3 Awesome Waist Trainer Cinching & Butt Shaping Moves For a Sexy Hourglass Body

21 Nov

Waist Training Corset Moves

Victoria’s Brazilian Secret Hourglass Body Workout Exercises Are The Perfect Workout For A Tight Waist & Round Butt For That Killer Badass Body

Jennifer Lopez.jpeg

Jennifer Lopez – The Perfect Hourglass Body


3 Awesome Waist Trainer Cinching & Butt Shaping Moves For a Sexy Hourglass Body  

Look hot enough to make Jennifer Lopez envious without starving or over training!


Here’s the Question of the week ….

Hi Victoria,  I am totally psyched with your new Waist Cincher and I love the feeling. My body feels so supported and strong. I am glad. I didn’t listen to all those negative magazine articles. My mom had been wearing girdles and now body shapes as long as I can remember, and she has never been hurt wearing one. Every time she had one of us kids, she would get out her really thick girdle and wiggle her way in it. She said there was no way she was going to let my poppa look at other women, just because she had kids. Her body is still killer today and they are totally still attracted to each other.

I remember one Sunday, we were all in the care ready to go to church and we had to wait for her. When she finally made it into the car, we asked her what took her so long and she said. “I had to tuck in Bobby’s extra fat!” Bobby was my little brother. At the time he was six months old. What she was saying is, I was stuffing my belly into my girdle. She was so committed that I think it just sunk into my mind as something you do after you have babies.

I have had two beautiful babies and totally did the girdle thing. Now I am so excited to do the Waist Trainer thing because it is so much prettier and seems to be scientifically designed somehow.

It’s kind of weird how just putting it on makes me feel taller, thinner and sexier, it’s like I lost weight instantly.   How funny, because I have not lost a pound but my waist is actually getting smaller. I rub in the Extreme Slimming Gel twenty minutes before I put it on and I also use the Skin Tightener after I shower at night on my abs and let it absorb completely into my skin before I put on my night gown or pajamas. Am I getting psychosomatic symptoms or is this real?

I think I may be eating less and I am definitely more aware of how I sit, stand and move. Maybe I am repositioning my structure as you talk about in the guide.

Sorry for rambling, on to my question. I am doing so good wearing my trainer, but I want to lose weight too. I’m a little frustrated and I need to get a good plan for a workout and eating schedule.

I know you say that I can wear my waist trainer during my workouts, but I am nervous. I don’t want to get injured or look like an idiot wearing it to class and the gym. And I love the secret Ab video you gave me. Can you suggest some more moves I can do at home to keep shrinking my waistline and help me get a sweet hourglass figure? It is so popular and I have been secretly thinking about it. I think it will be more natural for me since I have always been on the thick side. It would make me so happy to finally love my body! Dalia

Hi Dalia,

I totally understand your frustration.  I had a competition, a natural bodybuilding show. I was also doing a celebrity fitness workout series for Nike and had a ton of pressure to look hot and be able to fulfill all my professional speaking and modeling obligations at the same time.

No matter what I did I just couldn’t seem to get my labs totally ripped and lower belly flat.  I was so frustrated.

I had a deadline of six weeks before I had to go onstage again in front of professional judges, family, friends and the worst critics of all, my peers who can be brutal with criticism.

It‘s amazing how your mind plays tricks on you when you compare yourself to others all the time.  Many times we don’t even see our strengths because we run around playing victim to every little thing that happens to us and that clouds our thinking.

At any given time, regardless of the facts, our reality is formed from our weaknesses and is clouded by our limited view of things.  That _s what was happening to me.  I would look at the contestant lineups in magazines, past shows and videos I had purchased and feel hopeless.  In the beginning stages of my competition years, everyone, in my eyes anyway, looked awesome and unbeatable.

As I began to compete and have successful experiences, I felt more confident about myself.  The more I competed, the better I felt about my performance and my body.  No one could beat me when it came to dancing, posing and charisma. I am blessed with the gift of being photogenic because not everyone is.  But now being as ripped and shredded as a competitor needed to be was a different story.

