Break Sugar Addiction and Stop Emotional Eating

1 Aug


Break Sugar Addiction And Stop Emotional Eating!

Wendy Williams.jpeg

Wendy Williams Amazing Transformation.  She Lost Weight, Changed Her Shape  & Conquered Emotional Eating!

Congratulations Wendy on your 30 Pound Weight Loss  and Conquering  Emotional Eating.  I struggled with it for years too.

I am so proud of you for taking action and then having the heart to share it with the world so that you can help others. That is so courageous.

Doesn’t she look fabulous? She’s such an inspiration!


What’s Your Weakness?

How about you? Do you ever struggle with this debilitating habit? In honor of Wendy we are offering some solutions to this struggle. Check them out at The Inquisiter.

To read more about how Talk Show Queen, Wendy Williams found her peace and conquered her demon read here.

Question From A Reader..

I am so frustrated and all I can do is cry. I don’t understand why I can’t stick to a sensible diet long enough to lose weight. I know that I should be concerned about my health since I have children and a great husband. I get up in the morning planning to have a great day. I tell myself I am going to be strong and eat healthy and exercise and stay positive. Then it all goes wrong… 

I have done what you said and put affirmations on 3X5 cards throughout my home but I get so frustrated that I could smear some jelly on the them and devour them. That’s what I end up doing with every other sugary food in my cupboard; I start off with a good breakfast and send the kids and hubby out the door.

Then by ten o’clock, I have my hands in a bag, box or bowl of something munchy, crunchy or sweet and that’s the beginning of what feels like a beaver shaving it’s way through a log. I have gone through an entire bag of Halloween candy already and will have to sneak and replace it before anyone finds out. I eat continuously with an almost uncontrollable fervor. 

You would think with the amount of food I take in that I would have lots of energy to exercise, but the opposite happens. By the afternoon, all I want to do is lie down and take a nap. I feel so exhausted and hopeless. Even worse than that, I feel ashamed for not taking better care of myself. Help me Victoria. I am eating and I can’t stop. I want to lose weight, feel good, have energy for my husband and kids, but I feel like I have lost my power over my appetite. 

Food Crazed in The UK 


You sound like you are an emotional wreck. What you are experiencing are symptoms of being a sugar-holic. I understand exactly what you are describing. You feel like you are an intelligent person with good behavioral tendencies.

You’re a mother and a wife and you want to provide the best environment for yourself and your family, yet you feel like a total failure because you can’t walk past a bag of Halloween candy without eating at lease one of those pesky little miniature candy bars. 

By the way, there is nothing small or minuscule about those candies. They actually zap all your energy so you don’t even feel like working out!

too exhausted.jpg

Excess Sugar Can Make You Too Tired to Exercise

They are little monsters dressed up in chocolate, nuts and all kinds of gooey stuff. They ruin your thighs, dimple up your butt, build deadly belly fat and make your brain feel like it’s bipolar. Sugar is not an innocent sweet thing; it’s a non-nutritive havoc-causing element that can rob you of all that you desire. 

Katherine, You are not alone, each year, 120 pounds of added sweetener is consumed in America per personthat’s 1/3 pound of sugar per person every single day! That’s an added 630 calories. Many of these sugar calories are hiding in soft drinks and processed foods, so we may not even know how much sugar we eat every day.

Imagine giving up just one candy bar a day and losing 1 pound every two weeks, without making any other change in our diet. That’s an astounding 22 pounds in one year. 


AAAAHHH I Ate An Entire Bag!

Regarding my experience with sugar-holic-ism. I was a certified card-carrying Oreo Cookie addict. I wore a bracelet that said, “if found passed out in the parking lot of a supermarket, revive with Double Stuffed Oreos and chocolate milk“. I recall one Friday night I decided to go for a power walk in the crisp fall air. I struck out with my fanny pack and mini headset. I was singing and my arms were swinging. After about twenty minutes I happened to walk past a local food mart that had a special on ice cream and I thought “wow, I could save some money if I bought a pint of xyz ice cream”.

