fluids that can pool in your legs and ankles. Doing cardio type exercises with lightweight training works well too.  The active contracting of the muscles force circulation, make you sweat and help release trapped water and sodium under the skin.

Victoria's SKinny Detox Tea

  1. Sip Herbal Detox Tea. Organic Rose Hips can help flush out excess water without any harmful side affects.  You can find these teas in most health foods stores. You can also try our Skinny Detox & Weight Loss Tea There is no other tea that has our 8 signature detox organic ingredients all in one tea bag. It Reduces fluid retention naturally without mineral depletion and targets lower belly fat. WOOHOO!!  BACK IN STOCK JUST FOR YOU TODAY. GO GET YOURS RIGHT NOW BEFORE THEY SELL OUT AGAIN! YOU CAN ALSO get some Rose Hips tea at Whole Foods an drink it throughout the day.

Fat Burner

  1. Take A Good Natural Fat Burner Supplement. Taking our Best Thermogenic Fat Burner is a great way to lose lower belly bulges since it’s unique formulation targets abs, hips and thighs. It suppresses your appetite and helps you stay on your program. It increases focus and revs up your metabolism. It also improves your energy and turns your body into a fat burning machine.  If you are trying to lose weight, it is vital to keep your energy high so that you can use it to train when doing your toning, fat burning and conditioning workouts. It takes about three months for the formulation to affect your metabolic rate and make it higher  so that you not only lose weight, your body becomes conditioned to burning fat so that it doesn’t come back!
  2. Take B6. It’s also good to take up to 100 milligrams of vitamin B6 daily it helps reduce premenstrual water retention. This nutrient also reduces fluid buildup caused by hormone replacement therapy. (check with your healthy lean doctor first before you take anything.
  3. Take Calcium. Researchers at the New York Metropolitan Hospital found that a daily calcium supplement provided relief from premenstrual water retention in three-fourths of the women who took it. If it’s safe for you, take 500-milligrams twice daily, one at breakfast and one at dinner. Ask your doctor whether these supplements are okay for you. If you get the approval to take a calcium supplementation, you must drink water when take it.

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle With Motivational Quotes -Limited Edition! Get Yours Now


★ SAVE TIME, MONEY, ENERGY and CALORIES: Make your own sports drink and vitamin water for a fraction of the cost. Save a ton of money and time. A quick, low priced nutritious way to get your daily dose of healthy digestive enzymes, nutritious vitamins, minerals and energy. It’s the perfect way to Hydrate Nourish your body and Detox too! Plus the motivational words and a loving heart will shower you with LOVE INFUSION.

Keep your Love Inspired Infusion Water Bottle or your favorite bottled water or designated water-drinking cup in visible sight. Make sure there is one in the kitchen, one at your desk or workspace, one in your car and one in your gym bag. If they are out of sight, they are out of mind.

Personally, I have three infusion water bottles in different areas that I use. I also have a beautiful 16-ounce crystal blue thermal glass that I have sitting by my computer as well. I drink one per hour. Each day I write for three hours. If I write longer, I drink more. I also have an elegant crystal pitcher of water with shaped cubes in it that I keep on another table that I use to fill up my thermal glass with. I track the number of ounces I drink per day in my food journal and I love the way the water bottle has slash marks to help me know where I am in my consumption.


  1. Increase Urine Formation- That’s right, Go more! You can release it or retain it. Our Limited Edition Motivation Infusion Water Bottle has tracking indicators to help you stay on the plan and fill it with foods like limes, lemons, cucumbers, strawberries and celery, they contain natural substances that increase urine formation. You can eat other vegetables such as asparagus, parsley, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, cabbage and mushrooms can facilitate water loss in conjunction with a low-carb good glycemic diet.

These vegetables require large amounts of water for digestion which helps pull it out from beneath the skin and into the digestive track. Plus they are high in fiber, which is healthy to keep your colon clear. A healthy clean colon will help flatten your lower belly and totally help get rid of the bloating.

Try these ideas out and experiment with them until you find your perfect formula for getting rid of that awful feeling excess water, bloating and puffiness. Shop around and look for the best prices so that you can continue to eat healthy and improve your modeling potential.

Finally- If none of these work and you’re on medications, give your doctor a list of all medications you are currently taking—both prescription and over-the-counter—and ask whether there are other alternatives that don’t “bloat you out” available. Switching to lower-dose estrogen in your hormone replacement therapy, for example, could reduce fluid retention. If you’re on steroidal medication, be sure to let your doctor know about your water-retention problems. He or she may prescribe a diuretic that could help. Every body is different, just don’t give up and keep working on it until you find your perfect formula!

Liliyana, Congratulations to you on your newfound success and drive. I am so proud of you that you chose to be victorious  and not whine like a victim. If you are a victim, you can only get better by the hands of someone else. If you put your future in someone else’s hands, in the end, you will lose! No one can care about or for  you better than you can!

It takes great courage and dedication to put your body first in your life. I understand how difficult it is living in a place outside of the American abundance. Here in America we have so many food choices and yet we spend millions of dollars trying to find ways not to eat it! LOL

I commend you on increasing your income potential in these down times. It is much better to vibrate and focus on income creation. When you spend all your energy on reducing your living, you end up with less of everything. Yes, you should be responsible.   Stay focused on your goals and remember that many millionaires are created during down times because of ingenuity, creativity and the drive of the human spirit.

Never stop working on your body and never stop expanding your possibilities. When you make it in modeling, send me a copy of your first cover shot!

TO YOU,  MY LOYAL FOLLOWER! I want to thank you for helping me make my vision a reality. I travel across the globe looking for formula, ingredients, and ideas to help us look better, feel better and operate at peak levels so that we can reach our true potential. In certain parts of the world, being a woman in business is very difficult, but when I think of you, I get inspired and persevere!

Make this an outstanding week!


Also, Liliyana you have to go and read about my Best Skin Tightener. It tightens loose skin and repairs collagen! You are going to love it. I  have one model who was having problems getting booked because her ab skin was a little too loose when she bent over.  After three months. BAM! Transformed. She is back in front of the camera and looking smokin’ hot!

Skin Tightening Lotion Cream


PS..Our bikini competitors love the Skin Tightening Lotion Cream. It can be used during exercise to increase skin tightening and speed up the.  Go to the product page and read about it’s tightening ingredients.


You can even put it on with our BEST Extreme SLimming Gel!

Victoria's Extreme Slimming Gel

Do a body wrap or use it to help you sweat out the water when you train!

Hyaluronic (firming, brightening, fade brown spots) Acid With Vitamin C Serum With Clinical Dose Lightening, Firming & Brightening all in one formulation.

Vita C

Stock up Today! There are only a few left!

Now for you girls who are going to detox, but need an instant answer to your bloating check out my New Dual Waist Training System. It’s light and makes you look skinny instantly while you are slimming down. You get a fat blasting diet, workout video and 2 different garments that gives you an hourglass head-turning body!

Attractive Sexy Lady Posing

Victoria’s SKinny Dual Waist Training System


PS. Be sure to listen to my Podcast below and visit iTunes to download ALL my podcasts FREE…



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