3 Moves For Sexy Sleek Arms Fast!

8 Aug



Question:  Victoria,

I love to wear sleeveless dresses but I have embarrassingly flabby arms. I just bought the most adorable tube dress and I am too self-conscious to wear it yet. 

I like the idea that you were actually overweight yourself and you have been able to tone and firm your arms.

I feel more comfortable trusting your suggestions.

What are your favorite exercises to tone and sculpt my arms so that I won’t feel like I have chicken wings when I wear it?
- Alena

Answer: Alena,

Flabby Arm jpg.jpg

Let’s Get Rid of Chicken Wings!

How hilarious…”chicken wings”. I suppose that you mean that the skin and flabby muscles on the backside of your arms are loose and flop when you move your arm. UUGGGHHH!! I can totally understand what you mean.

I love training my arms. Whenever I am having a fat day, I like to put on some comfortable tights and then immediately do some arm toning exercises. It makes me feel sleek and firm. 

I have found that I and my clients have to use a good moisturizing body toning lotion when training to help restructure the skin as we lose weight. You don’t want to lose weight only to be left with stretch marks or loose skin.

Skin Rejuvenation bottle_front.jpg

Perfect For Hands, Feet & Elbows Plus Total Body

Check out my  Superior Skin Rejuvenation Formula. Right Now the weather is so unpredictable and to have a formula especially designed for hands,feet and elbows is awesome. I was in New York and it was freezing, this formula saved my hands and feet from looking like i had creepy elephant skin. There’s something that makes you feel confident when your hands and our feet and ankles are soft, smooth and feels like silk. Men love that too!

SKin Rejuvenation.jpg

Skin Rejuvenation – Sexy Skin Solution


and My Skin Tightener is the best. I love it.  It has saved me hundreds of dollars worth of Laser Treatments and my skin glows and is so firm, it passes the  “Snap Back” test with flying colors, you know it snaps back when you pull it! That is the ultimate skin test.

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Victoria’s Best SKin Tightener

I train them with different exercises so that the entire arm is being trained so that they will become sculpted faster.

I keep the exercises close together and I use short rest periods, about 30 seconds between sets.

When I am preparing for a photo shoot, I supersets my exercises–performs two exercises back to back without resting in between. 
I wrote out the program for you so you can do it too.

It’s a great way to get through your workout more quickly and burn more calories in the process. You can pair bicep exercises with a triceps exercise.

 Most weight training programs in muscle magazines in the past were designed by men for men who were interested in  building bulky muscles, I have personally experienced that myself.

Too Big For My Shirts

I had an awesome male bodybuilding trainer when I first got into bodybuilding and I built thick muscle that took me a long time to break down and reduce in size. That just happens to be my body type, not all women experience that. My arms were so big, they hardly fit in my performance costumes. lol!



He was not a bad trainer, I just decided later on that I wanted to return to my slimmer fitness/dancer body.

That’s why I designed this perfect muscle sculpting for totally toned arms program for sculpting and firming. When you perform these tried and true exercises you will begin to see and experience the following:

  • Improved overall tone
  • Tighter leaner muscles
  • Muscles become firm to the touch
  • Increased conditioning
  • Improved circulation with better skin tone if you use a skin tightener or My new favorite Skin Rejuvenation Formula
  • Stronger mind and body awareness
  • Improved self confidence & body awareness

Set Up To Win
 – Take the time necessary to invest in your body.  

Make your health and your body a priority by establishing rituals,  a set of habits and patterns that prepares your mind and signals your body that you are ready to train. Decide a set time and place. Get your tools such as weight,s tubes, chair, water, sweat towel, workout mat or other equipment you need.

Remove distractions. 

Turn off the TV unless you are following a video. Turn off or move your phone into another room, close your computer, or any other electronic device that rings, beeps or signals you for something other than move your butt! Get your music ready. Treat your workout time as a sacred life lathering experience because it is.

Okay, Let’s do this. Here is your Plan to Get It Gear!


