5 Tips To Tighten Loose Skin & Love It Again

26 Sep


5 Tips To Tighten Loose Skin & Love It Again
Perfect Before During & After Weight Loss Solution


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Keep Reading and find out some great skin tips!!

Victoria's Seaweed Hydrator

Q.   Hi Victoria,
I love your Pinterest boards, they are so informative and inspiring.

I have your Best Fat Burners and your diet, I have lost ten pounds so far and have 20 more to go, but I am afraid to lose any more because I don’t want that ugly sagging loose skin!


A. Hi Salina,
It is possible to lose weight without having elephant wrinkles. I personally have lost and kept off (finally) over sixty plus pounds, and if you add up all the times I use to yo-yo diet; gain and lose probably more like a thousand pounds! It has taken commitment and dedication, research trial and error and many greasy nights of stinky potions, but I have achieved great skin.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say:
“I didn’t think it was possible to make the skin on arms and abs any tighter, but I trusted you because I can’t afford not to work with my photographer. Just the thought of a regular job was frightening, even worse, the thought that I had ruined my modeling career by not taking care of my skin and hating exercising is ridiculous. I know I was being stubborn and lazy when I didn’t take the time to use your Skin Tightener every day on my abs before I put on my waist trainer for my Pilates class. And the thought of slathering my arms with The Extreme Slimming Gel was daunting to say the least. But I decided to at least try it so I just started and did it just like you said.

After five weeks. I am shocked, thrilled and grateful for your hard tough love.

I look in the mirror and I am almost in tears. I stand taller from class, my skin is tighter from the training and your wonderful products and my photographer is elated. Sure we could have photo shopped all the photos, but when we do live events, WE’RE OUTED. I don’t know and honestly don’t care how long I have to keep using your line.  Plus, I have so much more energy with Matcha Tea that I am in the VBS Club for life. I am forever grateful to your dedication to helping me feel good in my skin. On the set, we whisper about you say your cute Victoriaisms because we care for you so much. You always bring such love to whatever you do and you have taught us to fight for our bodies and not be weak, lazy or cheap because we only have this skin and  (Victoriaism) “you should love the skin you’re in!” I FINALLY DO!

Now it’s your turn,
Here’s the inside skinny about why skin gets loose and how you can tighten it before during and after you lose weight.

Which Do You Want? Tuck It In or Tighten it Up!

Let’s Examine Why Skin Gets Loose


Your skin is elastic. That is what gives it that stretchy quality. Skin has elasticity so that it doesn’t rip as we move, grow and expand or when it comes to weight loss; shrink, your skin is miraculous. It is an incredibly elastic living organ.  And like all the other organs in your body, it is comprised of trillions of cells that require nurturing, perfect nutrition, water, rest and gentleness for healing and reproducing with greater quality.

Different layers of your skin have different types of cells. The skin cells on the outer part of your skin (the epidermis) are constantly turning over and becoming whatever you feed them.

This layer of skin is rubbed off when you shower, sweat, wear clothes and simply fall off daily and are replaced with new cells.

The skin cells under the epidermis (subdermis) are more fixed. These layers of the skin, called the dermis and sub dermis, are made up of elastic connective tissues, fibers, blood vessels that can stretch or contract depending on how they’re treated. They respond to stress, exercise, your activity, nutrition, topical treatments, oils, creams, serums, lotions and harsh elements as well like pollution, chemicals soaps, acidic water, nature, etc.

Losing Weight Can Wreak Havoc on Your Skin

When you lose weight extremely fast, be it from an illness, disease, diet or stress, the elastic components of your skin not only lose the layers of fat that keep them connected and tight as it is stretched to be a cover for your lovely body. That elasticity doesn’t have enough time to adapt to the reduced new shape and the skin becomes loose and lax.

Not only weight loss affects the skin’s elasticity but poor aging due to bad unhealthy non- nutritive junk food, excessive alcohol; more than one glass of wine and hard liquor, high caffeine (over 4 cups coffee a day that creates dehydration, excessive sun exposure, as well as smoking can all affect the elasticity of the skin and give you loose skin. Your lifestyle is reflected in your skin. The healthier you become, the healthier your skin will become. It’s never too late to improve and it’s never too late to start taking better care of your body and your skin. You deserve to love the you look, move and feel!

How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Ok, we’ve determined that as you lose fat and weight, your skin may begin to appear loose skin begins to appear, the first rule is:
Get a plan! Don’t freak out. Your skin is a living organ and can slowly get in better shape.

