5 Fast Tips For A Sexy Hourglass Figure

22 Aug


Is Your Hourglass Too Empty or Spilling Out Over the Edges?

Hourglass Figure

Did you know that this year has been declared the beginning of a new era of
The Hourglass Body?

YES! It is Hot in Fashion and Health!

sexy pink waist cincher

Victoria’s Sexy Pink Skinny

Waist Training Cincher

CORSETS and Waist Trainers and Cinchers are Spanx on steroids!

They are designed to help reshape the body also known as Body Modification and has ben around since women.  The use to be made with real animal bones, that’s why even today the technology that is more advanced still call the shaping inserts “bones”.  Thank goodness they refined the technique and made it more comfortable.

Salma Hayak and Jessica Simpson

I know what you are thinking, okay, so it’s okay for celebrities, fitness models and bikini and figure competitors but what about regular people who want to look totally amazing and sexy just because you want to. SO I grabbed some before and after’s off Instagram so you could see what non-competition level ladies are achieving by following a great diet, working out and waist training!  Of course they lost weight and exercised. That has always been my professional analysis and always will be.

Rihanna and Khloe

You can’t just wear a Waist Trainer and expect fat to fall off. You have to follow a real good nutrition plan, stay hydrated and train your body.

The greatest advantage of a waist trainer is that it helps to reshape your body as you train and diet and use natural skin care products to help your skin remain firm as you lose.

Khloe Kardashian

13 week Body Shaping Results

13 weeks

Before and After Waist Training Body Shaping Program

before and after cincher

These ladies did a fantastic job doing it the right way. There has been so much negative press that I had to step up and bring my own line to the forefront along with a good healthy sound eating plan and natural skin care products so that you get the whole package when it comes to being healthy, sexy and fit.

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YAY! Check out all the feature and advancements we have made.  My clients have been using them for years and now you can have one of the most advanced on the market too.


Tonight I am releasing the line globally.  I have a quarter of a million readers worldwide of my blog and we have one of the largest fitness communities on Pinterest.  I wanted you to have an opportunity to hear, read and see y Pink Sexy Waist Trainer first.


I am looking for feedback and insight that I can share with others just like you.   I have put a limited supply at a discount online in my Amazon.com store and if you want one you need to run right now and get it because I am alerting my ¼ million blog fans that they can now buy the Best Waist Trainer for fitness and Body Shaping starting tomorrow.

soft latex thermal action

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When you order your own waist trainer, you get the first ever Complete Comprehensive guide eve written, by yours truly to help you get that sexy hourglass shape.

And keep your eyes glued to your emails because on the blog post I am going to be sharing more hourglass exercises!

hourglass body

You can wear your Waist Trainer to gym, to bed, out to dinner or under your work clothes. It secretly makes you feel so sleek and sexy that you have to be careful, you might get hit on at work and creates some waves!

Get yours now!


5 Fast Tips For A Sexy Hourglass Figure

TIP 1 – EAT FOOD For Fat Burning – Eat a ketogenic fat burning diet. Choose foods that have a high nutrient content like lean meats, low-fat dairy, low glycemic fruits, vegetables and healthy oils like Coconut, Olive oil and Krill oil.  Don’t eat late at night and try to get 7 hours of sleep so you can rest and have energy to move and workout and be happy!


TIP 2 – MOVE Your Body –  Cardio training is ideal for fat burning, losing belly fat, stress reduction, improved circulation, increased energy and hormonal balance. Do 30-45 minutes of cardio 3-4 times per week exercise to burn fat. Pick a workout you love like dance fitness, cardio class, jogging, power walking, tread milling, elliptical training, step aerobics, step mill or cycling.

Tip 3 –  SHAPE & Sculpt Your Shoulders  – Shoulder exercises that build shapely tall shoulders makes your shape more symmetrical to create that hourglass look.

shoulder-press-seatedShoulder Press

You can do them seated or standing – using dumbbells or hand weights, 3-5-10 pounds based on your strength and experience. Palms forward, elbows by side. Lift one or both weights over your head while keeping your core tight and low back neutral. Return to starting position. Repeat for a total of 10 to 20 times per side or both at the the same time. You want to do 3-4 sets of 10-20 Reps per side or both at the same time.

Tip 4 – Pilates Training – The one Hundred – The One Hundred is the base move of all Pilates training, It is so effective for building core strength, abdominal definition, flat stomach and streamlined midsection.

Start on your back with your legs extended and arms by your side.

Plates 100

Exhale, press your arms down to hover off the floor at your sides, and curl your head, neck, shoulders and legs off the floor.

Holding the curl (keep your legs straight!), pump your arms up and down by your side,

Inhaling for 5 counts and exhaling for 5 counts.

Repeat 4- 8 times depending on your fitness level and experience

Beginner: Bend your knees to tabletop position.

More Intensity: Add small beats (pumps) with your straight bent or at a 45 degree angle as you pump your arms. Your goal is to pump 100 times to make a set.  Working your way over time up to four to six sets.