Toned Arms Program Tips

  1. Get Centered -
Start every move from by tightening midsection, also known as your Core or center of your body.

Your abs are to be pulled in tight with your navel lifted towards your ribs, (Pilates Concept). This helps to stabilize your low back and will help you move correctly throughout your routine. Your back is to be neutral and comfortable. Do not force your spine into any painful positions. Your posture is to be tall and strong, not scrunched over.
  2. Conscious Breathing 
Oxygen during exercise is vital. Through Deep breathing you oxygenate the blood when you exercise, you must consciously practice it when you exercise. It enhances circulation, stimulates fat burning, cleanses your metabolic system and eliminates toxins from your body. Inhale and take in a deep breath as you prepare to move, and then as you perform the move (the hardest part of the exercise) exhale completely. Do this throughout the entire series. Another way to think about breathing is:

Inhale on the easy part; exhale on the part that takes effort. I like to take a breath that is 2 seconds in and two seconds out. This basic allows you to develop a consistent breathing pattern.
  3. Focused Energy
When you perform an exercise put your mental energy into the target muscle area or muscle group you are targeting to change. Practice putting your mind into the muscle during the motion. What that means is feel the muscle contract, see it getting firmer, more shapely and stronger. Perform the moves with purpose and outcome in mind. Put your mind into the muscle and see it shrink. Don’t just carelessly do the move; execute the move with commitment to see it improve.

Each exercise is simple but very effective.

Practice, rehearse and perfect the move as your body becomes conditioned and the muscles get firmer. The principle is to strengthen and lengthen so that you can develop long and lean muscles pretty muscles.

You want to build a tight and firm body not big and bulky. Flexible and fluid, confident and powerful. 

Always warm up and prepare your body for the workout. This allows your mind and body time to prepare for what’s ahead.

Always move with care from exercise to exercise, no quick jerky motions.

CAUTION: if you ever feel sharp pains during exercise stop immediately and check with your physician. Never exercise through sharp pain.

Equipment and Routine

Use Hand Weights and Dumbbells 3, 5, or 8 pounds

 or more depending on your level of strength and ability.

Do  your Sets and Reps for 20 minutes Total for the Toned Arms Program

  1. Try for three to four days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or  Saturday

Beginners- 3-4 sets of 12-20 Repetitions per exercise with lightweights
 with cardio intervals. Begin with a warm up, walking in place, dancing and stretching for 5-7 minutes.  Once you are warmed up and stretched out pick up your weights and start your first set. When done with the set, do some more cardio for 3-5 minutes, then do your second set. Rest for 30 seconds then do some more cardio 3-5 minutes, cool down for 30 seconds, then do another or your last one and repeat.

Moderately Fit 3 Sets of 12-20 Repetitions with moderate weight

 – Same Circuit as Beginner. Weight and Cardio.


  1. Toned Arms Exercises
Modified push-up: 
Works shoulders, and arms -Very effective but it takes a lot of concentration and focus.
Modified Tricep Push up.jpeg

Modified Tricep Push up

Lie on your stomach, knees bent and ankles crossed. Elbows bent, place your palms on the floor a next to your chest, keep your head and neck in alignment, eyes facing the floor.

Push yourself up and straighten your arms as you lift your body so you are balanced on your palms and knees, abdominals tight. Be careful not to lock your elbows.

Bend your elbows again and lower your entire body at once back towards the floor, lower until your upper arms are parallel to the floor, engage your core and push back up again.


Full Body Tricep Push ups-  If you are advanced enough.

Advanced Tricep Push Up .jpeg

Advanced Tricep Push up










  1. Bicep Curls 
Bicep one arm jpeg.jpeg

Single Arm Bicep Curl Using Music With A Hot Beat

Works biceps -Front of the arms
- Alternating one at a time or training both arms together.

Here are 3 Different Angles to Experiment with.

You can try the varied angles and see which ones feel most effective. You can also vary them session to session. Mix it Up!