This process can take up to six months all the up to twenty-four months. , Here are some ideas for you to get started with.

Woman measures her body, white background, copyspace

Tip #1 Lose Weight at a good rate. 2-3 pounds a week

Fast weight loss and dehydration can destroy the elasticity of the skin. Be sure to train and keep your muscles firm too. Shoot for 2-3 pounds of fat loss per week. Of course when you do a cleanse or try a fast weight loss method like the Atkins Induction Diet where you lose up to ten pounds in a week, then you want to make sure you are using our Shea butter moisturizers and Skin Rejuvenator so that the skin stays hydrated and nourished. Sometimes you have to start a fast track plan to get motivated or for a special occasion. I live in the real world, where we have to do things that are not the best, but necessary to meet a goal or an event date.

Tip #2: Stay Hydrated

Drink healthy hydrating fluids regularly throughout the day. Not all fluid has a hydrating effect on your body.  Purified , toxin free water helps your skin stay hydrated, healthy and detoxed. Especially if you have acne, pock marks and hyperpigmentation like I did.

Water is a crucial component of maintaining skin elasticity. From both food and drink, you should be taking in at least 8 glasses or 2 liters a day.



Tip # 3 Eat Water Rich Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: The USDA recommends that you should eat five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day to provide you with the required nutrients and also to maintain healthy weights. They can contribute in tightening loose skin. The logic about why they help in getting rid of loose skin is because most of the fruits and vegetables have a high water contents and well-hydrated skin means a healthy and firmly tightened skin.

Victoria Body SHoppe Water Bottle Label

Motivational Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Comes With a Giant Recipe Book!

Plus fruits that are high in antioxidants like and have deep purple and red hues, like those in plums, strawberries and other berries are great for your skin. That is why I get them, wash them and cut them up and put in my Infuser Water Bottle and drink throughout the day.

Mind/Body/Skin Smoothie – For a snack or meal replacement daily I have a smoothie.  I add the skin regenerating plums, strawberries, berries in season and protein powder to my smoothies. I also add some Matcha Green Tea Powder, which has 137X the skin loving anti-oxidant than green tea. It is a pure source of nutrition. It makes you feel so good to know that you are extending your life, eating anti-aging antioxidants, decreasing stress and improving your entire day.

Matcha Green Tea Powder is a daily staple In Asia. They drink it in the morning in place of coffee because of it’s ability to provide clean energy, positive mental state, better digestion and better skin especially if you have skin irregularities.  It totally is the new miracle smoothie.

3 D Matcha

Matcha Green Tea Powder For Miracle Smoothies

Tip #4. Eat an Optimum Skin Friendly Diet –To keep your skin plump and elastic, the two ingredients needed are collagen and elastin. Protein rich foods, such as milk, cottage cheese, legumes, tofu, beans, nuts, seeds and fish are rich source of collagen and elastin to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

• Lean Protein: Include lean protein into your diet to tighten loose skin after weight loss. It not only contributes in building lean muscles help you look more toned. It’s good to eat some form or protein at every meal and especially lean protein after workouts to also help facilitate muscle-building and repair. Protein-rich foods such as chicken, fish, beef, bison, eggs, protein smoothies, cottage cheese, milk, legumes, tofu, beans, seeds and nuts all contain collagen and elastin forming components, as well as oils to help maintain healthy skin.
• If You Are Vegan, it is recommended that you find a good high quality protein powder and have one to two smoothies or protein shakes per day. Our vegan models totally follow that advice. This is just what we see, it may be different for some but when they don’t drink complete protein powder (22 amino acids at once) or shakes without sugar, they tend to wrinkle faster, have dryer skin, flaky flat lips and their hair seems to get stringy. Eat your protein!

Tip #4 Include Raw Foods – It’s a known fact that a lot of vitamins and nutrients deteriorate and sometimes completely eliminated due to over-cooking. It’s recommend that you include some healthy raw foods to your diet. Add foods like fruits, vegetables or both and if you like it, Sushi. Once you start consuming more raw foods along with complete proteins, after a couple of months, you will notice some firmness and healthier skin.

Victoria Sugarholic

* Stop Eating Junk Foods. Especially high sugar, high slat snacks. Foods that are high in calories but low in nutrition will destroy your waistline and your skin. It makes you fat and puffy. Excess sugar can be the cause of dark circles under your eyes. Eat pure, eat clean so that your skin will have the perfect source o nutrition it needs to rejuvenate and repair.

Tip #5: Nurture and Nourish &  Your Skin – Avoid harsh soaps and dishwashing liquids sulfates. Avoid pulling and overstretching your skin.   It’s better to exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin cells and increase your skin’s circulation.