I had over-trained so much I was getting soft and not sleeping well and that hindered my recovery and appearance.  I had come to a place where I had to stop everything and regroup.  I talked to my agent and he gave me perfect direction. He told me to shut everything down, shut off my mind, emails and apps and to just STOP the Crap that was draining me and to sit down and write out a six-week eating/training and living game plan with measurable checkpoints. It had to be one that prepared my body for my next show, provide me with great energy for my video shoot and celebrity appearance for Nike and give me mental strength and emotional peace! 

I did it. It changed my life and made my career even more successful. Here is what I did. Now here is what I want you to do. There are suggestions in your guide!

Free Waist Training E-book Guide with Purchase

Six-Week Body Restructuring Plan

•   Get our your day planner

•   Weigh and measure yourself

•   Write out your desired goals, your ideal weight,

•   Write our your diet one week at a time and keep a journal

•   Plan your workouts.  Cardio five days per week. Stretching daily, Practice routine four times per week and every day the last week before the pageant.

•   Sleep eight hours per night and drink a gallon of water per day.

•   Do not eat carbs up to three hours before bedtime.

•   Take control of your time.  Stop all unnecessary errands, distractions, energy zapping relationships and phone calls, emails, blackberry responses, etc.  STOP all communication that is unhealthy and drains you.

•   Love connection. Find a class or workout your LOVE. Communicate with like-minded Real supportive friends, loved ones and coaches who make you feel powerful and connected to your passion for fitness and building a great body. No one gets up in the morning with red-hot motivation just to be average or somewhat ok.

•   DO something that makes you excited and hopeful every day. I use crazy wild workouts, dance, affirmations, art, music, candles and soaking in my private tub!  How about you.  What would make you so excited that you couldn’t wait to get up and get going? You fill in the blank:__________ Don’t you want to make this your prettiest summer ever?  I know I do!

Take a minute and go get your Free Ebook 7 Smart Ways to Lose Belly Fat and more. Then come back and keep reading. This information is life changing.

Real Focus

Once I decided , got serious and made a plan, everything lined up perfectly. I went from zero peace and 100% frustration to total power and greatness in three hours without looking back. This has become one of my most liberating practices I learned from my agent.

He taught me that if you look back at the darkness, you couldn’t see the beautiful light ahead. He was ruthless about keeping me focused on what I truly wanted and really needed.

Once I had a plan with checkpoints and definite action  that I had to take in order to succeed, all I was doing was moving forward, looking to the future, strategizing, planning, building and taking targeted action. It was an exhilarating feeling!

If I started to fall back into old destructive routines and negative thinking or became disappointed in myself, then I would go back to my planner, study my diet, workouts and journal even more so that I could flush out all the mental stuff that was tripping me up.  Undoubtedly I would see the problem immediately and get back on track. You can so the same.

Look ahead Dalia; when you look ahead with hope and a definite plan, everything gets brighter by the second.  Clarity brings light and your plan will help you stay focused.  When you are focused, your path will be illuminated and everything you need will appear. It is quite magical. You really can do this. Check out what Tiffany said:

“Hey, I got my waist thingy a few days ago 😄and I love it. This quality is the Bentley quality! It sucked my belly in, pushed out my butt, and I felt amazing in it. I wore mine for a few days and I see the instant results. and when I followed the diet and took my detox tea, which totally flushed out my colon,  It made my waist smaller by almost 2 inches and my stomach is actually starting to finally get flat.  My husband loves the way it makes me look, and it brings out my curves. The size fits perfect. Make sure you measure and use the chart. This product is a life changer. I had no idea that simply having a different shape would make this much difference in how I feel about myself. Please order one and don’t think twice about it, and get the tea to detox and get rid of all that stored crap in there”. Tiffany

Detox Skinny Tea Weight Loss

Detox Tea Tiffany used for Cleansing, Flushing Fat, Constipation and Hormone Balancing

Dalia, following an organized system of any kind, will help you. You will be amazed how quickly you will be motivated to stay committed to your goal.  When you use the Fat Burning diet and take your Fat Burning Capsules that you got with your Waist Training guide, you will be amazed at your energy levels and you can see fat begin to fall off without starving. That’s what so awesome about my Best Fat Burner, they help your mood and metabolism.