So being the responsible person that I am, I ran in and bought a pint saving about fifty cents off the regular price. 

I swiftly jumped back into my power walk only to feel a certain urge to STOP, go over to a secluded park bench and what do you know, I had happened to pick up a spoon by the condiments while I was in the food mart and zipped it away in my fanny pack. I sat there and devoured the entire pint in a matter of minutes. If anyone had observed me, they would have thought I was a crack addict and I had just scored my first hit of the evening. The sad part of this scenario is that I totally felt like that. I was so ashamed and disgusted with myself and I kept telling myself that I “knew” better.


Unfortunately, when it comes to any kind of chemical addiction, knowing what to do and doing what you know will hurt you is the true essence of and addiction. 

Over time I came to be able to control my binging. Only because I learned that it was chemical as well as mental. I could not get the mental strength I needed until I was able to control my chemical hormonal balance. That happened when I learned about which foods were triggers that would throw me into a binge cycle and which foods would help me feel stable and satiated. 

In the case of over eating, knowledge truly was power and was totally liberating for me. I do not suffer from binge attacks or live with the feeling of shame and self-hatred. I was so relieved to finally understand that it was not my fault and Katherine, up to this point, it is not your fault either. You’re eating foods that send you into a never satisfied cycle of hyper simple carbohydrate and sugar consumption.

Here are some signs of having a simple carbohydrate and sugar addiction:

Sugar Addict .jpg

Break Your Sugar Addiction

  • A weight problem all your life.
  • Never seem to be in control of food.
  • Why sugar and simple carbs have always held such power over me.
  • Certain same foods seem to give me comfort.
  • My health started deteriorating so badly when I started having children. Your emotions are always so volatile.
  • You have constant mood swings
  • Can become depressed for no unexplainable reason
  • Always feels hunger, whether your stomach is full or not
  • Struggles with low energy, lack of focus, and low levels of depression.

Solution # 1 Eat More Protein


Eat More Protein For Total Health and Emotional Energy

The Power of Protein 
Protein can be the physiological key to controlling your appetite. 

Extra protein, it turns out, sends “stop eating” messages to your brain. Research from the University of Washington, for example showed that simply increasing the amount of protein in your diet helps you lose weight even if you don’t shun carbohydrates one bit. Protein makes up 15 percent of most of our daily caloric intake, while fat accounts for 35 percent and carbohydrates for 50 percent. In the study, subjects bumped up their protein intake to 30 percent and reduced their fat intake to 20 percent.

Within three months, they were 11 pounds lighter on average, even though half of the calories they ate still came from carbohydrates. The group also reported feeling satisfied with less food. In other words, they lost weight because they consumed fewer calories. 

Protein’s benefits go way beyond waistline trimming. The brain and its neurons are essentially made of fat, but they communicate with each other via proteins. The hormones and enzymes that cause chemical changes and control all body processes are also made of proteins. Carbohydrates, while essential as the brain’s main source of fuel, can make you feel tired–and hungry for an energy boost–because they increase the brain’s level of the amino acid tryptophan, which in turns spurs production of the calming neurotransmitter serotonin. Protein, on the other hand, prompts the brain to manufacture norepinephrine and dopamine, chemical messengers that promote alertness and activity.

Here’s a brief list of high protein foods from natural sources:


Protein Sources: cheese, cream, milk and eggs

  • FISH (cod fillets 100g or 3.5 ounces) 21 grams
  • CHEESE cheddar 100g (3.5 ounces) 25 grams
  • ROAST BEEF, HAMBURGER, BISON,(100g or 3.5 ounces) 28 grams
  • ROAST CHICKEN 100g (3.5 ounces) 25 grams
  • OTHER MEATS AVERAGE (100g or 3.5 ounces) 25 grams
  • EGGS (1 medium size) 6 grams
  • NON FAT MILK (1 pint or 568ml) 19 grams
  • SOYA MILK Plain (200 ml) 6 grams
  • TOFU (100 g) 8 grams
  • LOW-FAT YOGHURT (plain) 150g 8 grams
  • LOW-FAT YOGHURT (fruit) 150g 6 grams

To get a detailed list of the proper balance of foods and menus that are acceptable in your program be sure to pick up my Quick Start Energy Program. COMES FREE WITH ANY PRODUCT PURCHASE!