Taking a hot bath using sea salts and minerals can improve skin tone. Also use elements that work with your skin’s biology and help to repair, regenerate and heal your skin.

That’s why we love our Shea Butter in SKin Rejuvenation and  Our proprietary herbal based natural Skin Tightening cream Here is an example of what our Skin Tightener Ingredients offer:

Skin Tightening bottle_front

Skin Tightener Seaweed Moisturizer

Organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) – It’s from the Liliaceae, used medically for several thousand years in many cultures from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and India.

  1. Leaves a protective layer on the skin after drying.
  2. Serves as an anti-inflammatory (contains 4 main plant steroids)
  3. Protects the skin from UV damage.
  4. It contains a collection of vitamins including A B1 B2 B3 B6 B12 C E Choline and Folic Acid. – and 20 minerals for good health
  5. Rejuvenates aged tissue, promotes healthy skin.
  6. Cleanses and detoxify the skin.
  7. Remove dead skin cells while purifying the pores


Vitamin Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C

  1. Reduce the appearance of brown spots and other types of sun damage.
  2. Helps boost healthy collagen production (hello, firmer skin!).
  3. Reduce inflammation and irritation, both of which cause a cascade of damage.
  4. Fades post-breakout red marks by improving skin’s natural healing response.
  5. Helps the skin retain more water.
  6. Improves firmness and elasticity, visibly tightening saggy areas, and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  7. Improves the brightness, tone, and texture of your skin.

Surgery -Last alternative, but may be necessary.  Sometimes that is the only solution if the sagging is extreme. Consult with a good plastic surgeon!

Plan To Be Your Best -Live Your Best Life Starting Now

The key is to get serious about a plan and don’t wait. Get a good diet that helps you hold onto your muscle as you lose fat. It is crucial to lose fat, but keep the muscle. Check out Kam’s Lean Body Principles for a complete Medical Weight Loss Plan.

Kamille-After 100

Kam and Her Before Pants – She’s A Medical Weight Loss Specialist, Author and Personal Trainer available to help you Lose Fat Fast!

Just Start

There are tons of great products on the market, I just happen to love mine. even if you never buy one of my products, it’s okay. I use want you to understand that there are so many ways to look better and feel better. I use to cry myself to sleep because my skin was so awful and i was obese and knew that I was not living up to my potential because of the way I made myself look and feel. I found solutions and now I am sharing them with you.

Pick one product to start with and do as much as you can to keep your skin tight, healthy and beautiful! A year is going to pass and how wonderful would it be to look better in a year instead of giving in, giving up and watching your body shrivel. Be content knowing that you did everything you could to improve.

It’s so funny listening to people with limiting beliefs about how you have to accept crap that is not right. HA! As long as I am breathing, I will never accept anything except I can be better, live better, look better and give more because I have the energy and ability to do so.

Human Will to Improve and Be Beautiful
It is in your DNA to improve, to explore, grow and to explore ways to improve your own personal beauty. You had it when you were a child, no one could stop you from climbing on furniture when you were learning to walk, then climb and then run! Then you went to educating places where they told you to “stop running, sit down, don’t move, don’t speak until you are called on, don’t do this, don’t do that.” They tried their best to break your will for curiosity and exploration. Reclaim it my beautiful friend. Every day is a new day to try new things, explore different methods and improve your mind, body, skills and skin. It’s your souls cry. Go for it!


Global Communications

Victoria’s Body SHoppe Podcast

If you haven’t listened, yet, check out my Video or Podcast on this topic. It is so awesome. I share several more tips and great ideas just for you. The podcast stats are fantastic. I thank all of you who have listened. Please forward it to friends, families and associates. It helps my ratings and that helps our company in Women Owned Business Stats! It means so much to me to be a model for us ladies who are independent and making a difference.

Spreading Love, Joy and Abundance

I have VA’s that help me.  Due to the dire poverty in their countries and lack of safe employment, they would have no means of an income and especially working in the safe harbor of their home. I feel so privileged to be able to hire them, send them money and increase their ability to have a more prosperous and healthy future. It has been my dream to empower individuals to realize to understand that we have the power to be significant and to be a positive influence in business and in life.

Here is the Extreme Slimming Cream  and Waist Trainer Salina used to get back in tight and toned condition.

Extreme Slimming Cream

Victoria's Extreme Slimming Gel


The Softest & Most Effective Bacteria Free Waist Trainer

Victoria's Best Waist Trainer



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