Fat Burners for fast weight loss

Increase Metabolisms,Suppresses Appetite Improves Mood! Hallelujah1

Best Fat Burners Increase Metabolic Rate

Okay, Now For Your Hourglass Workout

First of all, let’s look at what an Hourglass figure really looks like. Here is a beautiful example from fashiongum.com

Body Restructuring

Also, I learned that the main thing for visible abs is lowering your body fat.   On a female, your abs pop out at between 18-16% body fat and if you are an extreme athlete your lower abs look great at 14-12%. If you are a competitor, you may have to go as low as 8%. That’s not recommended unless you’re a serious professional competitor.

Hourglass Body Training Is Great For Total Body Shaping

It is designed to help you restructure your body Creating Sexy Curves and Perfect Lines  in all the right proportions.  This is not about a stick body or starving yourself, this is about the future of women’s fitness and fun! Looking good is totally fun right?

To help you achieve this I have combined Pilates Waist Cinching Moves and Lower Body Shaping Workouts.

Your abs area indirectly trained through almost every other exercise you do.

3 Highly Effective Waist Trainer Cinching & Butt Shaping Moves For a Sexy Hourglass Figure

NOTE: Before you begin always make sure you have cleared these moves with your healthy fit exercising physician.

Tips – as you do each move be sure to always breathe and work at a level that is challenging but not damaging to your beautiful body.

Cinch your abs in make sure you are feeling the work in your glutes and not your low back. If at any time you feel any pain in your back, discontinue moves immediately.


Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift – Glute Bridge Exercise

The Glute Bridge is an excellent Butt Lift and torso stability exercise. This means that one of your goals is to keep your torso really still during the exercise.

This exercise shapes, lifts and strengthens the butt and the hamstrings, the back of the legs. It also stretches the quadriceps at the same time.

It is a good all around exercise and is considered safe by physical therapists if you a weak or injured back.

Acefitness peg.jpeg

Non-Surgical Butt Lift – Glute Bridge

How To Do The Glute Bridge For Round Firm Butt Muscles

  1. Lie on your back with knees bent – hip distance apart with feet flat on the floor. Inhale – take a deep breath in, expanding into your back and your lungs.
  2. Exhale and press your feet into the floor contracting (squeezing) your glutes (butt) while lifting your hips up. Inhale: Maintain the Bridge position. Hold for a count of two or two seconds and Exhale and return to starting position. That is one repetition.

As you get stronger, you can lift one leg and do a single leg bridge glute lift. Be sure to do the same number on both legs.

*REPS & SETS – Work up to 4 sets of 12-20 reps


 Waist Cinching Russian Twist – Muffin Top Crusher and Narrow Waist Making Move

 The Perfect Exercise for Waist Cinching 3 Dimensional Abs

Targets the following muscle groups

  1. Rectus Abdominus; Center – front flattening & six pack making
  2. Intercostal Muscles; Cinching the ribcage
  3. Obliques – Reducing the side spillover

Intercostal and Obliques- These are your body’s own built-in Waist Trainer Cinching Girdle! 


Photo from Pinterest      Waist Cinching Russian Twist

How To Do The Waist Cinching Russian Twist

Keep your breathing consistent as you rotate. Take deep breaths and exhale all the way out. Find focus points in the room on both sides of you and as you rotate and fix your eyes for a second on each point and then allow your head to turn with your body naturally so that you don’t get dizzy.

  1. Start in a half sit-up position, keeping your heart up and holding a light hand weight, five pound plate, 2-5 pound weighted ball, Keep your feet up with a little bend in the elbow.
  2. Rotate your trunk as you twist from right to left, keeping the dumbbell, plate or ball from touching the ground. For a set of 15 reps per side, you need to contract, twist and reach around your body a total of 30 times.

*REPS & SETS – 3 Sets 15- 20 reps


NonSurgical Butt Lift- Body Weight Booty Shaping Plan

The squat or what we in dance, call a parallel Plie’ is a fundamental functional lower body movement that strengthens, shapes and tones your entire lower body. It can be done with or without weight. You can do it anywhere. You don’t have to be in a gym or have equipment, it’s the ultimate mobile move.