Not all high protein foods are created equally and that is why I created lists of acceptable and unacceptable foods in the program just for you.Start Fresh and do all that you do with Joy! 

Solution #2 Detox and Kick The Habit


Time To Detox Your Body and Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Since sugar truly is addictive: Your body reacts to it like a drug and craves it constantly. You want to do a detox to help you stabilize your appetite so that you can kick the habit for good.

Skinny Detox Tea

Yummy 14 Day Detox and Slimming Tea with 7 Days Free!

Skinny Detox & Weight Loss Tea in the morning is perfect for that. It helps you detox sugar and other impurities. Most detox teas have two to four ingredients and only offer 14 days. Our Skinny Detox Tea has eight different natural herbal cleansing and healing teas offer 21 days for the same price . Plus it cleanses the liver, improves your mental state and revs up your metabolism. It is one of the most popular Skinny Teas on the market because the ingredients targets the lower belly area. If you want to start right away, cut up half a lemon in 16 ounces of water and drink throughout the day.

Solution # 3 Weight Loss Booster With Garcinia Cambogia

Gardenia Cambodia Weight Loss

Garcinia Atroviridis is a fresh fruit that is high inVitamin C. The  Extract is used as a weight loss, appetite suppressing and emotional well being supplement.

Garcinia Cambogia, a safe, well known popular weight loss fruit found in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. This pear-shaped fruit is packed with HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) which is a weight loss promoting element. It not only helps you lose weight, drop fat from your waist and hips, it suppresses your appetite and that helps you lose safely.

Garcinia Cambogia is used to create a supplement that helps to suppress the appetite naturally without harming the digestive organs.

Garcinia Cambogia is being used currently as a natural supplement for weight loss and anxiety control but there are more health benefits also.!

-Indonesia Gift to the World!

Garcinia can also promote your emotional and mental well being. The plant, native to Indonesia also assists in health issues such as diabetes, digestive issues, heart disease, high cholesterol and ulcers. Garcinia Cambogia comes from the rind of the tamarind and completely natural.

-Metabolic Booster

There are some awesome metabolic functions Garcinia Cambogia has to assist in you in your quest for weight loss. The actual fruit rind contains HCA which burns high levels of fat within the body which will prevent you from gaining further weight. This is due to the Citrate Lyase being blocked which is what creates fat cells in the body by your consumption of carbohydrates. Further to this, it also forces the body to move towards glycogen to burn additional fat.

Weight Loss Booster

The Best Advanced Weight Loss Booster – Garcinia Cambogia Complex -Lose Belly Fat –SLIMMING Formula –Helps Reduce effects of Stress – Suppresses Appetite- Speeds up Metabolism – Stabiles Blood Sugar – All Pure Natural Ingredients – Certified Lab- Made in USA. 100% natural wholesome natural ingredients. Made in a certified Lab. You can trust that what is on the label is the bottle. And you can’t say that about all the supplements on the shelf today. Plus it comes with a $99.00 Weight Loss Program for FREE!

Solution #4 Hydrate and Get Enzymed

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Fruit Infused Motivational Water Bottle With Free Giant Recipe Guide

Drink 2 lit re’s of water per day. Add healthy fruits and vegetables to water to help stabilize blood sugar and stave off cravings. Water gives you  the feeling of being full and helps you to eat less. Get your own personal Motivational Limited Edition Fruit Infusion Water Bottle with a gigantic FREE recipe guide.

Katherine, protein can give you the power you need to control your binging and that will give you the desire to start exercising. Once you start moving and have fun working your, you will feel like a new woman. Live each day like it is your last and add some joy to every thing you do. 

God gave us the gift of life and what we do with it is the gift we give to Him. Ask Him to help you, lead you and provide you with the strength to become healthy and free from your past thoughts, circumstances and pain as you work on the physical aspect of your addiction. He loves us and He wants to help us. Many times, we have not, because we ask not. Ask Him for joy today.