3 Angles Biceps C.jpeg

3 Angles of Bicep Curls For Sexy Arms

Basic -Palms Up;  Lateral- Palms out;  and Hammer – Palms Facing Each Other.

Hold a lightweight or dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Let your arms hang down at your sides with your palms facing in toward your legs. Pull your abdominals in, stand tall, and keep your knees relaxed.

Curl your right arm up, fist close to your shoulder, twisting your palm so that it faces the front of your shoulder at the top of the movement. Slowly lower the dumbbell back down, and then repeat with your left arm. Continue alternating until you’ve completed the set. One repetition consists of a complete curl with each arm



Tricep  Kickbacks For Tight Sleek Arms

3 Kick-backs: 
Works triceps (chicken wings) – Back of your arms

Stand to the left of a chair. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, feet hip-width apart. Lean forward at the hips until your upper body is at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Place your free hand on top of a chair or against a wall for support. Bend your right elbow so that your upper arm is parallel to the floor, your forearm perpendicular to it, and your palm facing in. Keep your elbow close to your waist. Pull your abdominals in and don’t lock your knees.

Keeping your upper arm still, straighten your arm behind you until the end of the dumbbell is pointing down while tightening the back of your arm. Slowly bend your arm to lower the weight back to the starting position for one rep. When you’ve completed the set, repeat with your left arm.

Sexy Sleek Arm .jpg

You Too?- Sexy Sleek Arms

Your sexy arms are going to be popping out soon!  Repeat the entire sequence 2-4 times depending on your stamina. Your goal is to work up to doing a total body workout three to four times a week with cardio. Combine that with our Fat Burners, and you will be scorching hot sexy, have more energy, lose body fat and feeling like you can conquer the world in three months. My Fat Burner Formula is pure, no fillers, natural, works with your own body’s biology and has some of the best known metabolic boosting, mood enhancing elements on the planet. Use these when you train and you will be amazed at your energy levels, stamina and training motivation!

2nd Fat Burner 3D.jpg

Helps Accelerate Fat Burning and Appetite Control!

Victoria’s Best Fat Burners

You can combine Biceps and Triceps. Or you can just do one body part a day to keep your energy going and your metabolism up.

There you are, three good basic, yet if done correctly, powerful re-shaping exercises for your arms.  Start today, and you will be so happy that you did. It only takes few minutes four times a week. You can do these!

Make sure you increase your water uptake and cut out the simple carbs too. Your diet will help you see firmer more toned arms faster. You can start to visible results in one week if you follow a low glycemic-eating program along with this toned arms workout.

Tighten  Up and Shrink Those Chicken Wings!

You can lose your chicken wings and begin to have tighter arms in two weeks if you get to it today and start making your body a priority. You have an entire life ahead, and you can start rocking that hot new tube dress in a few weeks. Plus you will be so much healthier and confident.

When my clients need to get ready or an event andante to shrink their arms and tighten the skin I have  two step formula!

  1. Do a vigorous circulation increasing massage using our Extreme Slimming Cream once a day for week.  After the massage, leave the gel on and wrap your arms in saran wrap and leave it on for at least an hour. After you remove the wrap, take a little more cream into your palm and add 2 pumps of Retinol Firm & Lift!

Victoria's Extreme Slimming Gel

2. Then twice a day massage the two, Extreme Slimming Cream &  Retinol Firm & Lift into the upper arm skin front and back and stay out of the sun or use good sunblock.  You get an entire DIY Body Wrap Guide with your Extreme Slimming Cream!


Our Popular Firm & Lift is a Superior Product, It is totally like having a gym for your skin!

Then make sure you clean up your diet, stay away from salty chips and things that make you retain water and do the exercises able to tighten the muscle as the skin is restructured.

This is an awesome process. We do it before photo shoots, weeding, beach visits and hot dates!

Have  make it the Best Week Ever!

Your Celebrity  Trainer!                                                                                                                 Victoria

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