As a beginner, just use your body weight for a couple of weeks until you get strong enough to hold a couple of dumbbells and eventually use a bar. Make sure you have a good trainer help you with that. Safety is crucial.

This will teach you the correct technique with a safe load. Aim for at least 100-200 successive bodyweight squats before progressing to weighted versions.

The benefits of the parallel Plie’ squat….

Shapes and builds muscle: Squats work your legs front and back and sculpts your butt. Multiple muscle groups work tougher for a total lower body workout.

Fat burning effect: Squats  and parallel Plie’s use the largest muscles in the body and when you perform many complete range of motion reps in a row, it can  elevate the heart rate to a fat burning cardio level.

How To Do a Parallel Plie’- Also Called  A Bodyweight Squat

Body Weight Squatjpeg.jpeg

Parallel Plie’ Squat

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out. Cinch your waist, pull your navel toward your spine and contract your abs. Keep your eyes in alignment with your head as you perform the moves, don’t look down.

  1. Slowly bend your knees and sit back like you are getting ready to sit in a chair keeping your heels flat on the floor. And your arms out as a counter balance.
  1. At the bottom of the exercise hold for one count then push into the floor emphasizing your heels as you return to a standing position.
  2. Then repeat for you desired number of reps.

*REPS & SETS – 4 Sets of 15- 20 Reps

Conclusion. You can begin with the number of sets and reps that allow you to feel the move without straining your body. As you get stronger you can add light weights and graduate to even heavier weight and a bar. These are good fundamental moves that never lose their effectiveness.  You can so this workout routine three to four times per week because it is mostly using your body weight without overloading your joints. 

Cardio – Begin your workout with fifteen to thirty minutes of your favorite cardio exercise to warm up your joints, increase circulation and start the fat burning process.

Yeah! There you have it your very own waist cinching workout to help you get the results you have been looking for.

You can do this workout with or without your waist Trainer and or Cincher. My clients love wearing theirs because it helps your body get into the right position and maintains the shape you are after during your entire workout. Your posture instantly improves and it is so supportive to your low back, it’s therapeutic.

It will take about two weeks for you to see a change in your waist and butt providing you are eating for fat loss. All the menus and food plans are in the Waist Training Guide that came FREE with your Waist Trainer. Everyone that buys it gets a secret download link!

Free Waist Training E-book Guide with Purchase

Okay Girlfriend, Yes YOU!  Here is the Waist Cincher that Dalia was speaking of and the Extreme Slimming Gel she used. Now get going, summer is just around the corner and the new swimsuits are so cute. You want to be “wearing” one and feel totally confident don’t you?   Of course, you do! Go get it and get started!

Now…Dalia, in life, the greatest journey always starts with one decision at a time.  Decide today to get in the best shape of your life and have fun doing it.  GO for it!  You can do this!

Keep using your Waist Trainer and Extreme Slimming Gel since it is natural and has immediate tightening and the longer you use it, the more regenerated your skin gets. PLUS….Please use the diet I included! My clients pay as much as a month’s mortgage payment for it and it would be foolish of you not to use it. I wanted to give you all the tools you need to get the body you so desperately want.




Detox-Best Cellulite Cream

Awesome Topical Fat Burning Cream

Gives Your Skin a Tighter, Toned Surface Appearance
Great For Thighs Buttocks Abdomen and Arms
Detoxifies and Breaks Down Lipids (fat) at a Cellular Level
Dissolve Harmful Toxins and Prepares Them to Be Flushed Away
Enhance Cellular Integrity and Helps Firm New Skin
Potent Concentrate  With No Added Fillers
Lifts, Firms and Tones While Following a Fat Burning Diet and Toning Exercise Program

NOTE-Do Not Put On Any Area You DON’T Want

Get your own personal Waist Trainer and Extreme Slimming Gel and  start getting ready for swimsuit season and a better body now. Your hourglass is waiting to be unveiled!




Your Celebrity Personal Trainer!


Moves for Waist Training Corset Waist Cincher


Waist Training Waist Corset Workout

waist training exercises

Waist Training for Hourglass Body

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