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Can You Do It?

20 Apr

Can you take one more positive step toward our desired destination?

You get tired, we all do.
You get discouraged, we all do.
You get criticized, take a number.
You get behind, who cares.. get going with more fire.

Don’t quit, don’t give up, get up and get back in the game.  It’s not over until YOU say it’s over.

It takes courage to keep going.

It takes even greater Courage to Take More Targeted Action
Procrastination is the natural assassin of destiny. The beauty of taking action today is that small actions over time create big time results!

Imagine if you did one thing that could bring you an extra $5 a week or change your habits so that you would spend $5 a week less than usual.  If you take that $5 to put in a savings account you would be on your way to becoming fiscally disciplined. Or better yet, put it in a can under your mattress like your grandmother did. That’s much safer than some banks these days.

Imagine if you were to Power Walk for just 30 minutes a day and substitute an apple for your daily sugary coffee drink, sugary soda, alcohol or donut, you could lose 10 solid pounds this year!

Persistent action is worth so much  more than impulsive dieting that never lasts, or a one time trip to the gym to train so hard you cant walk for a week, so you never go back.

Even this morning, I was totally exhausted from a rehearsal I had last night! Oh well, I still got up and went for a walk and stretched before I met with my crew. I did what I knew I was supposed to do not what I wanted to do.  We can’t always do what we want, we MUST do what is necessary to win!

This whole life story is up to you. Life is a dance, and the world is your stage.

You deserve to be healthy, happy, fits, sexy and energetic. Just get it going and keep it going. You will love the fulfillment of being in charge of your body and your finances. I believe Health and Wealth are the twin towers that give you strength and freedom.

Will You Do It?

Will you take one more positive step toward our desired destination? Will you do it today?
Say YES and don’t look back.

Your future depends on it!

You can do it.

GO forth with Power today!


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