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My Favorite Fitness Inspiration and Motivation!

14 Nov

Get Inspired to Dream Big, Grind Hard and Live Your Dream!

I know what it is like to want, dream, be frustrated, doubtful and sometimes just tired. These quotes seem to reach deep inside my soul and lift me up. I hope they do the same for you! Love & Blessing, Victoria


Note To Self – You Rock!


Daily Motivation-success-fitness 1

Decide Today To Change Forever and Get Busy!








Be In The Moment, Time is Precious and So Are You!



There is No Perfect Time. Just Start! Do It Today!




Never Give UP!



Face the Best!



You Have A Gift, Develop it So We Can Enjoy It too!

You Did It! How About You Now?

30 Nov






#15 Self HELP BOOK out of 40,000 titles!



We hit the #1 Slot on Amazon for How Do I Get Abs?  It is still selling like hot cakes and people are seeing stellar results.  



How about you?  This cosmic season is all about success if you will follow your heart and move your feet.  That is why I wrote this book. I want to help you succeed and not get to the end of your natural life and have your dream buried with your body.

You owe it to yourself to read every page, every quote and do every  assignment.  You deserve to have your dreams come true.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have nothing but love and gratitude for your support.  I will always support you and your journey here!

HOW DO I GET RICH? Is my new title and it gives you my method for creating a joy filed life, winning achievements and big dollars!


HOW DO I GET RICH?   One Word at a time!

Here’s what one review wrote about the book;I am thrilled to recommend this ground breaking new reality book that reads like an MTV cosmic version of The Science of Getting Rich while dabbling into the mental tactics of Think and Grow Rich with attitude and musical rhythm”.

Here’s an excerpt;

 Your Words Define & Direct You 

You Literally Speak Your Destiny Into Reality!

 Words are one of the most influential and memorable methods of communication in the human race.   You move in the directions or your dominant thoughts.  Your thoughts become words, your words become actions and those actions become habits that work for you or against you.  Train your mind to think positive and determine to allow every experience move you toward your destiny.

Words can fuel you for a life of fulfillment or sentence you to a life in a mental and unhealthy physical prosperous or poverty stricken prison.  They can generate an immense range of emotions.  They can make you or the person you are communicating with happy or sad, certain or confused, lost or hopeful, joyous or anxious, optimistic or despondent, insecure or assured.  They are used as measurement tools of love, hate, right, wrong, fear and passion.

Your renewed healthy body, peaceful heart and empowered mind can be enslaved inside a negative shell, your mind.   You can break free from negativity by beginning with your vocabulary.  Begin to speak the future you have always dreamed of.  Look in the mirror and speak it to yourself.  Even if you have to start by just speaking to yourself, you will renew your mind one word at a time.

You Are Doing It – Keep Going Strong!

One positive word of encouragement to yourself can change your mood, your energy and fire up your courage.  If you need more encouragement, call, email, text or instant message a positive friend and communicate your new future to them.  Get involved in a positive group and speak with them often as well.  Don’t speak your positive future with negative people, they will just tear you down and you may not be able to shake their negative words off.

This is your time of renewal.  This is your time to repair the damage of life’s tornadoes, storms, trials and tribulations.  This is your time to renew your thinking and your word choices.  Guard this philosophy with your life.  After all, the rest of your healthy life depends on it!

Using positive body language and strong posture, enthusiastically speak your desires, speak your vision, speak yourself into your pictures and speak your dreams into your reality. Let those positive words flow from your spirit into your mind, all the through your body and come forth through your lips.

Allow your inspiring words to occupy every cell in your body. Throughout your weight loss and life transformation journey employ your own magic words to fill your heart and renew mind forever.  This time around you get to choose which words you listen to and act upon.  You get to design your perfect destiny.

If you are already rich inside and out,  go now and download a copy for your own personal keepsake.  If you have a friend, relative, neighbor, business associate or anyone who needs an uplift in life or more personal income, please send them the link!  It will impact their life forever.

HOW DO I GET RICH?  Both inside and out!

Victoria Johnson

Your Celebrity Trainer



Can You Do It?

20 Apr

Can you take one more positive step toward our desired destination?

