Detox For Fast Weight Loss

29 Aug


Need To Drop Weight Fast And Cleanse Your System?


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So Did I.   Here’s a Fast Formula to Jump Start Your Progress

Here is your get started now Detox with Diet & Detox Formula

Spring is in the air it’s time focus your attention on some spring-cleaning my beautiful friend.  Time to clean up inside your home and inside your body!

The number one question I received in emails this week was how do I quick start my weight loss program and regroup after all the holidays of salt and sugar loading.

Detox Spring Cleaning

I am on a program to get my body really tight for another cover shoot for my new book.  It is amazing how fast you can get your body to respond when you do the right things.   I have dropped inches from my thighs and hips and got rid of excess body water that was trapped between the muscles and the skin with my Extreme Slimming Gel.

I looked unsculpted and puffy! AAHH!

There are three things that I did to get my body to release the water and get my flat abs back.  It’s the same thing I used in my book “HOW DO I GET ABS?” It’s Free Today!!


CHECK OUT WHAT ONE READER WROTE..   Thank you for your new book. I have small children so I don’t get to get out much.  I feel like we are best friends. I adore the way that you write your books, there are so personal.  I even bought your “HOW DO I GET RICH?” book for my brother in college I wish I had it when I was deciding my future.  I wanted to give you a progress report after using your program for two weeks.  I’m doing the exercises four times a week and following your eating suggestions. Unbelievable.  My abs are starting to show through after two babies.  I don’t do any negative self talk anymore and I sleep so much better.

I have lost two pant sizes.  I am so excited to see such fast results. THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES!  I just got the notice about your new book for legs! I will be ready for it breaks.  My heart is filled with joy and love every time I think of you.


Let’s get to this so that you can get it started.

The three things I do that seems to work right away for fast weight loss and inch loss is:


  1. Green Smoothies – Go Get Your Free Green Smoothies Guide Here! 
  2. Following a Detox Diet – Quick Start Diet Plan (Free with Purchase)
  3. Detox Tea – Liver Cleansing, Lower Belly Fat Busting 

Detoxing your body is the removal of toxic substances from the body that can inhibit weight loss and create disease.  Detoxification is performed mainly by the liver and kidneys.

Victoria's SKinny Detox Tea

 Why do we need to detoxify? Due to many elements, some outside our control, our bodies are subjected to toxins. These toxins can accumulate in the body and make us overweight, retain water, slow down the metabolism and destroy healthy cells. So we need to detox several times a year to cleanse the system.

One of the most common ways to detox is to modify your diet. This is known as a detox diet. Many people do this on a regular basis.  It not only improves overall health but also results in weight loss, less cellulite, increased energy, improved circulation and a healthier immune system.


Different diets commonly used are:

Eating lots of green vegetables and cutting out all fat and sugar is a very common way of detoxing the body. This can usually be done over a period of one to two weeks.

You also want to try;

-Increased consumption of fish

-Different combinations of low glycemic fresh foods

-Eating foods that are high in antitoxins and have high water content.

 How does this work? The liver is the main organ that deals with toxins in the body. There are 2 phases:

Phase 1: This is when the liver, by a chain of chemical processes, changes the toxic substance into a less toxic one. When this process takes place substances called free radicals are released into the body. These are potentially harmful to the body. Certain types of foods contain antitoxins that help us keep the body safe from these free radicals. These toxins are then eliminated in the urine.

Phase 2: The liver cells then add a substance to the toxin to make it water-soluble and allow it to be filtered out by the kidneys in the urine. They are also eradicated in the feces. Certain foods can help in this process.

Foods that contain antitoxins:

-Broccoli has Vitamin C and B These vitamins help the liver in the phase 1 process.

-Spinach has vitamin B and folic acid, used in phase 1 by the liver. eat steamed on a big salad.

-Tomatoes are a good source of lycopene, an antioxidant. They are also a good source of vitamin E and C, which are both used, in the livery’s detoxifying process.

-Brown Rice provides B vitamins and the antioxidant selenium. Eat with a high protein meal, never alone.

-Carrots contain beta-carotene and other carotenoids. Eat them shredded in salads

-Eggs supply B vitamins.

-Garlic has selenium and glutathione, both of which act as antioxidants.

-Wheat germ contains selenium and vitamin E, which are a good source of phytochemicals. Use it in a low glycemic smoothie

-Melons and peppers and citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C.

-Tomatoes and guava are good sources of the antioxidants

Caution should be exercised in detoxifying dieting to ensure that toxins are not released into the body more rapidly than the body can eliminate them. Sometimes when detoxing, nausea, vomiting and headaches can occur.  Some things that may help are:

Use Our Limited Edition Motivational Fruit Infusion Water Bottle for a double down approach to detox! You get the water you need and the detoxifying fruit & vegetables.


-Drinking a lot of clean filtered water

-Taking light exercise

-Sunlight & sleep

-Detoxifying slowly


Detoxifying your body can be beneficial to your waistline and your health but you need to be careful when doing this.   Consult your healthy doctor to be sure that there is no underlying problem that can be worsened by this process.

When I am detoxing I love my Detox Tea I discovered it when I had to lose weight for a shoot for an asian company and I could not afford to get sick. I love it and I still use it three to four times per year. I never get sick, I can lose weight pretty fast when needed without headaches and my blood tests are stellar.

Get to cleansing and start getting ready for a string bikini summer!  I am still detoxing so I am in this with you!

Love & Hugs!



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