Life is a gift and we need to embrace all of it with total passion. 
Don’t wait. Start today! Make this your new beginning. Go through your house and remove all the foods that are not healthy for you just like an alcoholic that starts a sobriety program, they remove all temptation. Remove all your temptations today and set yourself up to win.

Remember to take care of your skin as you lose weight. Help it shrink as you lose so it can stay tight and beautiful! Try the Extreme Slimming & Tightening Cream today!

Victoria's Extreme Slimming anti-cellulite Gel

Best Slimming and Tightening Cream For Before, During and After Weight Loss & Workouts

Sign up at my Best Matcha Tea Blog and get your Free Green Smoothie Guide to help you detox too. I want to offer you every tool you need to succeed at beating your sugar addiction and building the best body ever!



Victoria Johnson

Your Celebrity Professional Trainer And Skin Care & Supplement Pioneer

PS. Click below to listen to my Break Sugar Addiction and Stop Emotional Eating Podcast Right Now…!



2 Responses to “Break Sugar Addiction and Stop Emotional Eating”

  1. Lisa February 25, 2016 at 11:23 am #

    I recently ordered the fat burners and although it suppress. I forget to eat 30 minutes later and by the time I eat I’m over eating. I’ve been reading all of your blogs and know this can work but I need a little more help. I can eat healthy and for with everything going on in my life right I’m eating on the go. I work 8-10 hours a day I’m a caregiver for my dad, a wife, a mother of daughter who’s picking up my bad habits Lord help me I don’t wish this on anyone.
    Can you tell me exactly how to incorporate the fat burners in my schedule. Should I be taking one or two. I have enough for 2 weeks and I’m disappointed to say I’ve gained 5 pounds no fault to the product. I know I can make the best of the product

    thank you,

    • victoriajohnson February 25, 2016 at 3:41 pm #

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. And thank you for supporting our products.

      YAY, You forget to eat because Fat Burners suppress your appetite. But you must eat 2-3 healthy mini meals and a protein smoothie or shake to keep your digestion and metabolism going! You also must drink 2 –4 quarts of water to flush out the fat and toxins or you will retain water and shut down your metabolism.

      If you are feeling low on energy, then you want to take another one at 2:00 –4:00 PM

      1.You are totally booked with tasks and appointments so you are running a mini corporation and so far you are doing great. But if you want your entire family to be healthy long term and never have to struggle with weight, poor health or sickness then you have to “be the leader”.. And here are some tips we use with our Corporations.

      #1 Make everyone involved in helping run everything. You guy sit down and have a family meeting and set some goals and outlines some things that can help YOU ALL function better and work better as a team. Our role is to help create an environment where everyone succeeds .

      #2. Come up with 3-4 things you can eat that is low carb, healthy, low salt, low sugar and quick to eat. Example… one of my client with 4 kids, makes salads and keep them in plastic bowls with covers. She has stir fry veggies and chicken she makes when she is cooking and puts them in mini servings plastic bowls with lids and puts them in the fridge and then microwaves them for 45 seconds to a minute and eats before she heads out the door. She keeps fruit in her purse (apple, orange, banana.
      She also has delivery services in her neighborhood from local restaurants that se uses to deliver healthy meals and separates them into 3-4 mini servings so the cost is justified,

      #3. Mentally slow down! A lot of the rushing we do is mental because we have so many things to do. When you feel overwhelmed, stop and take breath, write down your tasks so you can release them rom your “busy mind). Make time for 30 minutes of quiet time to relax, eat, meditate, pray and just get centered so you can be present and at peace with your family. You are the role model. Model AWESOME HABITS THAT THEY WILL THANK YOU FOR IN THE FUTURE.

      #4 Find a good high protein low carb smoothie mix and recipes and make them and have them in the fridge and grab one as you head out the door. Check out this sie:
      You can also buy low carb high protein shakes at the market. EAS protein shakes are awesome!

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