You get tired, we all do.
You get discouraged, we all do.
You get criticized, take a number.
You get behind, who cares.. get going with more fire.

Don’t quit, don’t give up, get up and get back in the game.  It’s not over until YOU say it’s over.

It takes courage to keep going.

It takes even greater Courage to Take More Targeted Action
Procrastination is the natural assassin of destiny. The beauty of taking action today is that small actions over time create big time results!

Imagine if you did one thing that could bring you an extra $5 a week or change your habits so that you would spend $5 a week less than usual.  If you take that $5 to put in a savings account you would be on your way to becoming fiscally disciplined. Or better yet, put it in a can under your mattress like your grandmother did. That’s much safer than some banks these days.

Imagine if you were to Power Walk for just 30 minutes a day and substitute an apple for your daily sugary coffee drink, sugary soda, alcohol or donut, you could lose 10 solid pounds this year!

Persistent action is worth so much  more than impulsive dieting that never lasts, or a one time trip to the gym to train so hard you cant walk for a week, so you never go back.

Even this morning, I was totally exhausted from a rehearsal I had last night! Oh well, I still got up and went for a walk and stretched before I met with my crew. I did what I knew I was supposed to do not what I wanted to do.  We can’t always do what we want, we MUST do what is necessary to win!

This whole life story is up to you. Life is a dance, and the world is your stage.

You deserve to be healthy, happy, fits, sexy and energetic. Just get it going and keep it going. You will love the fulfillment of being in charge of your body and your finances. I believe Health and Wealth are the twin towers that give you strength and freedom.

Will You Do It?

Will you take one more positive step toward our desired destination? Will you do it today?
Say YES and don’t look back.

Your future depends on it!

You can do it.

GO forth with Power today!


2012 – Shocked The Critics

16 Mar

This is going to be the Best Week Ever

I woke up foggy and groggy!  I had to spend half the weekend getting my hair glazed, high-lighted, then Brazilian Keratin treated for a shoot. My stylist made me sit for what felt like ions!  She’s nine months pregnant, so I thought for sure she would have to take several potty breaks, but no such luck.

Every time I have to do this I want to cut it all off….until it’s all done and realize how much I love having long hair once it’s all done.  With all the training I do and the vitamins I take, it grows super fast, so my stylist and I have to work on it weekly.

That’s life! It’s work, but it’s worth it.  It is very rewarding to invest time, energy and effort in something that brings you a great reward.  Our goals are the same way.

We decide, write it down, take appropriate corresponding action and make our lives one of fulfillment and significance. The better we feel, the more we can share.

Anything worth having is worth working for.

We finished late last night, got the head shots for an overseas magazine and then I went for a walk along the beach to calm down.  There was so much wind and power in the air.

Nature yields so much power and force, there’s no way you can ever win against it.
That brings me to my next thought…

I went to see the mega drama film 2012. I absolutely loved it. The theatre broke out in ooooohs, aaaaahhhs, cheers and gaffs several times throughout the film, and then a great deal of clapping at the end.

I like BIG films with a lot of action, so for me, it was fun.  The audience was from all ages and stages of life.  As I was walking out, a teenager in front of me said “wow, that was scary, but real, but I’m just not sure, but I loved the crazy man on the mountain”.

In the USA, it got horrible reviews, internationally, they were mixed, but overall they made $225 million over the weekend! You decide for yourself.

This is your week to decide what you want to do who you want to be and what you want to do.

2012 is a film that is said to be “no good” by the elite critics may become a half-billion dollar venture!

I was fat and they told me there was not way I could make Videos. HA, 24 DVD’s videos, published books, TV shows, and hanging out at with some of the most respected
Writers, athletes and artists of this time.


I am so happy I put my body and my health first.  Look at Kirstie Alley, the Emmy winning actress known form the series, Cheers.  She is in extremely poor health, clinically obese, has kids to care for, no husband to love her or help her with the children.  So what is the money, career goals
YOU Take care of yourself, your health, your body and your mind.

Live your dreams, make your way, write your bestseller and build your BEST body ever this week.  Don’t look for approval from outside sources!  Look to yourself for motivation, drive, energy and power.  You can do it, it you just keep taking it one step at a time and do something this week to lead you to your ultimate goal!


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