I am a fan of Fletcher Pilates.

Fletcher Pilates

It was designed by  Legendary Choreographer, Ron Fletcher who trained directly with Joseph Pilates, Creator of the technique. Here is a video to demonstrate a Pilates Roll for  a beautiful waist.

Here is an ab training video from the National Ballet of Canada Demonstrating the proper form of one of my favorite waist sculpting moves.  It’s called the FLAT ABS WORKOUT !


Tip 5 TIGHTEN IT UP –  Get Your Girdle On!

I always seem to gain WEIGHT in my stomach area. I also hate my love handles!! But I got a trainer, put it on to see how it would work and, hey it don’t show my love handles and my stomach is flat up under there! I love it. I have a shape. u can see my shape look perfect with no love handles or stomach!!! I’m so happy I plan on wearing it all day and at night take it off!!! It fits just right and I wear an xl. This Brooklyn girl is happy.  MAY

Use a good body shaper, cincher or waist trainer.  It is a form of body modification. It has been popular since humans discovered they had a waist. They are recommended and even provided by surgeons after lipo, tummy tucks,  hernia, abdominal and back surgery. They are recommended by Obstetricians for post baby bump support and re shaping your body. They are even recommended for patients after back surgery.

Warehouse stores require their employees that do heavy lifting to wear a similar garment to  help support their core and low back while lifting boxes and merchandise. We can now do the same without going under the knife, or working at a warehouse. YAY!

Here’s why they are so popular.

*It feels so good when you are sitting standing

*Supports and teaches you how to strengthen your core

*Improves your posture

*Supports internal organs after surgery

*Instantly look 2-4 inches smaller

*Hides love handles

*Covers lower belly pooch

*Also masks Back Boobs until you lose them

*I love it because it accentuates your breasts and butt too

There you have it!  Get out there, start living, training, eating for health and enjoying wearing fun clothes as you reshape your body. This new technology is just the beginning of hyper shaping and hacking your body shape!

Here’s even more fun reading for you and for my friends who asked me to post this for media sharing in Brazil.

Waist Training Is The HERE!

This system is your secret weapon for fighting protruding bellies or round tummy.

Comfortable yet strong compression technology design that allows your body to slowly change its shape while your waist is in training. You will be amazed at how confident you will feel when your core is supported, your low back is snug as a bug in a rug and your breasts feel lifted and butt accentuated. This is something you have to experience for yourself. My clients have made this a part of their daily must have wardrobe now.

Look Hot TonightIf you`d like to look 10 pounds lighter, smaller and make ugly bulges disappear like magic, order your own personal Skinny Waist Trainer today. You might want to order two because they sell so fast and most clients have three or four and alternate while one is being washed and dried and ready for another night out at the gym, in the studio, or a night on the town.

Note: BEFORE ORDERING: Please use the size chart in the photo section. Please measure yourself before ordering, don’t use amazon size chart. Please Measure!

• S Size is for a Small Waist 22- 24, etc.
• When you order, you will be able to receive the First ever comprehensive Waist Training Guide that has a value of $29.00 absolutely free to guide you through the process of wearing and using your new waist shaping, hourglass making, body shaping miracle! And there are tips on how to clean, store, and wear your
• Has comfort band so there is no rolling up, bunching or fraying on the end.
• Can be worn to bed when you are comfortable enough You deicide, Just start now so that you can get your skinny waist started today!

Hand wash with no bleach. Dry flat, DO NOT PUT IN DRYER.

If you have any questions about size, please contact us. We want to help you get the right size and waist train to your new beautiful waist and have the body of your dreams.

  • Choose your perfect sizePlease Note: Perfect Thermal Action for toxin detoxing toxins and lipids that create fat The seamless reinforced front flattens your stomach, slims your waist and reshapes your entire midsection.
  • GET ACTIVE can be worn to the gym, to the beach, under clothing or with no clothing! Anytime you want to work on your waist or just look like you do. It`s a magic minimizer that`s guaranteed to make you look more proportioned, smaller and lighter instantly, and it`s not just for your waist and stomach.
  • Sturdy, yet flexible 9 steel bone Waist Trainer is worn from Brazil, to Columbia, to Russia to the USA. It is a global hit! Why? Because back rolls look unsightly but this Skinny Waist Trainer gives you a beautiful trimmed line from hip to chest. That’s right it shapes your entire midsection and helps you have good and posture at the same time. Whether you are a petite or plus size, it’s perfect to reshape your figure.
    It shrinks as you shrink. This garment has larger hooks than most on the market. It’s easier to close and more comfortable. You can adjust the size as your size adjusts. Totally Brilliant.
  • Longer torso so that you get great slimming along your sides, and lower back. It also trims the lower abdomen and erases that muffin top look. This does it all. Oh yeah baby, banish the back fat, streamline your waist, and accentuate your hourglass physique all at the same time.

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