Get Up and Dance! April 29 World Dance Day

15 Aug

Tribal Dance

I was hanging out at the barge with a group of friends resting after a tough day of rehearsals.  There were tribal drummers, homemade flute players and a chanter. It was an inspired session of percussive hypnotic rhythm.  As the evening progressed, people of  every size, shape, gender and culture started dancing like one global tribe.

Brazilian Dancer

Then, this stunning Brazilian Princess stole the show. She ripped off her shirt, tied it around her tiny tight waist and performed for us all. After she performed, she proceeded to teach us all some of her competition moves. It was sheer exhilaration.

I have always loved dance for fitness but that night my understanding of dance went to a deeper level.   But after our tribal groove, now I really understood how important dance is a universal form of expression and communication.

History & Dance

Throughout the history of the world, dance has played a vital role in important life rite passages, celebrations, and ceremonies. Battles have been fought and won immediately following weapons dances.  Kingdoms have been won and lost and then celebrated with dance. Kings and Monarchs have been crowned then celebrated with dance, and marriages have been consummated with ritual dances.

Dance has always been at the center of important events until recent history when it seems that dance and the importance of creative dance for morale got lost somewhere in the process. Dance these days seems to be limited to certain people in certain circumstances or only to those who engage in the art of dance for the entertainment of others rather than the simple joy of dancing for the sake of just having fun and the enjoyment of creative movement.

Dance Making a Comeback

The importance of dance in schools and social bars seems to have been misplaced in the last century or so, fortunately with the popularity of competitive star dance shows around the world, we are seeing a rebirth for the love of dance.  It is on the rise is so that it isn’t something meant to entertain us a mere spectator.  Now, as the days of old, we are beginning to entertain ourselves with dance again!

In addition to the entertainment aspect of dance is the physical activity it creates that have so many positive health and mental benefits.

We live in a world where the expected lifespan of our children, is shorter than the lifespan of those who are already adults. The primary reason for this is a lack of physical fitness and rise in obesity in youth. We need to lead by example and show our children that it is important to do little things that get us off our seats and onto our feet. Dance is a great way to do that.

Dancing also increases muscle tone and circulation and gives the body a longer and leaner look over time and with consistent, disciplined training.  This gives a renewed sense of grace and self-confidence.

Dancing relieves stress and releases feel-good endorphins if you’re working hard enough to work up a good sweat. This reduces depression and makes you feel happy!

I was recently in Costa Rica and let me tell you, dancing is a family affair! Everyone would just dance and play for hours every weekend.  What a blast.

It’s your turn. You can put on some music at home and dance with your kids.  Go to a dance class or take a dance lesson.  Going to dance classes is a blast. There are so many fun workout dance classes now, that you can dance every day.

Your assignment this weekend is to do like the Costa Ricans, to just …

Get Up and Dance!
Thank You For Hookin Us Up!


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